7 BEST Ukulele Apps For Learning Ukulele in 2020

Ukulele ranks among the most straightforward instruments you can learn in less than a week. What’s better than an app that helps you with it?

Here are the 7 Best ukulele apps you can download if you want to learn Ukulele.

#1 Ukulele Tuner and Learn Ukeoke

This ukulele app is one of the fastest ways to learn Uke on your Android and iOS systems. I liked how the app breaks down the favorite ones into easy steps for the ukulele chords. All the songs available are designed in a play-along format so you can follow through as you learn. Luckily, it’s possible to rewind or replay the tune for accuracy if you have one of these best ukulele under $100

I liked how the ukulele learning app listens and gives timely feedback.


You will always love the learning curve. Once you install this ukulele app, you get a free trial playing for 10 minutes every day which guarantees you quicker results.


This ukulele app is suitable for beginner players where you get four chords of video tutorial to play along. The experienced players get the extensive songbook with lyrics to sing along while playing. Lastly, a ukulele teacher benefit from the list of available music to create a fun class for students who want to learn how to play either a right handed or one of these best left handed ukuleles

What we liked in this ukulele app

  • Plenty of music for easy learning.
  • The app gives feedback on the ones you should play.
  • Suitable for various learning levels.
  • Added tunes from your favorite ones.

What we didn’t like in the ukulele app

  • There is a subscription fee.
  • The format is a bit confusing, and tables would work better.

Android Play Store:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.musopia.ukeoke

iOS:- https://apps.apple.com/de/app/ukulele-karaoke-einfache-hits/id887760236


#2 Ukulele Companion

Do you need the convenience of having a handy tool? Well, the Ukulele companion app for the iOS system has the features for you. I liked how the manufacturer responded to the user’s requests and added the latest features to make Uke learning fun and enjoyable via the new ukulele companion.

First, it has a simple interface where you can use with ease. It also has a tuner with a collection of chords for fantastic sound. You will also use the list of scales and beats to play. The broader variety of tunings also made the app rank above the competitors.


Lastly, the display option available makes learning easy since you can see even the strings playing and the notes for you to follow. Now, the app worked perfectly on my iPhone and iPad or iPod. You can try it and regardless of your experience level or whether you are a right handed guy or a lefty.

What we liked in the ukulele app tuner

  • The app works perfectly on the iOS system.
  • It has new features including the metronome.
  • It has an easy interface for use  in iOS devices.
  • Ideal for all experience levels for iOS.

What we didn’t like in the ukulele app tuner

  • Only for iOS.
  • The full version of this iOS app requires investment.

ios: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/ukulele-begleiter/id447292169


#3 Ukulele Tabs & Chords

You cannot miss what you want from this Android app. The app is loaded with useful tools where you can search for articles, songs, or albums. Also, you can filter according to the genre you want and learn the song faster. Also, you can edit the tabs to customize the entire display.

If you want to tune your Uke, this app allows you access to the uke tuner and chords for free. Also, I liked how it turns to the dark mode for easy use. Additionally, the app allows you to sync and back up your inflation so that you can access it while offline.


This app enables easy fine-tuning of all your settings using the scroll available. All the models available make the setting quick to complete. Additionally, you will join the Uke member’s community and learn from them. Finally, this app lets you remove ads for free.

What we liked in the ukulele app

  • Plenty of settings for a customized feel to learn how to play ukulele.
  • Amazing display for playing easy of use.
  • Sync and backup option of your song.
  • Ads remover for smooth operation.

What we didn’t like in the ukulele app

  • The page alignment doesn’t zoom in or out.
  • No strumming patterns.

Play Store:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ukuleletabs

#4 Real Ukulele

I wanted to strum, pluck, and strike the strings of Ukulele with ease, and this is where the Real Ukulele app proved effective. It allows you to do more things within the app, making your Uke learning fast and fun.

The app will be useful when you play the strumming patterns. Besides, it comes in when practicing on solo mode as well as learning the chords. This allows you to play even the most complex tunes and playing songs you thought were difficult to tune.

Finally, the real Uke app is compatible with your Android device, where you can learn and master new chords with ease. Luckily, it comes with a songbook for Uke where you can pick your favorite songs and play them all day and night.


What we liked in this ukulele app

  • You can play on solo mode.
  • It is possible to play the strumming patterns.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The song notes available feature live recordings from Ukulele.

What we didn’t love in this ukulele app

  • At times the strings setting doesn’t bring out the real sound.
  • For Android devices only.

Ukulele chords Play Store:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gismart.ukulelefree

#5 Kala Ukulele Tuner and Songbook App

If you want all your best songs and lyrics in your pocket, then go for the Kala Ukulele Tuner and Songbook App. This app installs quickly on your Android system and plays over 100 different free songs and thousands of your latest hits once you subscribe.

It is suitable for beginners practice as well as for the practice of the most advanced players. The available songbook suits advanced players, and the easy chord patterns with the lovely interface allow you to use it easily for practice. Moreover, this app breaks down the different  songs into four chords for effortless mastery of the Ukulele.

This ukulele chords app is a unique type with settings that will see you learn and play Uke faster than other apps. You can take great  advantage of the video lessons to learn step by step Uke from this app. Finally, you can still subscribe to access unlimited lessons for advanced learning.


What we liked in this ukulele app

  • Plenty of learning and practice materials available.
  • Free songs which you can customize.
  • Easy to install on your android phone and use.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced players.

What we did not in this ukulele app

  • In-app purchases subscription for advanced tutorials for a year is expensive.
  • For Android only.
  • No instant feedback

Play Store:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.musopia.kalatuner

#6 Ukulele Underground

Are you a beginner and ready to learn how to play Uke? This is the precise app that you can install on Android and use it for solo training. In this app, you will learn how to hold your instrument for comfortable playing. Besides, you will learn the most used chords for you to learn even faster.

The app has the tutorial for beginners and also for advanced use. Therefore, the app will be sufficient throughout the training levels. I love the app since it has the videos which explain the step by step techniques you can use for Ukulele learning. Besides, it has the course to take you through the beginner to the advanced levels.

Once you have the ukulele chords learning app on your android device, then you can get inspiration from the world-famous Uke players. Additionally, you will meet the award-winning head instructor Aldrine Guerrero through the app.

What we liked in this ukulele app

  • It’s simple to navigate through and learn for one.
  • Has plenty of free content for you.
  • You matter is the most used chord in Uke playing.
  • For beginners and advanced levels.

What we didn’t love in this ukulele app

  • Sometimes may load videos slowly.
  • For Android use only.

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ukuleleunderground.ukuleleunderground

#7 Fret Trainer – Learn the Fretboard

This ukulele chords app is available for both the Android and iOS systems and comes for beginners who would want to learn the art of playing the Ukulele faster. The learning focuses mostly on how you can work on the fretboard for you to achieve unusual/different settings.

It has plenty of educational games that make it easy to learn the notes and chords in time. Other than the Uke, you have additional different instruments you can practice on, hence a worthy app to have on your gadget for multipurpose use.

Finally, this app lets you choose the instrument you want to learn then select a game for faster mastery. You can also customize everything for a superior feeling as you learn. This makes it easy for you to master all chords and patterns with ease. You  can use these YouTube tutorials and Reddit guide to learn better alongside the app.


What we liked

  • The plenty of different games where you may select one for practice.
  • Ease of customizing the unit for use.
  • Also, Multipurpose for other instruments training which is not available other ukulele apps.
  • Suitable for both Android and iOS.

What we didn’t love

  • The available instruments can confuse the newcomer.

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strongapps.frettrainer.android


I get questions like; what is the easiest way to learn Ukulele? How difficult is learning Ukulele? And sometimes, learners or even experienced players would still want to know how to tune Uke with an app. All these questions show the increasing interest in Uke learning.

The effortless Uke learning results from the available online lessons from YouTube, Reddit guide from experts and one on one teaching from a ukulele teacher. Whichever way you choose, the outcomes are faster if you dedicate time to Uke learning.

richard jaimes TlxE EtMWWY unsplash 1 1

Besides the methods shared above, you can still teach yourself how to play Uke with the hundreds of learning apps available for your android and iOS systems. This so far is the simplest way to get the skill and play instantly.

I have tried and tested the 7 best ukulele learning apps to learn ukulele chords. Without a doubt, I would still use them over and over since they do what they were designed for. The apps are easy to download and take less space in your phone storage. I have used more than 30 apps for Uke training, and out of those, I found these 7 best ukulele learning apps to be worth your time.

Now, if you are a beginner, experienced, or playing for a long time, or teacher of Uke, then this is a great point to get your ukulele apps resources. Also, here is out review of the best ukulele cases in case you are looking for one.

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