[How To] Pair Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker (Mac Windows Android & iOS)

Altec Lansing is one of the most popular speaker brands and most computer manufacturers include the brand in their models. If you have an Altec Lansing speaker and wondering how you can pair it via bluetooth, this guide is for you!

So, How to pair Altec Lansing bluetooth speaker?

In order to pair Altec Lansing bluetooth speaker, you will need to open Bluetooth settings on your device (Mac/Windows/Android/iOS) and search for new devices. Once your speaker is shown, click on it to pair and get it connected.


Pairing Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker With Different Devices

Take a look at the steps below and follow the one that is compatible with your device. Before you follow the below instructions, ensure that your Altec Lansing speaker is in the pairing mode and in close proximity to your audio device.

Pairing Altec Lansing with MacOS

If you are trying to pair the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker to your Macbook, then here is what you will need to do.

  1. Turn on the Altec Lansing speaker and make sure it is in the pairing mode
  2. On the MacBook, click on the Apple logo on the top left-hand corner of the screen
  3. Click on System Preferences
  4. Now click on Bluetooth and turn it on
  5. Once it is turned on, you will see a list of devices on the right-hand side of the window
  6. Double-click on your listed speaker and both devices should get paired
  7. Once the pairing is confirmed, play an audio file to confirm if it is done or not

Pairing Altec Lansing with iPhone

Connecting Bluetooth speakers with iPhones is a pretty easy process and very similar to the steps mentioned above. Follow the below guidelines

  1. Turn on the Altec Lansing speaker and make sure it is in the pairing mode
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings and click on Bluetooth
  3. Switch on the Bluetooth and wait for your speakers to show up under Available Devices
  4. Once they do, select them and the pairing process will get initiated
  5. After it is paired, play any audio to check if it works or notmac
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Pairing Altec Lansing with Windows 10 Devices

If you are a Windows 10 user and want to pair the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker, then check out the following steps.

  1. Power on your Bluetooth speaker by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds
  2. On your Windows 10 device, go to the Start Menu and select Settings
  3. Click on Devices and then Bluetooth
  4. Switch on the Bluetooth
  5. Your speaker should feature under Other Devices. Select it and click on Pair
  6. In some cases, you might be asked to confirm a PIN. Click on Yes if the PIN is the correct one and your device should get paired after this
  7. Now, if for some reason your speakers don’t show up, click on Add Bluetooth or Other devices
  8. In the next screen, select Bluetooth
  9. The system will search for Bluetooth devices and when it finds one, it will feature there
  10. Click on the speakers shown there and then pair them

In case, you still are not able to pair the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker to your Windows 10 device, then you might need to troubleshoot further with the following steps.

  1. Select Start and then go to the Settings
  2. Navigate to Update & Security and click on Troubleshoot
  3. In the Find & Fix other problems screen, check Bluetooth and Run the Troubleshooter
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and you should be able to resolve the connection issue

Pairing Altec Lansing with Android Device

Android devices are the most common ones that people use and connecting Bluetooth speakers with them is a fairly easy process.

  1. Power on your Bluetooth speaker by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds. This enables the pairing mode
  2. On your Android device, navigate to Settings
  3. Look for an option for Bluetooth and then enable it
  4. Or you might have an option for Other Connections under which Bluetooth option will be there
  5. Once you switch on the Bluetooth, you should see the Altec Lansing speakers under Available Devices
  6. Select them and the pairing process will start. Once connected, they will feature under Paired Devices
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Your speakers are now connected and you should be able to listen to audio seamlessly on the speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding your Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers? Here are some of the most frequently asked ones for you.

1. My Altec Lansing speakers are not pairing. What can I do?

If your speakers are not pairing, then switch them off and turn them on once again. Press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons for about 10 seconds. This will take the speakers back to their factory settings and you should be able to now pair them using tzumi bluetooth earbuds pairing guide. Switch off and switch on your audio device as well and if required reset them if their Bluetooth isn’t working.

2. How to put the Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode?

To put a Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode, you will need to press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds. You should see an LED indicator flash repeatedly, indicating that the speaker is on and in pairing mode. Different devices have different ways to get them in pairing mode.

Check the instruction manual of the Altec Lansing speakers to understand how they can be put into a pairing mode correctly.

3. How to reset a Bluetooth speaker?

To reset your Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker, press the volume up and volume down simultaneously for a couple of seconds. This should put the speakers back into their original factory settings.


Hopefully, through this article, you have learned how to pair the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker to your audio device. Do make sure that you follow all the relevant steps listed above in the proper order to connect your speakers. However, if you still haven’t managed to pair your speakers to your device then there could be something wrong with either your device or the speakers.

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In such cases, it is best to check if your devices are covered under warranty and then get them repaired. If not, then you might have to spend some money on getting them fixed.

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