How to Remove Broken Headphone Jack (Answered!)

Is your device's headphone jack stuck? How to Remove Broken Headphone Jack? Don't be perplexed; keep reading our post, and Hooke Audio will show you the best scientific tips.

How to Remove Broken Headphone Jack
How to Remove Broken Headphone Jack

It's a frustrating issue. It disables your ability to make calls, listen to music, watch videos, or receive important notifications. It severely limits your phone's capabilities. The audio port can be repaired at a service center. This will take both time and money. You must repair and remove the broken headphone jack using tools that you already own.

Are the headphones broken?

How Do I Disconnect A Broken Headphone Jack?

  • The first step in resolving your headphone jack problem is to identify the underlying cause.
  • The headphone port on your phone is not only durable but also prone to a variety of issues. The tiny hole in your phone's headphone jack attracts moisture and dust. You also put your headphones at risk by constantly plugging them in and out.
  • There are several things you can do to fix your headphones if they aren't working properly or aren't producing the desired sound quality.

How to Remove a Broken Headphone Jack

The best way to get a broken headphone jack out of a socket is to prevent it from becoming stuck in the first place.


It makes no difference if your laptop's headphone jack has broken or if the earphone jack on your iPhone or Android phone has become stuck.

Most headphones have a standard 3.5 mm jack that plugs into a standard 3.5 mm audio port found in most laptops, smartphones, and portable speakers.

Attach them with a toothpick, a paperclip, or Superglue.


  • Straighten the clip with a paperclip so that it has enough material to stick into the socket.
  • Apply a small amount of glue to the flat end of the paperclip or the paperclip itself.
  • Allow 30 seconds for it to dry.
  • Insert the toothpick/paperclip until it touches the earphone jack. Allow it to cool for a few minutes.
  • Remove the broken jack with a toothpick or a paperclip.


Extreme caution should be exercised when using super glue. Apply hot glue with a sharp toothpick.

Remove hot glue from areas other than the headphone jack with a Q-tip.

If it fails to work:

  • If super glue is not available or you are unable to use it, use heat instead.
  • Warm the tip of your paperclip with a lighter until it softens.
  • Almost always, a ring of plastic surrounds the broken connector part. Take a paperclip and unwind it, bending the main length out by 90 degrees, to grasp this.
  • Then, using something heatproof, heat the end of the bent piece of paperclip. Insert the heated paper clip carefully into the socket, straight down the middle, while holding your phone in the other hand.
  • Push firmly and allow the plastic to cool for a few minutes. If everything went well, remove a broken piece of the earphone connector.
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Alternative Video: How to remove broken stuck headphones jack plug tip from your device audio port.


Make use of a Ball Pen Tube.

A ball pen's ink tube is nearly the same size as a headphone socket.

You can get the ink tube with any regular ball pen, such as a Bic pen. You may need to try a few different ball pens before you find one with the correct ink tube size.


  • Pull out the end of the tube while holding the pen near its nib.
  • Insert the tube's end into the socket.
  • Quickly grab the tube. You should now be able to transport the broken jack.

NOTE: If you don't have a ball pen, you can use the straw from an aerosol can or a juice packet.

If it fails to work:

You are not required to insert a ball pen tube every time. Here are some other options.

  • You can also open the tube with a nail or expand it with the tip of a knife. A lighter can be used to heat the tube. It should be hot enough to soften the plastic but not so hot that it deforms.
  • Tap the tube lightly with a screwdriver or a pair of scissors to push it down.
  • To glue the interior of the tube, use a small amount of superglue. Use a toothpick as a guide to prevent glue from getting on the outside.
  • You can roll a small amount of chewing gum into a tube and then insert it. The glue or chewing gum should give the tube more grip, allowing the earphone jack to be held more securely.
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How to Remove Broken Headphone Jack

Make use of a grip stick.

  • GripStick is a professional tool that removes headphone jacks. This is not the most cost-effective solution and should be used only if all other options have failed or if you do not want to visit a repair shop.
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If you plan to repair broken-piece devices for a living, a GripStick is an excellent investment.


  • In the socket, insert the GripStick cylinder.
  • Squeeze the cylinder's lower end with your thumb and forefinger. The headphone jack should be tightly gripped around the cylinder.
  • Take hold of the GripStick and the broken Jack.

If it fails to work,

  • If the GripStick does not function properly, you may be required to perform additional tasks.
  • A pair of pliers can be used to lightly tap the GripStick into the socket.
  • While removing the GripStick, use the same pliers to squeeze it.

Using a Thumbtack, remove the broken headphone jack.

  • A bent thumbtack or drawing pin can be used instead. Grab a regular tack to make a L shape.
  • Hold the thumbtack in one hand and your tablet or phone in the other. Insert it into the earphone jack. Place the thumbtack so that it touches the plastic end of the connector. Twist.
  • The bent point should recess the plug slightly. Pull the damaged headphone jack apart once you're sure you have enough purchase.

Preventing Headphone Jack Breakage

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How to Remove Broken Headphone Jack

In my experience, cheaper earphones will most likely have low-quality plugs. There is a double danger. The headphone plug may be broken, but the socket may be damaged. If the connector is poorly constructed, it can cause frustration and disappointment.

Your iPhone's headphone jack is functional, but it has a headphone hair issue. Look over this dedicated troubleshooting guide.

Hooke Audio can tell you if your phone has suffered any other damage.

1. Don't buy low-quality headphones.

  • You should invest in the best headphones available.
  • Cheap headphones have more brittle components that are more likely to fail quickly.
  • You want something that will last for a long time, so choose headphones that are both affordable and durable.

2. Remove the plug from the socket.

  • Do not unnaturally pull the headphone plug. By pulling the plug at an angle, you risk damaging it.

3. Pull on the plug rather than the cable.

  • With your thumb and forefinger, securely pull out the plug.
  • You should never, ever yank on anything.
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4. Unplug your headphones when not in use.

  • Accidents can occur if you leave your headphones plugged into your phone or laptop for an extended period of time. By leaving the cable lying around, you risk accidentally pulling the plug out of the socket.

5. It's time to go wireless.

  • If you can't get the broken earphone connector out of your device, don't freak out. You may still be able to hear your device's volume. You can listen to some audio, and if your device's speaker is still working, you might want to look into another option.
  • Is the audio broken? Because the plug is broken, your device is not receiving audio. Your phone or tablet is transmitting sound to your headphones. Because making phone calls will be difficult, you will be in a quiet environment until the object is removed.
  • Although it may be inconvenient and force you to reconsider your audio options, switching to Bluetooth is the best way to avoid future earphone connector failures.
  • You can use any of the solutions listed above, but Bluetooth earphones are the best.
How to Remove a Broken Headphone Plug From a Phone or Tablet
How to Remove Broken Headphone Jack


Perhaps you are aware of how to remove a broken headphone plug from an audio jack. Hooke Audio hopes you correctly remove your headphone cable. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

FAQs About How to Remove Broken Headphone Jack

How do you get a broken headphone jack out without using glue?

How to Remove a Broken Headphone Plug Illustration
If it fails to work:
Warm the paperclip tip with a lighter just enough to soften it.
Insert the paperclip into the socket and push it all the way down to the headphone jack.
Allow it to cool for a few minutes before firmly pulling it out.

How can I get a broken headset pin out of my phone?

Try a toothpick, either plastic or wooden. Simply ensure that it is narrow and long enough to fit into the socket and reach the broken earphone plug. Then, apply a small amount of hot glue to the end and allow it to cool slightly. Insert it carefully into the earphone socket until it touches the debris.

How much does a headphone jack repair cost?

Though some services may charge more depending on parts and labor, most common repairs cost between $30 and $70.

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