How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android? (10 Quick And Easy Fixes To Try!)

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android? There are a few quick and easy fixes you can try to get your phone to stop thinking your headphones are always plugged in. Is your Android phone stuck in speaker mode?

It may appear to be a minor issue, but being in constant headphone mode prevents you from making important calls without reaching for your headphones. Furthermore, you can’t quickly show music, videos, and other media to other people without causing a commotion.

Fortunately, you have a variety of options for resolving this problem. In this guide, we’ll show you how to disable headphone mode on Android phones.


It may appear to be a minor issue, but being in headphone mode prevents you from making important calls without first reaching for your headphones.


Furthermore, you cannot quickly play music, videos, or other media through your phone’s speakers. In this guide, we will show you how to disable headphone mode on Android.

How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android?
How To Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android?


When you plug in a pair of headphones to an Android phone, the phone recognizes the plugged devices and enters headphone mode. Unfortunately, your phone can become stuck in headphone mode even after you remove the headphones. Even if the headphones are not plugged in, the phone assumes they are.

When this occurs, removing the headphones causes the media to stop playing. And it won’t play again unless you re-insert the headphones. A headphones icon appears at the top of the screen, indicating that the phone is still in headphone mode even when the headphones are removed.

Getting your phone out of headphone mode may require a combination of hardware and software solutions. That’s because the problem may be due to a mix of hardware and software issues, such as:

  • Dust, dirt, and lint getting stuck inside the headphone jack
  • Issues with your phone’s settings
  • Problems with the phone’s operating system


If your Android phone is stuck in headphone mode, there are a few options. It’s always a good idea to start with the easy fixes before moving on to the more complicated ones.

1. Remove your headphones from the phone once more.

2. Remove the headphones from the jack.

3. Restart your Android device.

4. Perform a soft reset on your phone.

5. Override audio controls with an app.

6. Perform a hard or factory reset.

1. Remove your headphones from the phone again

A simple solution is to reconnect the headphones to the phone and then unplug them again. The goal is to make your Android phone stop recognizing your headphones.

  1. Plug the headphone jack into the audio jack.
  2. Rotate the plug inside the jack gently but firmly.
  3. Take out the plug.

If the phone keeps playing music, you’ve solved the problem. Otherwise, you might want to look into alternative options.

2. Clean the headphone jack

It’s possible that your phone can’t get out of headphone mode because it has a lot of debris inside the audio jack. Inside, dust, dirt, and even lint can accumulate. Lint can accumulate inside the jack if you keep your phone in your pocket on a regular basis.

When you plug in the headphones, the lint is pushed further to the bottom of the jack. If the lint is conductive, it may be interfering with the electronic circuits inside the jack, causing the phone to recognize it as a plugged-in pair of headphones.

So, if you’re wondering, “How do I turn off headset mode?”

” You might want to use a flashlight to look inside the jack. If there is debris inside, follow the cleaning instructions.

  1. Remove the majority of the cotton wool from one end of a Q-tip. It needs to be small enough to fit inside the audio jack. A toothpick or a paper clip can also be used.
  2. Insert the Q-tip until it reaches the bottom of the jack.
  3. Once at the bottom, rotate it gently while keeping it pressed down.
  4. Take out the Q-tip. This should clear any debris from the jack’s bottom.
  5. Steps 1–4 should be repeated until all debris has been removed.
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If it doesn’t work, try attaching a piece of double-sided tape to the end of the Q-tip. Any debris left behind should easily stick to the tape once you pull the Q-tip out. This should get the phone out of headphone mode. To test it, play some media to make sure.


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3. Restart your Android phone

Sometimes all that is required is a simple restart. Restarting your Android phone closes all background apps that may be causing issues.

  1. Hold down the Power button. It’s usually on the right side of the phone.
  2. If your phone has a Restart button, press it. Otherwise, press the Power Off button.
  3. If the phone does not have a Restart option, press the Power button once more to restart it.

Wait for your phone to restart and check to see if the headphone mode icon has vanished. You can also try playing some music to ensure that the problem has been resolved.

Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android
Turn Off Headphone Mode On Android

4. Do a soft reset of your phone

If restarting your phone did not solve the problem, you may need to perform a soft reset. A soft reset is a minor reboot that closes all apps and erases data in the random access memory (RAM) but does not erase your personal information.

It’s quick and easy, and it’s usually the first step in resolving a wide range of software issues with Android phones.

  1. Switch off your phone.
  2. Wait 30 seconds before proceeding. Then, re-turn it on.

This should have resolved the issue. You can also do the following if you have an older phone with a removable battery:

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Remove the battery and wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Put the battery back on.
  4. Turn on the phone again.

5. Use an app to override audio controls

Android users can root their phones to gain access to administrative controls. Certain apps grant you root access, allowing you to run commands that aren’t available on the standard operating system.

Disable Headphone/Enable Speaker is one such app. Whether headphones are connected or not, this simple app allows you to manually switch between headphones and speakers.

You might also want to look into Android Repair Tool, an app that diagnoses and fixes the most common Android problems. It’s a simple one-click fix, making it an excellent choice for people with no technical knowledge.

  1. Run the diagnostics.
  2. Check for the problem.
  3. Let the app fix the problem.

Of course, if your phone is stuck in headphone mode due to a hardware issue, using a tool like Android Repair will not help. If the first two options don’t work, you may need to plug and unplug the headphones, check for debris inside the audio jack, or contact a repair center.

6. Do a hard reset or a factory reset

If everything else fails, it may be time to perform a hard reset. In contrast to a soft reset, a hard reset deletes all of your apps, files, and settings. It returns your phone to the condition it was in when it was shipped from the factory. The steps for performing a hard reset are as follows.

  1. Check that your phone has enough battery power for the process.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Navigate to General Management in the Settings menu.
  4. Navigate to Reset Options.
  5. Check the list of apps and accounts you’re signed into; these will be deleted. Depending on your provider, some of them may need to be reinstalled. When you’re certain, click Reset.
  6. The system will prompt you to confirm this once more. Click Delete All to confirm.
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It may take a few minutes for the phone to complete this process. Once it’s done, the phone will boot back up and will be good as new.

7. Seek professional help

If none of the fixes for how to remove the headphone icon on Android worked for you, you should seek professional assistance. In some cases, resolving your phone’s headphone issues may necessitate more than simply cleaning the headphone jack.

In some cases, you may not have cleaned the port thoroughly, resulting in an incorrect result. If the headphone icon is still visible on your phone screen, your only option is to visit the official repair center for your brand.

If you’re still under warranty, the official repair center may fix your malfunctioning headphone jack for free. If your phone’s warranty has expired, repairing the headphone jack is one of the least expensive problems you can fix. So, feel free to drop by the repair shop.

If you have a TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone and want to know how to remove the headphone symbol in Infinix, TECNO, or itel, simply go to any Carlcare service center near you.

Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel, offering high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective repair services. You can book an online appointment with us today, or come to one of our locations near you, to have the headphone icon removed from your phone.

8. Try a remedy

If cleaning the headphone port didn’t remove the persistent headphone icon from your phone, if you’re still unable to hear anything from your phone’s speaker, you might want to try this solution.

While you wait for the repair center, you can use the Play Store to install an app called “Disable Headphone – Fix Earphone/Enable Loudspeaker” to temporarily solve the problem.

The app would reroute all sounds on your phone to the loudspeaker, allowing you to do things like listen to music without using a headphone. However, the app has its flaws as well; however, it will help you achieve your goals in the meantime while you wait for your phone to be repaired.

Turn Off Headphone Mode
Turn Off Headphone Mode

9. Clean the headphone port

When you plug a headphone into your device, the headphone port/jack usually has a small switch that detects and switches to headphones mode. When the port is dirty or contains water, the switch may be triggered to detect incorrect inputs.

As a result, even after you remove the headphone, it will continue to route your audio to it. If that’s what caused the issue, then resolving it may be simpler as well.

All you need to do is clean the headphone jack, and the problem should go away. Here’s how to clean the jack port in Infinix and other Android devices to remove the headphone symbol.

  1. First, inspect the headphone port with a flashlight. Prepare to clean it if it contains foreign particles.
  2. You can do this by blowing a few times into the port with a can of compressed air.
  3. Alternatively, you could use a thin cotton bud to remove all of the dirt, lint, and liquid particles at once.
  4. Once it’s clean, we recommend turning off the phone for five minutes and then restarting it to see if it resolves the problem.

Meanwhile, remember to clean your phone’s headphone jack gently and with caution. Cleaning the jack with force may cause more harm than good and void your warranty.

10. Reinsert and remove the headphone again

How do I get rid of the headphone icon on Android if restarting my phone didn’t work? The following simple solution is to reinsert, remove, reinsert, and then gently remove the headphone. That may appear to be a silly practical step, but it works wonders in many cases.

Several times plugging in and pulling out the headphone may resend the appropriate signal to your phone’s system, resolving the issue. If the first solution didn’t work, here’s how to easily remove the headphone symbol in TECNO and other Android phones.

  • Insert the headphone into the jack.
  • Try rolling the headphone plug inside the jack.
  • Then, slowly unplug the headphone.
  • Repeat the steps several times to see if it fixes the issue.
  • We also recommend you restart your phone after three attempts to refresh the hardware once again.
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If that didn’t do any magic as well, it’s time to try something more technical.


If a soft reset does not work, there is a problem with your device. To run commands that aren’t available in the standard operating system, you’ll need to use a third-party app that grants you root access. However, in order to gain full administrative control, you will need to root your phone.

Don’t attempt to root your phone on your own. Take it to a professional who is familiar with Android system files. Rooting can be dangerous, and I wouldn’t recommend it if your phone is still under warranty.

The Android Repair Tool is one app that I highly recommend for this quest. It is simple to use and an excellent choice for those with no technical background. Although it was designed to help with app crashes and black screens, it can also help with your Bluetooth issue.

To use the app, you must first download and install it on your computer. Connect and debug your phone. When you get to the settings, make sure Debugging is enabled in the Developer options.


If you’ve done everything we’ve suggested above and your phone is still in headphone mode, you may need to seek professional assistance. Make an appointment with your service provider to visit a repair center. You may not have to pay anything if your phone is still under warranty.

Alternatively, you can contact a reputable independent repair center. If the problem is the result of a flaw in the phone’s design, your service provider must compensate you.


Headphone mode is a great feature that allows your phone to detect your headphones when you plug them in, but it can be inconvenient when your phone believes your headphones are always on.

We hope we were able to assist you in getting your phone out of headphone mode. You should now be able to easily switch between listening privately and sharing your media with anyone who wants to listen with you. Take important calls without having to reach for your headset!

Troubleshoot Headphone Mode Not Turning Off
Troubleshoot Headphone Mode Not Turning Off

FAQs About Turning Off Headphone Mode

Can you turn off headphone controls on android?

Unfortunately, Android does not provide direct access to headphone settings. However, there are a few apps that do. The audio balance is the only feature that you can control with your phone.

How do you exit headphone mode?

There are several methods for turning off your phone’s headphones mode. Try plugging and unplugging your headphones. Restart your device and perform a soft reset. Third-party apps can be used to override audio controls. If you really want to go all out, factory reset your device.

Can you bypass headphone mode?

Simply unplugging or disconnecting your headphones will usually get your iPhone out of headphone mode. However, your iPhone can become stuck in headphone mode on occasion, causing your device to believe headphones are plugged in even when they aren’t and muting the speakers.

How do I get my headphones to work on my phone?

Examine the headphone jack at the bottom of your Android device. To remove dirt and gunk, carefully insert a paperclip point or a needle into the hole. Then, plug in your headphones and test them to see if they work.

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