How To Fix AirPods Microphones If They Are Not Working? (Complete Guide)

How To Fix AirPods Microphones? Apple Airpods are the best in the earpods segment and they look good too. Their top-notch quality and performance catch a lot of attention.

To use the Airpods for listening to music or watching a movie is an experience in itself. But sometimes when they get connected, the microphone doesn’t work. So how do you fix this?

How To Fix AirPods Microphones If They Are Not Working?
How To Fix AirPods Microphones If They Are Not Working?

So, How To Fix AirPods Microphone Not Working?

AirPods should be charged. Sometimes the simplest remedies are the best: your AirPods mic not working could simply be due to the AirPods not being fully charged.

1. Connect your AirPods to your device again.


2. Clean the microphone on your AirPods.

3. Restart your Apple device if it hasn’t done so already.

4. Microphone settings for AirPods…

5. Your AirPods should be reset and reconnected.


One of the biggest attractions to AirPods is that users are able to listen to various audio content without having to worry about wires getting in the way.

More than that, AirPods can connect to your phone and function as a speaker that you can not only listen to but also talk through. If you have AirPods and are trying to talk through them but notice that the mic isn’t working properly, read on to find out what you can do.

If your AirPods’ microphone isn’t working, it’s possible that your AirPods need to be charged. Insert both pods into the AirPod case and leave the top open to check the battery level.

You will then bring the case close to your iPhone, which will display the charge level on the screen. If you can see that the charge level on the AirPods is low, this is most likely the cause of your mic operational issue.

To charge AirPods properly, securely insert both pods into the AirPod case and connect a USB charger to both the AirPods and a power outlet.

While the AirPods are charging, you will notice a red or amber light on the case; however, once the charging is complete, this light will turn green, and you will be able to see if the microphone is working properly.

AirPods Mic Not Working
AirPods Mic Not Working



When your AirPods are running low on battery, they will struggle to perform as well as they would when fully charged. AirPods that are nearly dead may lose volume, fail to connect to your iOS device, or lose microphone control/power.

If your AirPods are nearly dead, this is most likely why the microphone isn’t working. In fact, it may still be *technically* operational, albeit at a very, very low output – so low that the person to whom you are speaking cannot hear you.

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It’s amazing how often this is overlooked, but it’s a common cause of AirPod microphone issues. Earwax and other dirt/grime accumulate on your AirPods over time, and if you don’t clean them on a regular basis, this gunk can become caked onto your mic, completely blocking it. Simply inspect your AirPods to see if there is gunk buildup on/in the various crevices.


Is it time to update the software on your iPhone, Macbook, or iPad? If this is the case, your connected devices may not function properly. Apple products are notorious for acting strangely around the time of a software update, almost as if your devices are behaving strangely and begging you to update them.

Of course, this isn’t the case – it’s just that your apps and connected devices update automatically in anticipation of your phone updating, and waiting can cause strange things to happen.

Bottom line: failing to update your iPhone may cause it to interact differently with your connected devices, potentially resulting in your AirPods microphone not working.


This might not be what you wanted to hear, but it could be the case that your Airpods microphone is simply broken.

If your AirPods have been exposed to lots of water or have been dropped multiple times, the electronics could be damaged. Thankfully, this is rare – AirPods and their wired predecessors, the old-school EarPods, are famously tough. 


Bluetooth has been around for a few decades, but it is far from perfect. It gets wonky at times, just like any other wireless technology. This is especially true if you use multiple Bluetooth devices on a daily basis; there are no great explanations; it just happens.

Bluetooth connections can occasionally become spotty, necessitating a reset. If you’ve recently attempted to join a business call and discovered your AirPods mic isn’t working, a faulty Bluetooth connection could be to blame.


When Apple fans finally figure out why their AirPods mic isn’t working, this is one of those things that have them cursing themselves. Why? Because it’s so simple to fix, it’s the last thing you consider!

You can customize the functionality of your iPhone and AirPods for various tasks/activities using the settings on your iPhone and AirPods. If your AirPods mic isn’t working, or if your phone/laptop mic is turned on instead of the ones in your AirPods, you may need to look into your settings to figure out what’s wrong.

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How To Fix AirPods Microphones If They Are Not Working?

How to fix AirPods microphones if they are not working?

To fix your AirPods in case they are not working, you can follow the below troubleshooting steps

  1. Restarting the Airpods and connecting them
  2. Charging the AirPods
  3. Restarting your phone and check the Microphone settings
  4. Updating the Airpods firmware
  5. Updating the Bluetooth Driver
  6. Cleaning the Airpods thoroughly
  7. Replacing the Airpods
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Let us now learn about the above methods in detail.

How to Restart the Airpods and connect them?

To restart your AirPods and connect them, you can do this

  1. Keep the AirPods in their case and close the lid for 30 seconds
  2. Open the lid. On the phone, go to Settings
  3. Go to Bluetooth and click on the I icon next to the AirPod name
  4. Tap on Forget this Device and confirm
  5. Keep the case lid open.  Press the setup button at the back of the case
  6. Hold for 15 seconds until the light flashes amber and then turns white

Now connect the AirPods back to your device and check if the microphones are now working.

How to Charge the Airpods?

How to Charge the Airpods?
How to Charge the Airpods?

To charge your AirPods you have to ensure that the charging case is charged. To charge the case, plug a cable at the bottom of the case and charge it through a USB port or a power source. Once the case is charged, place your AirPods back into the case and the light will turn on, which is an indication that the AirPods are getting charged.

How to Restart the phone and check the Microphone settings?

If your AirPods microphone is not working try restarting your phone and checking the Microphone settings. To do so simply turn the phone off and after 30 seconds turn it back on.

  1. Now click on your phone’s settings
  2. Scroll down and click on Privacy settings
  3. Now tap on Microphone and a list of apps will appear
  4. Check if the AirPods microphone is turned off or on
  5. If they are off, then turn them on

Your AirPods microphone should now start working again and you can play an audio file to confirm the same.

How to update the AirPods firmware?

To update the AirPods firmware, you can go into the Bluetooth settings and check if there is an update for the firmware. Here are the detailed steps to do it.

How to update the AirPods firmware?
How to update the AirPods firmware?
  1. On your phone go to the settings menu and click on Bluetooth
  2. Here you will see the I icon next to your AirPods
  3. Click on the I icon and scroll down
  4. Go to the about section and see the version part
  5. Here you can see which version of AirPods firmware your phone is using
  6. If there is a new update available for the AirPods it will show here. Click on it to update your AirPods firmware
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Your AirPods microphone should start working after the completion of the update. A restart of the AirPods could also be a good idea after any update.

How to update the Bluetooth driver to fix your AirPods microphone?

If you are using your AirPods with your Macbook and they are getting connected but their microphones are not working you can try updating the Bluetooth Driver. To update the driver manually click on Windows + R key to open the Run dialogue box. Now type devmgmt.msc and click ok. Now go back to your settings and open the Bluetooth menu.

  1. Once the Bluetooth menu has opened right-click on the Bluetooth adapter
  2. Select the update driver option here
  3. A pop-up window will automatically open up
  4. Select Search automatically for drivers here and follow the instructions given by the driver if any

Once this is completed restart your laptop and check if the AirPods are now working fine.

How to Clean the AirPods?

To clean your AirPods you can use earbuds or a piece of clean dry cloth. Gently start rubbing the pods and remove the debris with the cloth. Ensure both the right and the left earbuds are cleaned thoroughly and free of any dust.

How to Clean the AirPods?
How to Clean the AirPods?

Lastly, if none of the above methods work then try and connect the AirPods to a different device to see if the problem belongs to the AirPods or the device. If it still acts the same then you may have to replace the AirPods and go for a new pair.


A broken microphone on a pair of AirPods makes for a terrible Zoom, Facetime, or phone call experience. Fortunately, there are a few options for getting your AirPods mic back online!

Which of my suggestions worked for you? Was it a simple reset, a full reset, or did you have to buy new AirPods? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

FAQs On Fixing AirPods Microphone

Do AirPods use both microphones?

Each AirPod has a microphone, allowing you to make phone calls and use Siri. The microphone is set to Automatic by default, so either of your AirPods can serve as the microphone.

How does the MIC interact with the AirPods?

The Airpods mic works by utilizing a speech detecting accelerometer that recognizes speech. This works in conjunction with the second microphone, which is equipped with beam-forming microphones and is simply designed to block out any external noise, allowing the mic to pick up only your voice.

Why does my AirPods mic not work?

Reconnecting your AirPods to your device is another quick and easy fix for the AirPods microphone not working. Simply put your AirPods back in their case, close the lid, and then take them out and insert them into your ears.

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