How To Pair JBL Headphones? (5 Easy Solutions Today!)

How to Pair JBL Headphones? JBL is an American firm that manufactures both headphones and loudspeakers. The company manufactures both on-ear and in-ear wireless headphones.

These headphones deliver an unmatched level of comfort and style. You may listen to music and make calls wirelessly.

Connecting these JBL gadgets to your laptop or phone over Bluetooth is very comparable to other Bluetooth pairings. You will learn all the solutions to your difficulties here.


How to Pair JBL Headphones?
How to Pair JBL Headphones?

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4 Steps To Pair JBL Headphones to a Bluetooth Device

Step 1: To turn on your JBL Live wireless headphones, press the “Power” button located on the back of the right ear cover. Nota bene: If this is your first time turning on the headphones, you will hear the following sound (hear the sound in the video).

This sound indicates that your wireless headphones are already connected. Additionally, you’ll see blinking blue power light on the back of the right ear cover. If your JBL Live wireless headphones are already in pairing mode, proceed to Step 3. Otherwise, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Select “Bluetooth” from the drop-down menu on the right ear cover. The following sound will be heard. This sound indicates that the pairing mode for your JBL Live wireless headphones is active. Additionally, the blue power light on the right ear cover’s back will begin to blink.

Step 3: Ascertain that the device to which you wish to connect your JBL Live wireless headphones has Bluetooth connectivity, and then view the list of accessible Bluetooth devices. On an iPhone or iPad, for example, you would navigate to “Settings” and then “Bluetooth,” and then drag the toggle to the right of Bluetooth to the right side of the screen to verify it is enabled.

On the most recent version of Android, you’ll need to navigate to the Settings app, hit “Connected Devices,” and then “Bluetooth” to reach the Bluetooth screen, where you’ll need to toggle Bluetooth on.

Step 4: In the list of available devices to connect to, you should find JBL Live wireless Bluetooth headphones. Select the JBL Live wireless Bluetooth headphones from the list. On your device’s screen, the device should immediately appear as linked.

Additionally, the power light on your headphones will go from blinking to solid, and the following sound will play through them (hear in the video). You can now use your JBL Live wireless headphones to listen to audio from your connected Bluetooth device.

Pair JBL Headphones to a Bluetooth Device
Pair JBL Headphones to a Bluetooth Device

How To Pair JBL Earbuds With An Android Phone?

Connecting your wireless JBL headphones to your smartphone is a straightforward process. Connect your JBL to your Android mobile using the instructions below;

  1. To activate your earphones, either click the power button on the case or take them out of their charging box.
  2. Switch to Bluetooth mode on your JBL earbuds. This is accomplished by pressing and holding the right earbud for 5 seconds.
  3. Navigate to the Bluetooth tag in your phone’s menu.
  4. You’ll see a list of devices that are currently inside the Bluetooth signal’s range. Locate the model name of your JBL headphones in this list: this is frequently the designation given by the manufacturer to its products.
  5. By clicking on the device’s name, the smartphone will attempt to connect to it. Following that, it will almost certainly prompt you for a password (pairing code).
  6. 0000 is the most frequently used factory password. However, the producer of the headphones may specify another option; in this case, see the owner’s manual.
  7. The devices will connect over Bluetooth after you enter the relevant pairing code. If your JBL model includes an indicator light, it will illuminate or begin to flash.
  8. If the activities are carried out correctly, the top of your smartphone’s display will also display ” Connected ” or the Bluetooth connection indicator.
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How To Pair JBL Earbuds With An iPhone?

To connect your JBL earbuds to your iPhone, follow the steps below:

  1. To activate your earphones, either push the power button on the case or remove them from their charging box, whichever is appropriate.
  2. Switch to Bluetooth mode on your JBL earbuds. This is accomplished by pressing and holding the right earbud for 5 seconds.
  3. Activate the iPhone.
  4. Open the settings of the mobile device.
  5. Locate and open the Bluetooth tab.
  6. Allow the slider next to ” Other devices ” to finish rotating; once the search is complete, click on the column name to connect to it.

How to Wirelessly Connect JBL Headphones/Speakers to a Television?

Would you like to connect your JBL Bluetooth Wireless Headphones and/or Speakers to your television in order to listen to television through them?

There is no problem! There are TWO methods. If your television has built-in Bluetooth functionality (please consult your television’s user handbook), follow these steps:

  1. Pair your JBL Headphones/Speakers. (For more information, please scroll to the bottom of this page or see your JBL user handbook.)
  2. Navigate to the Bluetooth menu on your television and look for and choose your JBL Headphone/Speaker to connect.
  3. You may adjust the volume with the remote control for your television.

How to Use a Cable to Connect Your JBL Headphones?

While the majority of new JBL headphones and earbuds include wireless connectivity, there is another option to connect to your iPad via a cable and the iPad’s 3.5mm headphone connector.

Connect via a Headphone Jack to an iPad.

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Almost all of the JBL range of headphones and earbuds that need a wire will connect to any device via a 3.5mm headphone connector. If your headphones or earbuds do not have wires, then follow the instructions above to connect to your iPad through wireless Bluetooth.

It’s simple to connect your JBL headphones or earbuds via a cable. Connect the headphones’ wire to the 3.5mm headphone socket on your iPad, and you’re all set!

Connect to an iPad that does not include a headphone jack

If you purchased an iPad after 2018, you’ll notice that it lacks a headphone jack. This is consistent with Apple’s planned phase-out of cable connections in favor of wireless connectivity.

Using a cord to connect your JBL headphones or earbuds is still doable; you’ll just need to purchase a USB-C (lightning) to a 3.5mm audio jack adapter. They’re readily accessible online and are a relatively simple piece of gear that connects and plays audio from headphones to an iPad via the power charging connector.

JBL Headphones Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble connecting your JBL speaker to your phone or device, consider the recommendations below. You do not have to perform them all at once; restarting your JBL or phone may resolve the issue immediately.

  1. Restart your smartphone and earbuds/headphones.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone and also turn off Bluetooth on your earbuds.
  3. Restore factory settings to your JBL headphones (see the section below for instructions).
  4. Charge devices to 100% and reconnect; Keep the phone and speaker as close to one another as possible during synchronization.
 Connect Your JBL Headphones
Connect Your JBL Headphones

History of JBL Headphones

JBL has spent the last 70 years improving the voice of the music or sounds you listen to through the use of headphones, speakers, and sound systems. JBL is the company to choose if you want economical, durable, and comfy items, and it has also made some fantastic budget headphones.

It’s designed for folks who enjoy enhanced volumes and sounds. This brand produces headphones, wireless speakers, home theater systems, and a variety of other audio goods and accessories.

JBL manufactures items that are naturally resistant to water. They have longer battery life and more robust bass. These headphones do integrate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. These headphones are capable of filtering out slow, irritating noises such as an air conditioner or the tick-tock of a clock.

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It also features an integrated microphone system, which is an excellent feature of the headphones. JBL makes big, wireless headphones that allow you to listen to your favorite music and sounds for hours on end.

They provide a wide selection of headphones, including on-ear, in-ear, and over-ear models. This brand is well-known for producing headphones that are designed specifically for sports, exercise, and use in the rain.

The headphones’ technology is adaptable in the workplace. This company is a favorite of individuals looking for vibrant, eye-catching headphones. They are incredibly portable and lightweight items. These items include an integrated noise-canceling function that works while you listen to your favorite music.

Conclusion on How to Pair JBL Headphones

People are increasingly opting for wireless headphones over traditional corded headphones. Bluetooth connectivity is available for connecting such headphones to a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

If this is the first time you’ve connected your JBL Bluetooth headphones to a phone or computer, you’ll need to complete the pairing procedure so that the phone and headphones exchange authentication codes and begin functioning in unison.

My JBL Headphones or Earbuds Are Unable to Connect to My iPad

This frequently occurs when your iPad is already paired with another device. Bluetooth allows for the pairing of only one device at a time. To determine whether another device is associated, follow the steps below:

  1. To access the ‘Settings’ menu, tap the ‘Settings’ icon.
  2. Navigate to System > Bluetooth.
  3. Examine the list of linked devices to determine if any additional devices are already paired.
  4. To unpair, a device, tap the I icon next to the device’s name.
  5. To disconnect, tap ‘Forget This Device.’

FAQs About Pairing JBL Headphones

How can I activate the pairing mode on my JBL wireless headphones?

Android. Navigate to Settings and enable Bluetooth. Click “Pair new device” in Bluetooth. When your JBL gadget appears in the list, press it to link it with your phone.

Why are my JBL headphones unable to connect over Bluetooth?

For 20 seconds, simultaneously press and hold the volume up and volume down keys on the right earcup. Allow the buttons to be released. A sound will indicate that your JBL headphones have been reset.

Why does one side of my Bluetooth headphones function but not the other?

Bluetooth headphones that function on only one side are a common user mistake. To repair Bluetooth earbuds, you must first restart the headset. If it does not resolve the issue, attempt to reset Bluetooth and pairing. If it does not work, check the audio settings on your mobile device or personal computer.

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