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Who We Are?

Evan Grant

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Behind Electric Fields Festival, is me, Evan Grant, the Editor and a bunch of music nerds who take great pride in their music skills and love to help out new musicians who look for guidance.

Why Electric Fields Festival?

Most common questions we get from our fans is how can they get started with playing instruments, which ones should they buy and so on. This blog is our attempt to help them out with out guides and product recommendations, so they can just follow them and start their musically uplifted spiritual journey.

Another reason behind starting this site was that we saw an acute shortage of good guides online related to different musical instruments. We also noticed how other sites were recommending shit musical products to the readers just to make some money.

This is where we decided to come up with this awesome blog where we make sure each piece of content that goes up is of the the ultimate highest standards.

Our only aim is to help you, the reader to make informed choices and select the product that’s BEST for you!

Since, we are just starting out, the support from our readers is of extreme value to us. A simple share goes a long way for us!

Barry Moroney

Writer and Contributor

Barry Moroney Author
Barry Moroney Author

Hi, My name is Barry Moroney. I am a seasoned explorer, photographer, creative director, public speaker, and tech blogger. As a Traveller, I try to capture stories that inspire individuals to contemplate their relationship with the environment, while also encouraging the preservation of wild places globally.

My hobbies include everything from technology to photography. Entrepreneurship, gaming, and basketball are also areas of interest for me. I enjoy writing about the latest technologies and contribute to a variety of tech blogs. Follow me and join me in learning about all the beautiful things in the world of technology.

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