How To Turn Off Headphone Mode In Android And iOS? [Easy Steps]

How to turn off headphone mode in Android? Technology advances every single day at breakneck speeds and it is often hard to play catch up with it.

But even with all the new features and devices getting launched, we are often plagued by the simplest of issues. And one of these issues is our phones getting stuck in headphone mode.

So, How Do You Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android And iOS?

To turn off the headphone mode on Android and iOS devices:


1. Disconnect all accessories from your phone.

2. Reboot your phone as this fixes the issue most of the times.


3. Make a call or play an audio file to check if the audio comes from the phone’s speakers or not.

How to Turn Off Headphone Mode In Android?
How to Turn Off Headphone Mode In Android?


Now in case, the above-mentioned steps don’t work then here are a few other things you can do to turn off the headphone symbol on your phone.

How Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android Phones?

If you have an Android device then here are some troubleshooting steps to turn off the headphone symbol.

1. Reboot the phone

The first thing you can do to take off your phone from the headphone mode is to restart it. Sometimes due to software glitches, you could face such issues, and restarting the phone can be a quick way to solve the problems.

Before you restart your phone make sure that all accessories, wires, etc have been disconnected and the Bluetooth has been switched off. If you have lightning the headphone symbol, check out our guide on how to use lightning headphones on pc or on Android.

2. Take out the phone battery

This probably won’t be possible in the newer phones as they come with non-removable batteries. However, if you use a phone with a removable battery then you could take it out and take the battery. Place it back again and turn on your phone.

Now check if the phone operates normally and not in the headphone symbol. You might face the issue of one side being louder, for which you can check out how to fix earphones so one side is quieter!

3. Re-Connect the headphones

In this method, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Disconnect all accessories and wires from your phone
  2. Take headphones and put them into the headphone jack again
  3. Take the headphones out, insert them again and take them out
  4. Now check if the phone has come out of the headphone mode or not
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In case you are facing the issue of your left earbuds not working, you can try our steps to solve it.

4. Headphone Jack cleaning

Like any other device, headphones are prone to wear and tear too! Most of us don’t even think about it, but even a tiny piece of equipment like a headphone volume is in need of maintenance once in a while. And a part of this process includes cleaning the headphone jack for the microphone and the slot.

To do this, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Remove the headphones from the jack and inspect the jack to see if there is any dirt or dust inside it. If you see some, take a cotton swab and then roll it into a thin shape
  • Dip the swab into an alcohol-based liquid or lukewarm water, squeeze excess water out of it
  • Now, gently clean the inside of the headphone jack with the swab
Screenshot 2021 06 18 at 7.20.00 PM
  • Once you are done cleaning it, take a dry cotton swab and dry the headphone slot. Don’t leave any liquid there as it could damage your device
  • Try not to blow air into the slot as it might push the dirt further inside

5. Vaccum the jack

If you do not want to expose the headphone jack to any liquid, then the next best thing is to vacuum it. Take a mildly powered vacuum cleaner and attach a thin, narrow nozzle to it. The width of the nozzle should be similar to the headphone jack, if possible.

Place the nozzle at the jack and switch the vacuum cleaner on. Any dirt or dust should get removed from the jack. Restart your phone and check if the headphone mode is switched off or not. In case after restarting, you face an Android airpods orange light issue, we’ve got you covered!

6. Reset the phone

This is the worse case situation. If you have tried all the above steps and your Android phone is still stuck in the headphone mode, then you might have to do a factory reset. Resetting the phone puts it back to its original state and gets rid of any software issues the phone might be experiencing.

  • Open the Setting icon on your phone
  • Depending on the phone you have, you will need to navigate to either System Management or Backup & Reset option
Screenshot 2021 06 18 at 7.14.53 PM
  • Select Reset or Factory Data Reset option
  • Before you reset your phone, don’t forget to take a backup of all the data
  • Once you click on Reset, all data is erased. Restart your phone and check if the audio problems is fixed or not
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How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Apple Phones?

Here is the list of steps you can follow to turn off the headphone mode on your iPhone.

1. Plugin & remove the headphone

The simplest solution to this problems is to first disconnect your headphones from the iPhone. Wait for a few seconds and then re-insert the headphones into the audio jack. Once again remove the headphones and your iPhone should come out of the headphone mode

2. Restart your iPhone

Now if the first step doesn’t work then the next thing to do is to restart your iPhone. Restarting the phone makes the software reboot and fixes most temporary bugs immediately. Once the phone is restarted, check if the problems has been fixed or not.

3. Use the Airplane mode

The Airplane mode on our phones is a feature through which all cellular, wifi, Bluetooth, and other connections can be turned off. We normally use it while flying but it can also be used to solve this issue.

Turning on the Airplane mode switches off the Bluetooth and if you use wireless headphones, then this can help fix the problems.

Turn on the airplane mode, make sure all your wired devices have been removed from the phone, and then turned off the Airplane mode. This should turn off the Headphone mode on your iPhone.

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Apple Phones?
How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Apple Phones?

4. Toggle the audio source

If you use wireless devices then follow these steps.

  1. Switch on your iPhone Bluetooth volume and sound 
  2. Find another Bluetooth audio device such as speakers or headphones that aren’t the ones you used earlier
  3. Pair these to your iPhone and test if the audio works process which is similar to how to pair Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker
  4. Now disconnect the device from the iPhone
  5. Switch off the device and turn off the Bluetooth on your iPhone volume 
  6. This should turn off the headphone mode

5. Reset the Network Settings

Another trick to turn off the headphone mode on your iPhone is to reset the Network settings. This will reset all the connections to the phone’s factory settings and is a great way to resolve the issue.

  • On the iPhone, open Settings
  • Select the General option and navigate to Reset
Screenshot 2021 06 18 at 7.17.07 PM
  • Inside Reset, you will see an option to Reset Network Settings
  • Select that and let the phone do the work
  • Once completed, check if your phone is out of the headphone mode
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6. Reset the iPhone

This is the last measure so it is recommended that you create a phone backup before doing a full restore. Here are the steps involved.

  • Open Settings and click on General
  • Select your Backup and Reset your settings
  • Now select Erase All Content & Settings
Screenshot 2021 06 18 at 7.18.01 PM
  • This will do a complete factory reset and should resolve your headphone mode issue

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How To Turn Off Headphone Mode In Android And iOS?

CONCLUSION: Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android

Phones getting stuck in the headphone mode volume is quite a common problems. So, if you are facing this issue then there is no reason for your to panic as it can be easily fixed. Most of the reasons for a phone getting stuck in the headphone mode are listed above along with the sound solution.

All you have to do is to follow them and that is the best way to turn off the headphone mode on your Android or iOS phone.

FAQs About Turning Off Headphone Mode

What is the headphone mode on a phone?

Whenever you connect a headphone, earbuds, or remove headset mode to your phone wirelessly such as using this guide on tzumi headphones pairing or through a wire, your phone goes into a headphone mode. This tells the phone that the audio needs to play into the connected device and not through the phone’s speakers.

Why is my android stuck on headphone mode?

Some of the most common solutions to this problem include repeatedly plugging and unplugging headphones, restarting your phone, cleaning the headphone port, and downloading and using DroidKit to repair Android system issues. We hope this article has assisted you in removing your phone from Headphone Mode.

Can you disable headphone controls on Android?

Because headphones are controlled by the operating system rather than an app, the user must install an app to disable the headphone controls on the phone. Also, because wireless headphones are earphone mode controlled by voice assistance, deactivating the latter may be beneficial.

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