How To Pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones?

Have you heard of the Skullcandy Crusher over-ear headphones?

You most likely have. Noise-cancelling headphones like these have become more of a necessity than a luxury in recent years.

If you’ve ever owned a set, you’ll understand how inconvenient it can be to pair them with other devices via Bluetooth. So let’s get started on pairing Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones.

How To Pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones?
How To Pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones?

Key takeaway

To pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless headphones, press and hold the center button until voice prompt says “Pairing”. Then turn on your device’s Bluetooth and look for “Crusher” in your list of available Bluetooth devices. If you have already paired your headphones, they will automatically connect, and the bottom LED will flash twice. You can also go to settings and tap Connections, then press Bluetooth under ‘Available devices’ when your Skullcandy device appears. Some users have reported that pressing the circular button for 5 seconds enters pairing mode, but this is not necessary.


So, How to pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones?

In order to pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones, you will need to open Bluetooth settings on your device be it Mac/Windows/Android/iOS smartphone, and search for new devices. Once your headphones are shown in the list, click on them to pair and get them connected.

With this article, you can find out how to pair the Crusher wireless headphone with any device. Listed below is a detailed guide that helps you connect the headphone to have a good sound quality to devices that run on Android, iOS, smartphone, Windows, and macOS software and comfortable to use.

Pairing Skullcandy Crusher with Windows 10 Device

If you use the Windows 10 operating system and are looking to pair the device with the Crusher wireless headphones connect, then check out the following steps.

Pairing Skullcandy Crusher with Windows 10 Device
Pairing Skullcandy Crusher with Windows 10 Device
  1. Press the Power button on your headphones to put them in the pairing mode
  2. On your Windows 10 device, go to the Start Menu and select Settings
  3. Click on Devices and then select Bluetooth. Switch on the Bluetooth
  4. Your Skullcandy headphones should feature under Other Devices. Select them and select the Pair option
  5. Once your headphones have been paired, you will get a notification on your device and on the Skullcandy headphones as well
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Pairing Skullcandy with Android Device

To connect your Skullcandy Crusher headphones with an Android device, please follow the below-mentioned process.

  1. Switch on the Crusher headphones by pressing the Power button for a couple of seconds. This switches on the pairing mode of the headphones
  2. On your Android device, please click on the Settings option
  3. You will see a menu item for Bluetooth. Select that to open the Bluetooth settings
  4. Or you might have an option for Other Connections under which the Bluetooth option will be there
  5. Once you switch on the Bluetooth, you will see your Skullcandy wireless headphones connect under Available Devices
  6. Select them and the pairing process will start. Once connected, they will feature under Paired Devices

If for any reason, you face issues with the pairing, you can try restarting your Android device and your headphones. Once they are rebooted, follow the above guidelines. Also, make sure to check out how to pair tzumi bluetooth headphones. Also, you can check out this guide to pair your altec lansing bluetooth speaker.

Pairing Skullcandy with MacOS

Bluetooth pairing on Apple laptops is a different process than what you follow for Windows. Please follow these simple guidelines for the connection.

Pairing Skullcandy Crusher with MacOS
Pairing Skullcandy Crusher with MacOS
  1. Make sure your Crusher wireless headphones are powered on and in the pairing mode
  2. On your MacBook, click on the Apple logo on the top left-hand corner of the screen
  3. Click on the System Preferences option
  4. In the System Preferences window, click on the Bluetooth icon to open up its settings
  5. On the right-hand side, you will see a list of Devices. Your Skullcandy headphones should be listed here
  6. Double-click on them to pair. Or you can do a two-finger click and then click on Connect
  7. When it is connected, you will get a notification
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Pairing Skullcandy Crusher with iPhone

Pairing the Skullcandy Crusher headphones with an iPhone is quite a simple process. All you need to do is to follow these steps if you want to solve the issue of my headset only having one jack!

  1. Press the power button on the Crusher wireless headphones for a couple of seconds to power them on and put them in pairing mode
  2. On your iPhone, navigate to the Settings option and then click on Bluetooth
  3. As soon as you switch on the Bluetooth, you will see a list of devices below that can be connected to
  4. Select your headphones and the pairing process will begin
  5. After they are paired, play any audio file to check the connection

Your Crusher wireless headphones are now connected and you should be able to listen to audio seamlessly on them. In case you face any issue with one earphone being louder than the other, here is a fix.

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How To Pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones?

Conclusion on Pair Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones

By now, you should have learned how you can pair your Skullcandy Crusher wireless headphones. The process is pretty simple, straightforward, and easy to remember. Depending on which device you use, you can follow the process steps listed above.

However, if you have problems to get the pairing done by following this article, then it is best to get in touch with the device or headphone manufacturer or get it to a repair technician.

FAQs About Pairing Skullcandy Crusher

1. How do I put my Crusher headphones in pairing mode?

2. How to reset the Skullcandy Crusher wireless headphones?

Well, if for any reason you have to do a factory reset to your headphones then follow the below steps.
Simultaneously press the upper and lower volume buttons on the headphones for 10 seconds
Now watch the LED lights. The top and bottom LED will turn yellow, then will flash blue and red
This means the headphones have been reset
Now go to your audio device and remove the Crusher headphones from the Paired Devices list
This can be done through the Forget This Device option quality
Switch on the headphones and pair them with a fresh device

3. Which is the pairing button on the Skullcandy Crusher headphone?

There is no dedicated pairing button on the Crusher wireless headphone. All you have to do is press the Power button for a few seconds and once the device is on, it automatically is on the pairing mode.

4. How do I know if my Skullcandy headphones have been paired or not?

Almost all Skullcandy headphones will produce a sound quality once they are connected. Else, some headphones will flash the LED lights upon successful pairing. The LED should stop blinking and that is the sign that it is paired.

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