How To Pair MPOW Headphones On Any Device? (4 Easy Solutions)

Do you prefer to answer phone calls and listen to music through headphones? If so, you may be familiar with the Mpow Jaws Bluetooth neckband headphones.

Neckband headphones have become a popular choice for folks who prefer to wear their headphones around their neck for convenience during the past several years. And Mpow Jaws has done an excellent job with its product line.

If you own a Mpow Jaws Bluetooth headset and wondering how to pair MPOW headphones on any device, we've got you covered.

How to Pair MPOW Headphones
How to Pair MPOW Headphones


Quick Answer, How to Pair MPOW Headphones?

Navigate to Settings and enable Bluetooth. Click “Pair new device” in Bluetooth. When your Mpow headphones or speaker appear on the list, press it to pair them with your phone. If prompted for a code, enter “0000.”


Turning the Bluetooth into Pairing Mode

Before using the headset for the first time, it must be completely charged (more than 6 hours)

  1. Connect the USB charging cord to the headphone's USB charging port.
  2. When charging, the indicator light turns red.
  3. A full charge takes approximately 2 hours.
  4. When charging is complete, the red indicator light becomes blue.


  1. Before pairing, please ensure that the headphones are turned off.
  2. When turned on, it will instantly connect to the pre-programmed phone. (Please ensure that your phone's Bluetooth function is turned on.)


  • Navigate to Settings and then to Connections.
  • Bluetooth should be selected in the Connections window.
  • When your Mpow Jaws Bluetooth device appears under ‘Available devices,' tap on it, and your Android device will be connected to your headphones.


  • Then, go to Settings and select Bluetooth. Bluetooth should be turned on.
  • Look for your Mpow Jaws Bluetooth Headphones under “OTHER DEVICES,” then click on it to connect


  • Tap the Apple menu > System Preferences on your Mac.
  • Bluetooth should be selected
  • Choose your Mpow Jaws Bluetooth Headphones from the drop-down menu.
  • Connect should be clicked.
  • If prompted, select Accept.

Windows 10

  • In the search box, type “Bluetooth.”
  • When the Bluetooth & other devices window appears, make sure Bluetooth is turned “on.”
  • Select your Mpow Jaws Bluetooth Headphones from the list after tapping “Add Bluetooth or another device.”

Confirm the pairing's success

The LED on your Mpow headphones will cease blinking once you have properly paired them with your phone or laptop.

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Bluetooth connection troubleshooting

If you've done everything else and your device still isn't pairing, try clearing your existing connected devices and re-pairing your headphones or speaker.

You can do this by holding down the MFP and Volume + buttons for four seconds while charging or by long-pressing the MFB button until the blue light flashes three times (which one works varies by model). If this doesn't work, read our thorough article on how to fix Bluetooth pairing problems for other ideas.

How To Connect Mpow Headphones To Any Device?
How To Connect Mpow Headphones To Any Device?

Using Bluetooth to Connect Two Smartphones at the same time

  • As previously stated, connect the headphones to the first phone.
  • After a successful pairing, switch off the headset and disable Bluetooth on your first phone.
  • Pair the blue to the second phone using the identical processes as described before.
  • After successfully pairing, turn on the Bluetooth on the first phone and choose the headphone model name.
  • The headphone will connect to both phones simultaneously.

Pairing the mpow Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone

  • To begin pairing these headphones with your device, turn them on. You can activate them by pressing the power button on the headphones. You should hold it down for up to 3 seconds. They will turn on and enter pairing mode, as indicated by a message.

When the red and blue lights flash, you should stop pressing the button.

  • Then, activate your smartphone's Bluetooth. Put it in the discoverable mode so that it can easily pair with your headphones.
  • The third step is to pair your device with your smartphone by clicking the pair a new device button. Select the MPOW headphones from the list of available devices. The model number of the headphones may appear in place of the headphones' name at times.

Once the headphones have been successfully connected. A voice will inform you that they are “connected.” A blue light indicates that the connection has been established.

Pairing the Mpow to your Laptop

  • Check to see if your Mpow headphones are in pairing mode. Begin by putting on your headphones. The message “power on” will be heard. Then, for 3 seconds, press the power button. You will then hear the phrase “pairing.” If this is not the first time you have connected the headphones to another device. To enter pairing mode, hold down the power button for up to 7 seconds.
  • Check that the Bluetooth on your Laptop device is turned on. You should do this by going to your laptop's Bluetooth settings.
  • Connect your Bluetooth device to the headphones. To begin, go to your laptop's Bluetooth settings and click on the add Bluetooth or other devices button. Then select the headphones to be paired with your device.
  • When the headphones are paired, you will hear a message that says “connected.” You can now start listening to music because your Bluetooth headphones have been successfully paired with your laptop.
  • Make sure that the headphones are turned off before pairing them. When you connect the headphones again, they will automatically connect to your device once powered on.
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How To Connect Mpow Headphones To Any Device?

About the Mpow Wireless Headphones

Design and comfort

These are some of the best Bluetooth headphones on the market. These headphones are packaged in a box with a 3.5mm audio cable, a charging cable, and a carrying case. This headphone is compatible with both Bluetooth and a 3.5mm cable.

They have a comfortable design, with a soft padding headband for added comfort. They are made of tough, long-lasting plastic. The material can withstand drops and can be folded, making it very easy to store and travel with.

The ear cups are very soft and will feel good and comfortable even after long periods of use. These headphones have a durable and competitive design. The Mpow headphones are made of plastic and have a sturdy design. The plastic is shiny and gives them a lovely appearance.

The headphones are designed to be worn over the head. This also ensures comfort, but the design may be uncomfortable for some people who wear glasses.

The earpads are extremely large. They are intended to provide long-lasting comfort to your ears. The manufacturer advises against wearing these headphones for extended periods of time because they can be uncomfortable.

Sound Quality

The Mpow Bluetooth headphones have a great sound. They generate bass-heavy sound. These headphones have excellent mids and highs. The sound stage isn't particularly large, but the performance is excellent.

The drivers in these headphones are 40mm neodymium. They also have a Bluetooth chip from CSR. These contribute to the production of warm, detailed sounds. The sound output is incredible, providing a great sound experience across all genres. The controls for the headphones are located on the side and are very simple to use.

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Battery life

The Mpow Bluetooth headphones have an excellent battery life, lasting up to 13 hours with a charging time of approximately 3.5 hours. The headphones are powered by a 420 mAh battery. The battery also has a voltage of 5 volts. If your battery runs out or you simply want to save it, you can use the 3.5mm aux cable.


The Mpow Bluetooth headphones have excellent features that place them among the best Bluetooth headphones available. It has Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, passive noise cancellation, a long battery life, and many other great features.

Conclusion on How to Pair MPOW Headphones

If you've followed the steps above and are still having trouble pairing your Mpow Jaws Bluetooth headphones, unpair any previously paired devices and re-pair your headphones.

To re-pair, your Mpow Jaws Bluetooth headphones, either press the Multifunction button until a blue light flashes three times or hold the Multifunction button concurrently with the + Volume button for four seconds.

Once your headphones are connected, you will notice that the Mpow Jaws Bluetooth headphones provide unrivaled sound quality and comfort.

We hope this information has been helpful in connecting your MPOW Headphones! If you are still perplexed, simply read it again, and your headphones will connect flawlessly!

How To Connect Mpow Headphones To Ps4 Outlet Online?
How To Connect Mpow Headphones To Ps4 Outlet Online?

FAQs About Pairing MPOW Headphones

Where is the MPOW headphones' pairing button?

To pair them, press and hold the'mpow' button on the right ear until the lead alternately flashes blue and red. Then, under your iPad's Bluetooth settings, search for the new device; the mpow should appear; pick it, and it will instantly link.

Why are my MPOW headphones not connecting?

Perhaps there is an issue with Bluetooth data in your phone. To search and link the headphones, you must remove the phone's attached records, restart it, and restart the headphone pairing mode.

What is the procedure for resetting my MPOW Bluetooth headset?

Put your MPOW headphones in the charging box and turn them off.
Hold down the power button.
Wait for the red and white lights to alternately flicker.
Go to your device's Bluetooth settings and re-pair it.
Keep an eye out for the blue Bluetooth light to flash.

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