The 8 Best Ukulele Case You Can Buy In The Market (Choices By Experts)

Whatever instrument you play, you should always buy a case to protect it from any damage as well as store it securely.

Even if you have an affordable uke, it’s still best if you buy a case to protect it and increase its longevity.

On this list, I’ve gathered the best ukulele cases that you can find on the market, with an in-depth review of each.

Without further ado, let’s delve into it.


Top 3 Best Ukulele Case

Best Overall Best Overall1 1 Oscar Schmidt OU2LH
  • Robust Construction,
    Padded interior
Check Price
Best For Travelling Best For Travelling2 1 Caramel CB500L
  • Comfortable, Spaicous
Check Price
Budget Pick Budget Pick 3c Mahalo MK1PTBK
  • Affordable,
    Many Colour Variants
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The 8 Best Ukulele Cases for 2020

Top 3 Best Ukulele Case

Top 3 Best Ukulele Case

Bottom Line

With the Gearlux, both of what’s on the inside and outside count. Not only is it made of durable materials, but it also provides enough space and versatile carrying options. Perhaps the only letdown is the absence of straps on the inside. It is undoubtedly one of the best ukulele cases out there.

2. Gator Cases Gig Bag (GBE-UKE-TEN) Best for Traveling Musicians

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The Gator (GBE-UKE-TEN) is a soft yet strong gig bag, and it’s definitely living proof why Gator bags are so popular among traveling musicians.

At 27 inches long and 10 inches wide, this tenor uke bag provides you with plenty of room to store your favorite instrument.

And since it’s a soft gig bag, it’s not too heavy, thanks to the interior nylon construction. The nylon also makes it quite durable, with an ability to resist breaking or tearing, something which is generally not found even in the best Ukuleles Under $100 range

Moreover, with 10mm of internal padding and an interior that’s reinforced around the headstock, there’s little to no risk of damage, which means that this is the perfect ukulele case to travel with.

However, the Gator (GBE-UKE-TEN) only comes with one pocket that doesn’t provide that much space. So, if you’re someone that travels with lots of extras, this ukulele case could be a little limiting.

But that doesn’t seem like enough reason to deter you from a gig bag that’s as reliable as this one. Especially that it also provides convenience with adjustable strap and a fashionable, classic black look.


  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Spacious and well-padded interior


  • Locks could be improved
  • Insufficient space

Bottom Line

If you’re a traveling musician that doesn’t pack too many extras, the Gator (GBE-UKE-TEN) would be the ideal choice for you. It provides your uke with enough protection, is lightweight enough to move around easily, and its durability is indisputable.

3. HOT SEAL Case Bag (Bohemia NO.2)Budget Pick

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From the moment you lay your eye on the HOT SEAL Bohemia No.2, you’d see how it stands out with its eye-catching colors and attractive patterns amongst the other best ukulele case.

It instantly brings Hawaii, the country of origin of the ukulele, to mind and reminds us of the joyfulness of both the country and the instrument.

But its beauty is more than just skin deep. The HOT SEAL Bohemia No.2 is a waterproof ukulele case that protects your uke from both hard knocks and accidental spills.

This is especially feasible thanks to the 10mm ukulele case thickness, which means that your instrument will get good padding to keep it safe and secure.

You can carry it as a handbag with the regular handle or as a backpack, which makes it even more convenient.

As for the sizes, you can get this ukulele case for a soprano ukulele, concert, or tenor uke.


  • Can be carried as a hand gig bag or backpack
  • Attractive, lively colors of interior
  • Very light
  • Affordable price


  • Padding is minimal

Bottom Line

HOT SEAL produces plenty of ukulele case with creative and attractive colors that subtly make you fall in love with your uke even more. This one is perfect for someone who’s looking for a budget-friendly ukulele case for casual mobility purposes.

4. Carrion C-1640Best for Security


If you’re looking for ultimate safety, the Carrion C-1640 is the best ukulele case for you. Not only does it come with three chrome-plated brass latches, but it also features a middle lock as well. You can rest assured that your best ukulele instrument is safe from any theft attempts or anyone messing with your tuning.

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Moreover, the ukulele case is incredibly well-padded with thick foam and dense black plush, which provides your uke with cozy safety against bumps or crashes.

The foam padding is made even stronger with the multi-plywood core, which is solid enough to withstand falls or drops.

The Carrion C-1640 also has a black Tolex covering with heavy-duty stitching, which further protects your uke from any damage and extends the case’s longevity. It effortlessly combines practicality with great looks.

And the best part is that it’s not too heavy for a hard shell ukulele case as it only weighs 2.8 pounds. However, it’s worth mentioning that it might not be as sturdy as other hard shell case options.

It’s truly impressive that it could provide this combination of portability and durability at an affordable price level.


  • Excellent construction
  • High-quality locks
  • Thick interior padding
  • Affordable
  • Decent storage for accessories
  • Robust and durable interior


  • Some complaints about quality control
  • Less sturdy than average hard shell ukulele case

Bottom Line

If you feel like you’re stuck choosing between a lightweight, soft ukulele case, and a sturdy hard shell case, the Carrion C-1640 is here to bring you the best of both worlds. And the best part is that it does so at an affordable price!

5. Tosnail Ukulele Padded Bag Best Soft Ukulele Case

best ukulele hardshell case

The Tosnail is an excellent soft gig back with attractive yet calm colors. Its beautiful design isn’t the only thing that makes it worth buying, though.

If you own a tenor ukulele, you’ll love this cotton ukulele case with its heavy-duty zipper. You might get worried that a cotton case isn’t enough to protect your uke, but this one is quite sturdy despite being soft. At least as sturdy as soft gig bag get.

The cotton is of high quality, so it’s definitely here to last. Plus, it integrates plush cushioning that protects your instrument from scratches.

Moreover, there’s an accessory pocket with two carrying handles, one of which is a shoulder strap that enables you to lug it over your shoulder, providing you with both sufficient storage and convenience.


  • Stylish look
  • Plush interior padding with reinforced pad for the headstock
  • Two carrying handles, including a shoulder strap
  • Interior Storage pocket for little extras


  • Pocket might be a bit tight when the uke is inside

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for soft and best ukulele cases for your tenor ukulele instrument that sports a stylish look and provides you with plenty of convenience, the Tosnail is an ideal choice for you.

6. Gator Cases Deluxe Case (GWE-UKE-CON)Best Heavy-Duty Ukulele Case

best ukulele hard case

Gastor is a well-known brand when it comes to best ukulele case, including guitar, keyboard, percussion, and other cases. What sets them apart is that they’re made in the USA, yet their prices are still quite competitive.

This hard shell best ukulele case is made from plywood with a black Telex PVC covering for the outer shell. On the inside, it employs black plush padding that cushions your uke from constant impact.

This design makes it a heavy-duty ukulele case, both in terms of durability as well as weight.

At 3.8 pounds, it’s admittedly one of the heaviest cases on the list. But that doesn’t seem too bad when you consider the rigidity of the case that can put up with plenty of abuse.

While there’s no place for a shoulder strap, the handle is comfortable enough to enable you to carry the case with no trouble.

The Gator Deluxe ‘s storage compartment is represented in a small area underneath the neck. It’s actually bigger than most similar cases, which means that you can fit more than just a small tuner in it. But then again, it’s not meant for anything other than small accessories.

As for the sizes available, you can get the Gator Deluxe for a soprano ukulele, concert ukulele, or tenor ukulele.


  • Heavy-duty interior construction and fit
  • Spacious under-neck storage compartment


  • Pretty hefty
  • A little pricey

Bottom Line

Although the Gator Deluxe (GWE-UKE-CON) is a bit heavy, it’s one of the most durable choices, especially that it’s a hard ukulele case.

7. Hola! Heavy-Duty Gig BagBest for Soprano Ukulele Cases

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best ukulele hard case

If you’re looking for a soft gig bag with lots of padding, the Hola! is an ideal choice. It’s made of sturdy yet soft 400D Oxford nylon that covers a whopping 15mm of padding. However, it doesn’t have the most robust feel to it.

As for the interior, you’ll also find super-soft fabric lining with scratch-resistant material that guarantees your ukulele’s safety, even with careless handling. Not to mention, the Hola! comes with a reinforced headstock pad that provides extra support to your uke’s most fragile parts.

It comes with both a side handle and an adjustable shoulder strap to enhance portability and suit travel purposes.

However, it only suits pineapple or standard-sized soprano ukulele, so if yours is over 21.5 inches, steer away from this case.

The Hola! has plenty of enjoyable extras, including strong, dual opening metal zippers. And if you add a padlock, you get extra security.

This case sports a plain black look which is, admittedly, not as pretty as other cases. But for someone who’s practical, that wouldn’t be an issue, especially when you consider the massive front accessory pocket that provides plenty of space.


  • Excellent storage
  • Plenty of shoulder padding fit
  • Durable construction with tough materials


  • Bland look
  • Not the most rigid

Bottom Line

The Hola! is an excellent choice for practical ukulele instrument players. Although it doesn’t have the prettiest look, it provides your uke with sufficient protection, and it has more than enough space for the extras you might need while traveling with a uke.

8. CloudMusic National Hawaiian CaseFunkiest Design

best ukulele hard shell case

The CloudMusic National Hawaiian uke case is like a visual representation of how fun ukuleles are to play! With plenty of color variations and patterns, it easily catches anyone’s eye.

It employs polyester for the sides and cotton for the top. However, it’s not a waterproof case. Its construction is pretty solid all the same, though, thanks to the durable and tough fabric.

On the interior, you’ll find more cotton padding that’s 10mm thick, so it offers a decent degree of protection.

Moreover, you can carry this case like a backpack as the straps give you plenty of convenience when it comes to transportation.

And although the front pocket is wide and accessible, it isn’t that deep, so it would be more suitable for light travelers.


  • Stylish design, heavy duty fit
  • Comes with backpack and shoulder straps
  • Available for various sizes


  • Limited carry storage
  • Not waterproof

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a funky design with easy transportation and decent carry storage, the CloudMusic National Hawaiian case is an excellent choice. However, it’s not the most durable, especially since its fabric isn’t waterproof.


How to Choose a Ukulele Case?

With so many choices of cases on the market, it could be a little hard to finalize your buying decision. If you’re still having trouble deciding, here are the main aspects that you have to consider to reach the optimum choice for your needs.

richard jaimes TlxE EtMWWY unsplash 1 1


Best Ukulele cases come in three variants: hard-shell, soft-shell, and soft cases. Each type offers a degree of protection and comes at a price range.

Hard-Shell Ukulele Cases

As their name indicates, hardshell cases are entirely solid. Consequently, they offer the highest degree of protection. However, that doesn’t always mean they’re the best choice; a well-padded soft case would beat a cheap hard case. Then again, a well-padded hard case wouldn’t exactly be the most affordable option.

Typically, they’re made of ABS, polycarbonate, or aluminum. However, you could find cheaper ones made of vinyl- or Rolex-faced plywood.

The best ones are those with secure, small accessory chambers and humidification systems. They’re the most effective when it comes to enduring knocks, falls, and environmental hazards.

Soft-Shell Cases

Soft-shell cases attempt to give you the best of both worlds: the durability of hardshell cases and the portability of soft cases.

Typically, they’re made of padded nylon with rigid sides that provide your uke with protection against smashes.

If you’re constantly on the move and need to pack your uke a lot, a soft-shell case would be ideal for you.

They also come with more extras than hard-shell cases such as accessory pockets and shoulder straps and are definitely a lot more affordable.

Soft Cases

Soft cases are basically gig bags for transportation. They’re light, cheap, and convenient. However, you should keep in mind that they don’t offer any rigidity whatsoever, even if they’re padded, so they’re not ideal for constant transportation, especially if there’s a high risk of bumping, falling, or crashing.

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Ukuleles come in four sizes, and you should choose the size of your case according to the uke you already own.

But you should bear in mind that the best ukulele instruments also has different shapes and cuts, so make sure that your case has enough room to fit the exact shape of your uke and not only its size.

What’s more, the dimensions of each size (soprano ukulele, concert, tenor, or baritone) aren’t fixed. In fact, they can change slightly from one manufacturer to another.

Storage Space

If you like to be prepared for any circumstance or emergency, you’ll probably need large storage space to carry strings, tuners, and all the extras you might need in your best ukulele cases.

Make sure that the attractive designs or pretty looks don’t get in the way of the practicality of your uke and that it has all the storage space you need.

Carrying Handle and Straps

Before you set your mind on a case, you should consider how comfortable it is to hold and whether the handle is strong enough to withstand the weight of your uke.

Not only that, but you should also consider whether or not you need straps that allow you to lug the case on your shoulders for more convenient mobility.

You could opt for a single strap or a backpack style, according to your preferences. But by all means, I highly recommend choosing a case with multiple carrying options instead of solely relying on the convenient carrying handle for hand gig bag-style carrying.


Having your latches break mid-travel is one of the worst situations, and that’s exactly why you should make sure your zipper system is of high quality and reliability.

You might want to consider getting a lock on your best ukulele case as well, to ensure that your instrument stays in place as well as provide protection against any possible theft attempts or meddling with the tuning of the best ukulele.

mitchell luo 02Am14EPf1g unsplash 1

Final Thoughts On The Best Ukulele Case

It’s hard to pick only one choice as the all-time best ukulele case, but there are a few choices that undeniably excel in plenty of ways.

For one, the Gearlux combines exterior durability with a well-padded interior that provides your instrument with plenty of protection so you can stay assured and learn to play the ukulele with these best apps.

If you find yourself on the go pretty often, I’d highly recommend the Gator (GBE-UKE-TEN) as it combines softness with strength. It has a solid construction and a super ergonomic carrying handle and adjustable straps that make its transportation a breeze even for lefties who have left-handed ukuleles.

If you’re on a bit of a tight budget, however, I’d recommend the HOT SEAL Bohemia NO.2. Not only is it versatile and looks good, but it provides you with lots of value for a highly affordable price.

Finally, the Carrion C-1640 tenor ukulele cases would be an excellent choice if you’re a uke player with security concerns. It comes with three chrome-plated brass latches and a middle lock, which makes it the ultimate anti-theft case that keeps meddlers away.

FAQs About The Best Ukulele Case

How do I choose a ukulele case?

Your ukulele case should fit snugly around your instrument. Ukuleles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so don’t waste your money on a case that doesn’t fit your ukulele perfectly. Check that the instrument does not jiggle around too much inside the case.

What ukulele does Tyler Joseph use?

Tyler has been seen in many live videos since 2015, playing his go-to performance ukulele, the Kala Hawaiian Koa Tenor Cutaway, and also owns a custom ukulele built by the Kala build a team for his personal collection.

How do you store a ukulele?

Your ukulele should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of 40% – 60%. When there is too much humidity in the air, the wood swells, the tuning pegs and frets corrode quickly, the glued joints come undone, the neck may bend, and the bridge and braces may loosen.

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