The is the Best Airpods for Kids [Are these Safe?)

The Best Airpods for Kids? Phones have become an important part of our daily lives in recent times. Consider this: When was the last time you met someone without a smartphone?

While this may be acceptable for adults who use their phones regularly at their own discretion and risk, one of the issues is that children also have them.

Almost every child appears to have an iPhone from a young age. And newer models include a variety of peripherals, like the wireless Apple AirPods headphones.

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Airpods for Kids

So, the question here is whether or not these are safe?


Is it better to use wired headphones?

Here is our Quick Answer, ARE APPLE AIRPODS SAFE FOR KIDS?

Apple AirPods are not entirely safe for children to use. They, like all other wireless gadgets, use electromagnetic waves to transfer data (in this case, sound). This means that there is no guarantee that it is safe for your child to use; in fact, the opposite is true.

Electromagnetic radiation may be harmful to your child's health. This is especially true because children's brains are still developing, making them more vulnerable to external effects and radiation.

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What Exactly Are AirPods and How Do They Work?

Airpods for Kids
Airpods for Kids

Before we can answer the question of whether Apple AirPods are safe for your child, we must first understand how they function and what they are. The AirPods (and all related non-Apple products for iOS and Android phones) are compact headphones that, unlike their predecessors, are wireless. Bluetooth, to be precise.

Bluetooth is a sort of wireless radio signal that transmits data between a transmitter and a receiver. Your phone or tablet would be the sender in this situation, and the AirPods would be the receivers.

Of course, in addition to recreating recorded sounds such as music, radio, and television, these can also be used during phone calls and Skype talks. Essentially, they function in a manner similar to those (now downright antiquated) walkie-talkie devices of the past.

There are, nevertheless, some slight distinctions. Bluetooth, for example, is not a high-powered transmission. It only operates over short distances (such as between your pocket and your ears) and has a weak signal. The purpose of Bluetooth-powered headsets is to allow for extended use without considerable battery drain.

But how does this fit into the larger picture of EMF signal spectrum?

Bluetooth operates on the 2.4GHz band; it is a global channel or wavelength on which all Bluetooth-enabled devices operate. However, while this is substantially lower than the 5G technology that has been making headlines recently, it does not imply that this is a safe signal, especially for youngsters.

Keep in mind that Bluetooth isn't the only technology that operates at 2.4GHz. Most wireless routers work on the same idea. There have been numerous studies that indicate how harmful they can be.

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Do Apple AirPods Sometimes Cause Headaches?

Among all of the symptoms of negative Apple AirPod effects listed above, we have found that headaches occur the most frequently. This has become especially clear since the release of the AirPod Pro.

Many users, for example, have reported that after listening to music on the new AirPods for less than an hour, they began to experience severe headaches for no apparent reason. Aside from that, they've stated that pressure spikes have begun to appear.

Also, keep in mind that these are adult users, which means they don't have the natural sensitivity of children, and there is no other obvious EMF hypersensitivity to which this could be attributed. If such effects appear in regular average adults, the trauma they cause to children's brains must be even worse.

AirPods for Kids: Are They Safe?
AirPods for Kids: Are They Safe?

Are Airpods Safe for Kids?

The AirPods are suitable for children, but there is a catch. As parents, you must ensure that the combination of volume, duration of use, and comfort and fit given by the AirPods is appropriate for your children.

Prolonged exposure to loud music can harm your children's hearing. There is no study on the optimal age for children to wear headphones or earbuds. In addition, there is no age limit for AirPods. As a result, you are the best judge in this case.

How to Make Airpods Safer for kids?

1. Check that the volume is not too loud.

High-volume earbuds, like the irritating noises of chainsaws and motorcycles, can cause hearing impairment. Chainsaws and motorcycles produce approximately 100 decibels of sound (enough to damage an adults hearing ability after half an hour).

Similarly, earphones set to 80 percent volume can harm your child's hearing. Turning up the volume and wearing the AirPods on a regular basis can cause hearing loss.

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) happens when loud sound damages extremely sensitive structures in the ears. However, if your children use AirPods correctly, the issue is completely avoidable. The 60:60 rule is recommended by doctors.

2. Adhere to the 60:60 Rule

The 60:60 rule is the simplest and most efficient approach to guarantee your children are using AirPods correctly.

To begin, according to this rule, children should listen to music, watch movies, or play video games at no more than 60% of their maximum loudness. Second, children should limit their use of the AirPods to 60 minutes each day.

3. Examine for Sound Leakage

Checking for sound leaking from the AirPods is another simple and fascinating way to ensure the level is not too loud. Reduce the level till you can't hear it anymore.

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4. Configure Volume Restrictions

Apple devices have the advantage of allowing you to set volume restrictions via the “Restrictions” feature. To establish volume restrictions, simply access “Settings” on your Apple device and enter your password to set the restriction. Using the Music settings, you can also limit the volume without a password.

If you use the AirPods with an Android device, you can use volume-limiting apps designed for Android. Simply search for “volume-limit apps for kids” in the “Google Play Store.” There are a plethora of such apps available on the Play Store.

You may limit the volume of PC games, music, or videos your children watch if they use AirPods with Google Chrome. All you have to do is set up a “Supervisor User.” Here's how you can go about it.

Are Airpods Harmful For Kids?
Are Airpods Harmful For Kids?

5. Assess the Fit

AirPods that do not fit properly within the ears come out and cause ear ache in children. Apple has included different sets of ear tips for the AirPods to provide maximum comfort. As a result, make sure you're utilizing the proper ear tips for your children.

Ill-fitting earbuds can cause discomfort because they are worn inside the ear canal. Furthermore, if your child has ear sensitivity, the level of discomfort can be significantly increased.

6. Inform Your Children About Choking Hazards

A seven-year-old boy swallowed one of his AirPods last year. He was taken to the hospital, where x-rays revealed that the AirPod was lodged beneath his ribcage. Isn't it terrifying?

While everything worked well in the end and the youngster was released following treatment, you should educate your children about choking hazards. Young children might put the AirPods in their mouths as though they were toys.

How Much Radiation Is There Compared to Cell Phones?

Even a cursory assessment of the radiation levels of Apple AirPods leads to a straightforward conclusion: these are not safe for children to use, especially when compared to typical phone radiation levels.

These are undoubtedly frightening discoveries, and they should make you reconsider exposing your child to AirPods or other wireless earphones. Of course, you might wonder if this radiation is genuinely dangerous. There is more than enough information to suggest that not all types of radiation are harmful to people's health.

However, we feel compelled to remind out that this is not the case, particularly when it comes to children. If youngsters are left unsupervised and spend an unusual amount of time with their AirPods on, harmful outcomes are unavoidable.

First and foremost, it is critical to emphasize that this is especially true for children who may be sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Individuals with exceptionally sensitive and attentive bodies in the presence of electric and magnetic frequencies. This implies they don't acclimate well to life in the presence of a lot of gadgets, including radio and microwave frequencies. Bluetooth AirPods are one example of such technology.

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And, as previously stated, the AirPods generate higher levels of radiation than standard products that work as wireless technological devices. With that in mind, there's a potential you'll see your AirPods causing harmful side effects even if there aren't many other gadgets nearby.

There are many of these symptoms, including headaches, a lot of ear ringing, chronic and persistent weariness, periodic nausea, and so on.

AirPods on Kids
AirPods on Kids


Apple Airpods are safe with kids as long as you give them time whenever they are using it. Kids Headphones are pretty cool and made only for kids so you don't have to worry about it.

Just a tip; your small children should be monitored while usig apple airpods, make sure to check the volume level because loud sound or loud noise may damage the ear canal of your small kids or older kids.

Just make sure that they enjoy the sound quality of the apple airpods max, or any wireless headphones or earbud. You can also try purchasing the corded or wired headphones for them since they are not that picky when it comes to headphones.

Hope we can help you find an answer if airpods are safe with kids! Leave us a feedback if you want!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

When should a child get AirPods?

Finally, Apple claims that there is no age guideline for AirPods and that it is up to parents to draw the line. According to Erin Culling, her 13-year-old son is attracted to screens regardless of the type of headphones he is using. “It takes me entering his peripheral vision for him to see me,” she explained.

Are AirPods a good investment for kids?

AirPods—or any little wireless earbuds—are a major choking hazard for young children, as illustrated by the above news report. “They're simply far too loud, frequently exceeding 100dB(a)—well above the 85dB(a) limit that experts recommend for children and young adults.” But if you take a time in monitoring your children, then airpods are good investment for kids.

How do AirPods suit children?

Insert the AirPods into your ears, then move about, workout, or go for a jog. Because of the raised surface of the tape, the AirPods should stay in your ears. The nice part is tem, your AirPods will still fit in the charging even with the tape on themcase.


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