How to Fix AirPods Flashing Orange Light EASILY in 2021

Have your Apple Airpods suddenly stopped working properly? Have any of the earbuds stopped connecting to your device? Have you noticed the light inside the charging case flashing an orange light? In this article, we will help you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix your Airpods flashing orange.

How To fix AirPods flashing orange light

When you notice a blinking orange light on your Apple AirPods, it indicates that they are not paired properly with your iPhone and you need to fix it. To stop the orange light, you need to disconnect and then reset your AirPods.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your iPhone
  2. Click on Bluetooth and then select your AirPods
  3. Tap the i button in the settings and select Forget this Device
  4. A pop-up window will appear to re-confirm if you want to go ahead with it
  5. Tap on Forget this Device
  6. Place the AirPods back into the case and close the lid
  7. Open the lid once again and press the setup button at the back of the charging case until you see an amber light flashing and then it should turn white
  8. Now reconnect the iPhone to the AirPods
  9. Hold both your iPhone and the pods close to each other while they are still in the case with the lid open and the LED flashing white light
  10. Your iPhone screen will now display an animation of your AirPods
  11. Select Connect and wait until the devices are connected and press Done

AirPods Connect

Fix AirPods Flashing Orange On an Android Device

Here is how to fix the flashing orange light issue if you have paired your Apple AirPods with an Android device.

airpods orange light

  1. On the device, open the Settings menu and go to Bluetooth settings
  2. You will see your Apple AirPods listed there
  3. Unpair them or select Forget Device
  4. Switch off the Bluetooth on your device and put the Airpods in their case
  5. Again go to your Bluetooth settings and switch it on
  6. Your AirPods will appear and select them for pairing
  7. You might also have to press the button on the AirPod case to enable pairing in case it doesn’t happen automatically

Hopefully, this will help you get rid of the flashing orange light on Airpods!

Troubleshooting tips to Fix Airpods flashing Orange light

Usually, the process mentioned above is the most effective way of solving the problem of orange light on your Apple AirPods. However, in some situations, the above process might not work and you will have to follow additional steps to fix your issues. Also, if your airpods got connected but you are now facing airpods connected but no sound issue, here is our fix.

Restart your Apple Devices

One of the simplest ways to solve Airpods problems! Restarting your iPhone or iPad can remove any random bugs that may have probably impacted the connection between your iPhone and your AirPods.

However, before restarting your device don’t forget to close all the open apps. Once the device is switched on again, check the AirPods by pairing them with your iPhone and follow the entire procedure mentioned above. If you still face issues with the issue then try the troubleshooting steps listed below.

Clean your Apple AirPods

It is not clear whether dust can cause the Airpods flashing an orange light or not. But as a precautionary measure cleaning your AirPods is always a good idea. Clean the Airpods thoroughly by getting rid of all the dust and the ear wax. You can do the same for the case as there are chances of dust accumulation inside of it.

Use a dry earbud or cloth to wipe the AirPods and the Apple AirPods case to clean any dust, earwax, or dirt. Once the cleaning is done, check if the issue goes away or not.

Charge your AirPods


At times, when your Apple AirPods do not have a sufficient charger, they might give out the orange light. So before you start troubleshooting, we recommend that you charge your Apple AirPods to 100% and then follow the process mentioned earlier in this article.

Charge the AirPods Case

To charge the Apple AirPods, you will also need to charge the AirPods case. If you run out of charge in this case, then the Apple AirPods also won’t be able to charge when you place them in the case. Once a full charge is done, they are ready to be used!

Whenever you open the case near an iOS device that is connected to the AirPods, try pressing the button on the back of the case. This will open a readout display of the battery status and tell you exactly how much battery life is left. You can also try this method when the lights are not working correctly or if you are confused with the status each color indicates.

Check for updates

Could the orange light happen due to a software bug? Yes, it could. And the first thing to do is to restart your Airpods as mentioned above. But even after restarting, if the problem still doesn’t disappear then you either have an Airpods hardware problem or a software bug.


AirPods Firmware

Check online if there are any software updates to the Apple AirPods. Incompatible or outdated software also leads to connectivity issues with Airpods. If you are using outdated software then you will need to soon upgrade.

What do the different colors of the AirPods charging case indicate?

So, you got the blinking orange light. But do you also know that there are other led light colors that appear on the AirPods? Each of these signifies something different and it is important for you as a user to know what they mean.

  • White flashing light – The Apple AirPods are ready to be connected to your devices
  • Green – The AirPods are fully charged and ready to be used
  • Amber- Amber light means the Airpods are not fully charged
  • Flashing Amber light- This amber light indicates that there is some problem with the connectivity. Flashing amber light is the same as the flashing orange /solid orange light that we are discussing in this article.

Although the different lights in your AirPods help you understand the status of the Airpods, relying on the lights is not the only way to determine if there is any problem with your AirPods.


Although resetting your AirPods will help you solve day-to-day issues you are facing with it and get a solid green light, you may also note that resetting the AirPods may not help you fix your AirPods charging issues. These are major hardware issues that cannot be fixed easily and you might have to go to the service center and seek their help.

Airpods are really easy to use especially if you are using them with any other device. At times, troubleshooting and maintenance of AirPods can become challenging as flashing orange is a common problem. We hope you really enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful, and the next time you are facing such an issue our article will help you fix the problem and to get a solid green light.

Sometimes, no solution works to get a solid green light on Airpods and the last resort is to take the Airpods to an authorized service center. Check if your AirPods are covered under warranty. If they are you should be able to get a free repair or replacement. If they aren’t, you will have to bear the cost of the repair.

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