[FIX] Airpods Connected But NO Sound – Simple Solutions!!

Ever since Apple has come up with its Airpods, many users have started using them and they absolutely love the product. But since technology is unpredictable and can never be 100% perfect, these Airpods too face some technical glitches at times.

Imagine how frustrating it can get when you are in the middle of a call and suddenly the Airpods stop working. What would you do?

So How do you Fix Airpods that are connected but no sound can be heard?

Here are the different methods you can use to fix your Airpods that are connected but there is no sound:

  • Put them in their charging case
  • Getting the Airpods cleaned
  • Resetting your Airpods
  • Adjusting the volume of the Airpods
  • Reset network settings of your Airpods
  • Updating your iOS device
  • Restarting your iOS Device

In the below article we will try and explain to you all the different solutions step by step to help you fix your Airpods.

airpods no sound

How To Fix Airpods Connected But NO Sound

Solution 1 – Put them in their charging case

Apple Airpods

  1. Put both the Airpods into their charging case
  2. Check the level of charge the Airpods have. If they have little or no charge, we suggest you let them charge for at least 30-40 minutes
  3. Remove them from the case and try playing something from your iPhone or other Apple bluetooth devices
  4. If they still don’t work or one of them doesn’t work put them back into the case again and repeat the process

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Solution 2 – Try Cleaning your Airpods

cleaning airpods automatic ear detection

Sometimes when the earphones are not clean, users face difficulty in hearing the sound or connected but no sound. When used frequently, the Airpods tend to pick up a lot of dirt which can damage the Airpods especially the proximity sensors resulting in automatic ear detection to not work. Users need to keep their Airpods clean and prevent them from getting damaged.

To clean your Airpods properly

  1. Use soft and lint-free material to clean the Airpods
  2. To clean the joints and spaces, you can use a cotton bud
  3. If still not satisfied, you can try mixing some isopropyl alcohol with water and use it to clean the Airpods

Solution 3- Try Resetting your Airpods

resetting airpods

  1. Ensure our Airpods are charged at least 50%
  2. Go to the Settings menu of the iphone/iPad which is connected to your Airpod
  3. Click on  Bluetooth in your Settings Menu
  4. Now select the “i” which will appear next to your Airpods name in the Bluetooth list
  5. Click on Forget this Device and click Confirm
  6. Now put the Airpods back into their case and close the lid
  7. Wait for 30 seconds before opening the lid again
  8. At the back of your Charging case, you will find the Setup button. Keep the button pressed for at least 15 seconds
  9. Wait until a flashing white light will turn on
  10. Now try and reconnect the Airpods to your Apple iphone/ iPad by bringing both the device close to each other
  11. Try the Airpods by playing something on your device

If the problem persists that your Airpods are connected without any audio output, you can try the fourth method given below

Solution 4 -Try adjusting the volume of the Airpods

Sometimes the Airpods give a tough time with connected but no sound when there is a problem with the volume settings. If the Airpods volume is very low then also you will have a difficulty in hearing sounds even if the Airpods are connected. To adjust the volume of your Airpods, do the following

  1. Disconnect your Airpods from your phone
  2. Open the Settings menu on your phone
  3. Click on music
  4. Go to Volume Limit and set the volume to maximum
  5. Go back to Settings Menu once again
  6. Click om accessibility, Audio/Visual
  7. Now click on Balance Left or Right – ensure you keep the slider in the center so that both the Airpods receive equal sound and there is a balanced audio
  8. Try connecting the Airpods to your iphone/iPad and play something to see if you could fix the issue.

Solution 5 -Try resetting the network settings

One more solution to fixing your Airpods connected but no sound and not giving out any sound is by resetting the network settings. However, by Resetting your Airpods you may lose all your WIFI connections, call settings, and your Bluetooth devices too. Once the networks are reset, you should be able to hear from the Airpods again.

To Reset network settings you will have to follow the given steps

  1. Go to your phones Settings Menu
  2. Now open the General Menu
  3. Click on Reset Network only

Your Airpods network will now get reset. You can now pair them with your iOS devices using Bluetooth and try playing something to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 6- Updating your iOS phone/iPad

updating ios

Sometimes when you are using an old version of the iOS software on your iOS device, you might notice errors on your device. It is important to keep your iOS device updated at all points in time to avoid any software-related glitches. To update your iphone this is what you need to do

  1. Go to the settings menu on your phone
  2. Click on general
  3. Click on Software Update
  4. Once the update is completed turn off your device
  5. Give it a few minutes before switching on your device again
  6. Now connect your bluetooth AirPods to your device and test them

Technically your bluetooth Airpods automatically get updated whenever they are paired with your iOS device via a Wi-Fi connection. In fact, iOS sends you a notification whenever there is a new update available hence the next time you get an update notification, get your iphone updated as soon as possible.

Solution 7- Restarting your iOS Device

At times when all other solution stops working restarting your Apple iOS device definitely works. To restart your iOS device

  1. Go to your phones bluetooth Settings Menu
  2. Now click on general
  3. Now press on the Shut Down button and let your device shut down completely
  4. Restart your device after a few minutes
  5. Now pair the bluetooth Airpods into the device once again using Bluetooth
  6. Now play any music and see if the Airpods are working fine

How to fix when Airpods Connected to Macbook but no there is no sound?

At times there also could be a situation when you have connected your Airpods to your Macbook and there is no sound as the Airpods connections get temporarily bugged. In such a situation, you can do the following to resolve the issue

  1. Open your Apple laptop and go to Systems Preferences
  2. Look for the Bluetooth icon and click on the Bluetooth menu
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth and after a few seconds turn it on again
  4. Now navigate to the AirPods tab and click on X
  5. Place the Airpods back into their charging case and close the lid
  6. After a few seconds open the lid of the charging case again
  7. Press and hold the setup button located at the back of the Airpods until the light flashes white
  8. Now let your Macbook detect the Airpods once again
  9. Once detected click on connect button for the AirPods to get connected to your MacBook
  10. Play some music to see if the Airpods are working fine


We hope you found this article interesting and enjoyed reading it. So, the next time you face any issue with your Airpods bluetooth connection or no audio output, refer to this article, and hopefully, it will be able to guide you through the entire process and help you fix your Airpods.

In case if all the troubleshooting methods that we have provided in this article don’t work for you then you may have to visit your nearest Apple Service Center and get it fixed by a professional. Check if you have a warranty and avail that so save some cost on the repair or replacement of the AirPods.

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