How To Put JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode: The Ultimate Guide

How To Put JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode? JBL headphones are available in a variety of styles. Noise cancellation is one of the features that distinguishes them. We'll show you how to connect your JBL headphones to your iPhone, iPad, computer, tablet, laptop, TV, Apple Watch, Chromebook, and Macbook today.

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How To Put JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode

JBL headphones are nearly completely wireless. They use Bluetooth technology to communicate with other devices. There are JBL headphones with dual connectivity options available.

You can connect them to a device with an aux cable. However, connecting the headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth is the preferred method.

Because this link is versatile and practical. We'll show you how to connect your JBL headphones to a variety of devices, including an iPhone, iPad, computer, tablet, laptop, TV, and Apple TV.


Key takeaway

Hold down the touch area on either JBL earbud for five seconds to put them in pairing mode. By doing so, you can connect to a new Bluetooth device and enter Bluetooth pairing mode. Moreover, you can manually activate pairing mode on your device by depressing the Bluetooth button for at least three seconds. On your tablet or computer, choose “Bluetooth” to search for compatible devices after your device is in pairing mode.


To begin, turn your JBL headphones on by pressing the power button. The LED indicator will illuminate when you turn on the headphones. A Bluetooth button is found on almost all JBL headphones. You can activate pairing mode on your JBL headphone by pressing this button.

An LED indicator blinks blue when the device is ready to pair. The LED light glows steadily blue when the device is paired. There may be no dedicated Bluetooth button on JBL Bluetooth earbuds. They do, however, have an additional button located between the volume up and volume down buttons.

Press and hold this button for a few seconds to put your JBL headphones in pairing mode. The pairing procedure is the same when connecting to any Bluetooth device.

However, the pairing method varies depending on the device to which you wish to connect your JBL headphones.

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1. Connect JBL headphones to your iPhone or iPad.

JBL headphones can be easily connected to an iPhone or iPad. The headphones should be within 33 feet of the iPhone or iPad to pair properly.

Both of these devices work in the same way and have similar menus. You can connect your JBL headphones to your iPhone or iPad by following the steps outlined below.

To begin, turn on your JBL headphones by pressing and holding the power button for about 2 seconds. The blue LED light near the power button will start blinking. If it still does not work, restart your JBL headphones.

  1. Between the volume up and down buttons, press the button. When the LED indicator blinks blue, let go. 
  2. You can enable Bluetooth pairing on your JBL headphones by turning them on using these two methods.
  3. Go to ‘Settings' on your iPhone or iPad and then to Bluetooth settings.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth and look for nearby devices.
  5. The model number of your JBL headphones will appear in the list. To begin, simply tap on the name of your JBL headphones.
  6. Next, enter the passcode for your JBL headphones, which is either “0000” or written in the user manual.
  7. It will only take a few seconds for your iPhone or iPad to display “Connected.”
  8. Your JBL headphones have been connected to your iPhone or iPad successfully. You can now make phone calls with your JBL headphones.
  9. Continue to the next step if you want to listen to music from your iPhone or iPad using the JBL headphones.
  10. On your iPhone or iPad's screen, tap the Airplay icon. It will launch the music app. Your JBL Bluetooth headphones will play any song you choose.
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When you turn off your JBL headphones, they will disconnect. You are not required to repeat the pairing procedure. Because both devices remember each other, and the headphones pair with your iPhone when you turn it on.

2. Connect JBL Headphones to a Tablet

JBL headphones can be wirelessly connected to your tablet. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Begin pairing your JBL headphones with Bluetooth.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen on your tablet.
  3. The Bluetooth icon will be displayed. Switch on the Bluetooth.
  4. Long press the Bluetooth button to see a list of paired devices.
  5. Your JBL headphones will be added to the list of devices. It will display the message “Connected” after a few seconds.
  6. You can now listen to audio files on your tablet using headphones.

3. Pair JBL Headphones to A Laptop

Pairing JBL headphones with a laptop is not the same as pairing them with an iPhone. Bluetooth technology is built into all of the laptops. As a result, the headphones can be paired wirelessly.

The procedure is not overly complicated. Simply follow the steps outlined below to connect your JBL headphones to your laptop.

  1. Click the Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen on your Windows laptop. The ‘Settings' tab will appear; click it.
  2. Then, go to the ‘Devices' settings. It will present you with several options. Select “Bluetooth and other devices.”
  3. When you turn on Bluetooth, the button will turn blue.
  4. Then, on the top, tap the ‘+' symbol that says “Add a Bluetooth or other device.”
  5. It will present you with three or more options; select “Bluetooth.”
  6. Now, press the power button on your JBL headphones to turn them on. Then, to begin pairing, press the Bluetooth button. The headphones can now be found.
  7. Your laptop is already set to pair. It will recognize your JBL headphones. Select the correct model number from the list displayed on your laptop screen.
  8. The pairing process will begin, and you will see “Connected” on the laptop screen after a short time. To finish the process, select “Done.”

You do not have to pair the JBL headphones every time you use them. As long as Bluetooth is enabled on your laptop and the headphones are within range, they will automatically connect to your laptop.

4. Pair JBL Headphones to A Computer

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How To Put JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode

Bluetooth connectivity is available on the majority of desktop computers. You can connect such a computer to your JBL headphones in the same way that you did with your laptop.

However, some older computers lack a functional Bluetooth built-in. However, you can use your JBL headphones with such a computer. Please tell us how to wirelessly connect your JBL headphones to your computer.

Take a Bluetooth adapter for example. It is a small plug that connects to your computer. A Bluetooth 5.0 adapter is recommended for stable pairing and good sound quality. A Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, on the other hand, can be used for this purpose. However, always purchase a high-quality adapter rather than a low-cost one.

  1. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your computer's USB port.
  2. The computer will automatically recognize the device. The Bluetooth icon will appear at the bottom right of your computer screen.
  3. When you click the Bluetooth icon, you will be presented with a number of options. Select “Add a Bluetooth device” or “Show Bluetooth devices.”
  4. On the computer screen, the Bluetooth menu will appear.
  5. Switch your JBL headphones to pairing mode. It will appear in your computer's list.
  6. Select your preferred JBL headphones. It will connect in a matter of minutes.

5. Pair JBL Headphones to A TV

JBL headphones are fantastic. They provide more flexibility and can also be connected to your television. As a result, you can listen to TV audio using your JBL headphones.

However, your TV must have built-in Bluetooth in order to pair with the JBL headphones. A smart TV with no built-in Bluetooth, on the other hand, can pair with your JBL headphones. You will, however, require adapters for this purpose. This article will show you how to pair your TV and JBL headphones in both ways.

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Pairing the JBL Headphones with a TV having built-in Bluetooth

If your TV has built-in Bluetooth then you can pair the headphones very easily. Mostly, Fire TV and Android TV come with built-in Bluetooth. Follow the steps given below;

  1. Turn your JBL headphones' Bluetooth pairing mode on. The majority of JBL Bluetooth headphones include a Bluetooth button. However, the JBL earbuds may lack a dedicated Bluetooth button.
  2. By pressing the central button for five seconds, you can put them in pairing mode.
  3. Each model has an LED indicator that indicates pairing. When the device is placed in Bluetooth pairing mode, it blinks blue.
  4. Now, navigate to the menu on your smart TV's screen. Navigate to ‘Bluetooth' settings after going to settings.
  5. Scan for Bluetooth devices that are available. In the list, your specific JBL headphones model will be visible.
  6. Choose your JBL headphones from the television. Both devices will be paired in a matter of seconds.

You can control the volume either through your TV or headphones.

Pairing the JBL Headphones with a TV that lacks a built-in Bluetooth

A Bluetooth Audio Adapter is required. This device allows you to connect your JBL headphones to a TV that does not have built-in Bluetooth. Avantree Audikast Plus, Avantree Oasis Plus, and Avantree Orbit are some popular Bluetooth Audio Adapters. You can purchase them from Amazon.

You can use this adapter to connect your TV not only to JBL headphones but also to other types of headphones. It means you can connect your TV to two devices at the same time.

Let us know how to pair your JBL headphones to the TV;

  1. Connect the Bluetooth Adapter to the power supply as well as the TV.
  2. Put your JBL headphones and Bluetooth Adapter in pairing mode.
  3. After a few moments, both devices will pair. When you pair your JBL headphones with the Adapter, the TV will automatically connect.

As a result, the Bluetooth Adapter serves as a bridge between the TV and the headphones.

6. Pairing the JBL Headphones to an Apple Watch

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How To Put JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode

Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch. It has many advanced features, much like a smartphone. This watch is fantastic and can be used in conjunction with the JBL headphones.

Let us examine the procedure;

  1. To begin, activate Bluetooth pairing mode on your JBL headphones.
  2. Now, go to your Apple Watch's settings.
  3. Scroll all the way down to find the Bluetooth settings. Tap it to look for available devices.
  4. Select your JBL Bluetooth headphones.
  5. It will connect to your Apple Watch after a few moments.

7. Pairing the JBL Headphones to a Chromebook

Chromebook is a smart and efficient device. It can be used for a variety of purposes. It's similar to a laptop. You can use it in conjunction with your JBL headphones. Take the following steps:

  1. Turn your JBL headphones' Bluetooth pairing mode on.
  2. Now, navigate to your Chromebook's screen, which is located at the very bottom, on the very right.
  3. You'll notice a battery icon here; tap it. It will open a brief menu that also displays the Bluetooth.
  4. Tape to enable Bluetooth if it is turned off.
  5. Your Chromebook will now begin scanning the available devices. Select your JBL headphone.
  6. It will launch a new popup window with the text “Connecting to JBL headphones.”
  7. The Chromebook will make a confirmation sound after a few seconds.

8. Pairing the JBL Headphones to a Macbook

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How To Put JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode

The process of pairing JBL headphones to iMac or Macbook is the same. Both these devices work in a similar way. So, you can pair your JBL headphones to Mac by the following steps;

  1. Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your Macbook's screen.
  2. It will display a list of options; select “System Preferences.”
  3. This will display all of your options. A Bluetooth icon can be found in the third row.
  4. Navigate to the Bluetooth icon. The Bluetooth menu will be displayed in the following popup window.
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth. Check the “Show Bluetooth in menu bar” box as well.
  6. Now, on your JBL headphones, press the Bluetooth button.
  7. Your JBL headphones will be displayed on the Macbook; click the ‘connect' button to pair.
  8. The Macbook will automatically pair with your JBL headphones.
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When you pair your JBL headphones with a Bluetooth device, they automatically connect when powered on. As a result, you do not have to repeat the pairing process each time. However, you may wish to unpair your JBL headphones from a device or pair them with another Bluetooth device.

You will reset your JBL headphones in this case. They will lose track of all paired devices. You can connect your JBL headphones to another device by repeating the pairing process. You can reset your JBL headphones using the following procedure:

  1. By pressing the power button, you can turn your headphones on.
  2. Now, for at least 5 seconds, press and hold the ‘Volume UP' and ‘Volume Down' buttons simultaneously.
  3. When the device makes a shut-down sound, release the buttons.
  4. After a while, it will turn back on, emitting a ‘powering on' and pinging sound.

Your JBL headphones have now been reset to their factory settings. It has been disconnected from all Bluetooth devices with which it has been paired. You can connect it to any other device using the methods described in this article.


The most common reason your JBL headphones are unable to connect to your iPhone is that they were not properly disconnected from the previous device with which they were paired. Other causes include hardware problems (low/dead batteries) or software problems (update required).

There are several reasons why your JBL headphones aren't connecting to your iPhone.

  • Bluetooth on your iPhone may be turned off.
  • The headphones' batteries may have died.
  • Your headphones may already be connected to another device.
  • It's possible that your iPhone has two Bluetooth profiles for your headphones.
  • It's possible that your iPhone is running an out-of-date version of iOS.
  • Your JBL headphones were not properly disconnected from the device with which they were previously paired.
How To Pair JBL Headphones: The Ultimate Guide - SpeakersMag
How To Put JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode:


This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide if you are looking for the best way to connect your JBL headphones to various devices. The pairing method is described at the start of the article.

While each device's specific method is provided separately. So, now that you've read this article, you should be able to connect your JBL headphones to your iPhone, iPad, computer, tablet, laptop, TV, Apple Watch, Chromebook, and Macbook. You can listen to music on your JBL headphones that are stored on your devices. The volume can be adjusted using either the paired device or the JBL headphones.

FAQs About How To Put JBL Headphones in Pairing Mode

How do I activate pairing mode on my wireless headphones?

Place the headphones next to the device to which you want to connect them. Check that the device is turned on. Hold down the power button on your headphones for approximately 7 seconds. This will put it in pairing mode, allowing it to connect to your device.

How do I activate pairing mode on my JBL 500BT?

Hold down the button between the volume up and down buttons to return your 500BT to pairing mode. Instead, for the LIVE 500BT, press the button on the bottom of the right ear cup. What exactly is this? To indicate that it has entered Bluetooth Pairing mode, the LED should turn blue and flash rapidly.

Why are my JBL headphones not connecting to Bluetooth?

JBL headphones do not appear in the Bluetooth settings' list of available devices. The most common reason your headphones aren't showing up in the Bluetooth devices list is that they aren't in pairing mode. Check that the headphones are turned on.

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