Raycon Earbuds vs Airpods Review (Which is Better?)

We all have music in some way or another in our life. Everyone has favorite songs and podcasts. Some people even prefer to listen to their books rather than read them.

Aside from making our lives easier, listening to music we enjoy helps us cope with the modern world and get things done.

As a result, it is prudent to seek out the best musical equipment with the most amazing sound quality.

Raycon vs. Airpods
Raycon vs. Airpods

Wireless earbuds are quite amazing. They’re similar to headphones, but smaller and wireless. So, whether you’re cooking, doing yoga, or jogging, you can listen to your favorite song without being distracted by the cables.


There are other earbud brands on the market, but two stand out: Apple Airpods and Raycon. Raycon earbuds and Apple Airpods are both smaller, sound better, and are more convenient to use than bulky headphones. However, they each have unique characteristics that you should examine before making a purchase decision.

Key Differences Between Raycon and Airpods

The casings are the first thing you’ll notice about these smartphones. Raycon comes with a horizontal casing, whereas AirPods come with vertical ones. The lid of the Raycon is held closed by a magnet, whereas the top of the Apple is smooth and easy to open. And if you want to experiment with different hues, Raycon has over four alternatives, but Apple always goes with white options.

Other significant distinctions between the two are as follows:

  1. Both Raycon and Airpods fit precisely in the ear canal, while some users believe Airpods fit better.
  2. Raycon earbuds include noise isolation, whilst AirPods Pro and stable feature active noise cancellation (ANC).
  3. Wireless charging is not available on either brand.
  4. Raycon e55 has a 36-hour battery life, but Apple Airpods have a 24-hour battery life with the charging case.
  5. Raycon earbuds have a playtime of up to 6 hours, but Apple only has a playtime of 5 hours.
  6. Although both Raycon earbuds and Airpods have excellent sound quality, Raycon has deeper bass.
  7. Raycon earbuds come with five silicone gel tips, whilst AirPods come with three silicone ear tips.
  8. Both types may be easily connected to devices, although Airpods operate best with iOS or iphone devices.
  9. Touch features are available on both Raycon and Apple Airpods, although the ones on Apple Airpods are more convenient and true wireless earbuds options.
  10. Raycon earbuds are water-resistant, but AirPods are not. Their Pro models, on the other hand, are sweat and water resistant.
Raycon vs. Airpods
Raycon vs. Airpods

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Raycon vs Airpods: Detailed Comparison

Raycon Earbuds VS. Airpods Video

When Apple initially debuted wireless earphones, the entire world went crazy. With their Bluetooth models, all you had to do was place the Airpods in your ear and enjoy wireless listening. Raycon then joined the market. Raycon earphones, like the Apple Airpods, rose to prominence due to their distinct and outstanding characteristics.

Let’s take a closer look at the two, taking special attention to the Raycon e25, Raycon e55, Airpods, and Airpods Pro.


  • Raycon e25 versus AirPods

Despite the fact that both products have unique and sleek body designs and compact enclosures, Apple Airpods have a higher rating. Raycon e25 charging covers have a matte finish, but Apple Airpods come with white cases and white earbuds.

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When it comes to their lids, e25’s casing uses a magnet to close. As a result, when it opens, it makes a strong click sound. The Apple AirPods case, on the other hand, is simple to open. Furthermore, it is smoother and remains open longer than the Raycon e25.

The Raycon e25 and Apple Airpods both come with a wireless charging case. Apple, on the other hand, lets you pick between a wired and a wireless charging case. Remember that the wireless and wired choices have the same specifications with the exception of the pricing and the Qi charging mat: wired cases aren’t Qi-compatible and true wireless earbuds options.

  • Raycon e55 vs. Apple AirPods Pro

The Apple AirPods Pro appear to have selected a basic package and design approach, whilst the Raycon e55 takes a completely different approach. For example, like the AirPods, Pro models are available in a single color – white. The Raycon e55, on the other hand, comes in five different hues.

As a result, the e55 headsets provide more practical solutions. You can choose from flare red, frost white, carbon black, or even rose gold and electric blue. In terms of appearance, the e55 is curved and rounded, with shorter stems. The AirPods Pro, on the other hand, are elegant and thin.

The Raycon e55 has a USB C-type charging port, but the Airpods Pro has a lighting port. Both types are equally nice and extremely comfortable to use, therefore the decision to buy is based on whatever option you want.

Airpods Pro is expertly designed by qualified engineers and specialists to meet your comfort requirements. Pro earphones, unlike the Raycon e55, have ear sensors that allow them to halt when removed from your ear.


  • Raycon e25 vs. Apple AirPods

If you’re shopping for earbuds primarily for listening to music, one of the most important elements to consider is sound quality. Fortunately, we can confidently state that both Raycon’s e25 and Airpods perform admirably in this regard.

However, the audio quality of the e25 isn’t as good as that of the Apple Airpods. Raycon is frequently regarded as one of the greatest bass wireless Headphones in the business, with exceptional sound quality and strong bass. They, like AirPods, not only focus on bass but also maintain a mix of high-quality sound that appears pleasant and calming.

  • Raycon e55 vs. Apple AirPods Pro

After comparing the two devices, we decided that the AirPods Pro had a somewhat sharper sound than the e55. Raycon appears extremely boomy, despite the fact that this isn’t a huge change. The lower notes sound great on the e55 options, while the Airpods Pro focus on giving as much balance as possible.


  • Raycon e25 vs. Apple AirPods

Despite their amazing specs, the e25 and Airpods do not support active noise cancelling. Despite the fact that they are in your ears the entire time, you tend to hear some background noise, which can be advantageous at times but not always.

Fortunately, they both have noise cancellation and isolation. However, most people believe the AirPods provide better noise cancellation, while the e25 isn’t far behind.

  • Raycon e55 vs. Apple AirPods Pro

The Raycon e55, like its cheaper counterpart, lacks active noise cancelling. They do, however, include active noise cancellation, as do the Apple Airpods Pro. As a result, your earphones will generate sound waves that travel in the opposite direction as the ambient secure sound.

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This blocks out outside noises, allowing you to concentrate on the music you’re listening to with more clarity and ease. But wait, there’s more!

AirPods Pro also has a transparency option that allows users to disable ANC and listen to sounds around them. In addition, a force sensor on the Pro’s stem controls music playback options.


  • Raycon e25 vs. Apple AirPods

The battery life of the product is an important issue to consider. In general, the Raycon e25 has a longer battery life than the AirPods. It has a continuous playback time of roughly six hours and a wireless charging case that can last up to 24 hours.

Although it isn’t the greatest we’ve ever tested, six hours is more than enough to get you through a typical workday and even a modest workout. The charging case is powered by three lithium-ion batteries included with the set. Airpods, on the other hand, have a playtime of roughly five hours and a case life of about 24 hours.

  • Raycon e55 vs. Apple AirPods Pro

Raycon’s e55 is comparable to and even outperforms its cheaper variant in terms of charge life reliability. Its charging case has a battery life of around 40 hours. You may also charge it by connecting the cord or using the Qi mat. The AirPods Pro may be charged for up to 24 hours with the case and have a listening time of about 5 hours and 30 minutes.


  • Raycon e25 vs. Apple AirPods

The Raycon e25 features Bluetooth 5.0 and maintains a consistent connection with little to no self-resolving issues. In terms of codecs, the e25, like most true wireless headphones, only supports SBC and AAC.

That means they can be readily linked to Android, iPhone, Windows, and even the television set. We can’t forget about its two-step connectivity, which simplifies the entire process. So, if you’re searching for dependable Bluetooth headsets under $200, give the Raycon e25 a shot.

Airpods, unlike the e25 headsets, provide a one-step approach for connecting to all Apple devices. Simply speaking to Siri will cause the virtual assistant to announce messages and answer to your requests.

  • Raycon e55 vs. Apple AirPods Pro

The Raycon e55 also has Bluetooth 5.0 with a connectivity range of roughly 33 feet. When you take the e55 and AirPods Pro from their casings, they both connect instantly. The Raycon e55 says “Raycon,” but the Apple Airpods Pro makes a monotonous sound to signify pairing. Remember that these devices are expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might look at some of the finest Bluetooth headphones under $50.


  • Raycon E55 vs. AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro cost $250 while the Raycon E55 costs $99. You may also acquire the best affordable true wireless earphones or the best listening experience and budget earbuds in the market!


  • Raycon E55 vs. Airpods Pro

They both offer wireless charging, which is one of the coolest features of the two.

When you take them out of the casing, they instantly link. They both feature touch functions, but that’s the extent of their similarities. You know, you get what you pay for. The AirPods Pro have sensors, excellent iPhone iOS integration, active noise reduction, and ambient mode and have good listening experience. The Raycon E55 has passive noise cancellation but not active noise cancellation.

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You may also alter the name of the AirPods. Personally, I find it difficult to downgrade some of these functions after becoming accustomed to them, such as the ambient mode on the AirPods Pro. It’s similar to your own ear. It’s just very effective listening experience. You can hear everything around you, and they can just hear your music, which is a fantastic combination.

Final Thoughts on Raycon Earbuds vs. Airpods

It is undeniably a difficult choice, but if cost is a key consideration, Raycon is the way to go. They make earphones that are comfy, sound great, and are much more affordable.

If you already have a large number of Apple gadgets, it may make more sense to purchase their earbuds as well for your everyday earbuds. The appearance is vintage Apple elegant, and the functionality easily outperforms the Raycon earphones.

You can choose with either brand for the best listening experience. Raycon has long been regarded as one of the greatest in the audio playback industry. Their acoustics are so good that even their pair of earbuds outperform many other brands’ headphone quality and have a great sound. With Apple, on the other hand, you’re getting a tried-and-true product. And, of course, if you purchase the AirPods Pro buds for your device, you will also have active noise cancellation that can be useful for calls or phone calls and podcasts. That is something that not many earphones, including Raycon’s, have yet.

There are also a lot of brands aside from apple and Raycon you might want to consider including the powerbeats pro, jabra elite, sony that can be compatible with heavy bass and has a different colors!

We hope we are able to help you in answering the best listening experience from Raycon and Airpods! Leave us a feedback if you want to!

FAQ on Airpods and Raycon Earbuds

Are AirPods superior to Raycons?

Raycon earphones and AirPods both fit well in the ears, while some people believe AirPods fit better. Raycon earbuds having a battery life of up to 6 hours. With the charging case, AirPods have a battery life of up to 24 hours. AirPods function best with iOS smartphones and iphone, but both types may be simply connected to them.

Are AirPods less expensive than Raycons?

However, if you’re searching for sweat-resistant earbuds for exercising, the Raycon Earbuds are the superior option. They’re also a better option for folks who don’t have a lot of Apple products because they’re less expensive and have a similar sound quality to Airpods.

Is Raycon noise cancellation effective?

Raycon Everyday Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation, Awareness Mode, and Built-in Microphone, IPX 4 Water Resistance, and 22 Hours of Battery Life (Black)

Is Raycon compatible with Siri?

Raycon products are Bluetooth enabled and work with Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and other smart assistants. Our devices are also water-resistant and use IPX-4 technology*. They also include bass-heavy sound at your discretion, extended Bluetooth ranges, and a long battery life!

How long can the Raycon work earbuds be used?

The charging capsule and earphones have a combined battery life of 32 hours. With its safe, comfortable, and all-around outer worldly fit, you can listen to your earphones all day and night!

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