How to Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop: Easy Answered!

How to Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop? We occasionally see broken or cracked off headphone jacks inside phones and laptops, and getting one out without damaging your headphone port can be difficult. While we will gladly assist you in removing it, here is a little trick that almost always works if the jack is visible inside and broken halfway or so with metal and plastic exposed.

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There are several ways to remove a broken headphone jack from a laptop. Some methods include using a pen or paper clip to pull out the broken jack, using tweezers or a toothpick to clean out any loose material inside the headphone jack socket, or inserting a tool inside the headphone port until it reaches past the broken jack and then gripping the end of the tool tightly with your fingers. Another method is to use a plastic soda straw which is sliced so it can conform to the smaller diameter of the jack socket. A video tutorial on removing a stuck headphone jack from a laptop can also be found on YouTube.

How to Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop
How to Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop

Remember that we are not liable if you damage your laptop or phone. When working with board level components such as the headphone jack, please remember to turn off your device and remove the battery. Electricity is not your friend in this situation.

Do you have a broken headphone connector? Is your iPad or phone's earphone plug stuck? Here's how to replace a faulty headphone jack.


Holding a broken headphone plug and wondering where it all goes wrong? Have you ever removed your earphones from your tablet or smartphone too quickly, only to discover that some of them were left behind?

Unfortunately, earphone connectors are not designed for frequent and repeated insertion and removal. However, if a headphone jack on your phone, iPad, or MP3 player has broken off, the socket cannot be used. You must remove it before using any replacement earphones.

These six techniques should assist you in removing a broken headphone jack.

How to Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop?

1. Can a Biro Repair a Broken Headphone Jack?

2. Superglue the Plug's Other End

3. Using a Thumbtack, Remove a Broken Headphone Jack

4. Hot Glue and a Toothpick

5. Paperclip with Heat

6. Broken Headphone Jack Removal Tool GripStick

Alternative Video: How to remove broken stuck headphones jack plug


How to Replace a Faulty Headphone Jack

All too often, the broken end of a headphone jack becomes lodged in your phone or tablet. It turns out that these small metal cylinders are weak along the length where the (usually) black plastic rings appear. This holds true for any wired earphones.

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It's difficult, but several solutions for removing a broken headphone jack have been discovered:

  • Biro interior
  • Supergluing the remaining connector plug
  • Thumbtack with a curved point
  • a toothpick dipped in hot glue
  • A hot paperclip
  • The GripStick is a specialized tool.

When removing the broken component, hold your device with the earphone socket pointing downwards. Gravity is always beneficial!

1. Can a Biro Repair a Broken Headphone Jack?

The tube that runs up the inside of your biro is nearly the same diameter as an earphone jack. This can be used to remove the broken connector from your device with a little force and adjustment.

Remove the pen's inner tube to accomplish this. This is the piece that contains the ink and is almost always removed by pulling the pen's nib.

There should be no ink at the bottom of the tube, opposite the nib end. This section of the tube can be used to remove the broken plug. Simply insert it into your earphone socket to replace the broken headphone jack. The broken part should be grasped by the tube and pulled out.

If this does not work the first time, you have a few other options. The first step is to use a nail to slightly widen the tube to ensure a snug fit for the plug. You could also quickly heat the end of the tube to soften it before inserting it into the socket. Leave it for a moment, then pull back.

Do you have a steady hand? Apply a small amount of hot glue or superglue to the end of the tube before inserting it. The video above shows a similar method using chewing gum.

Finally, you may be lacking in pressure. Cut a two-inch length of the tube (or find something similar in size, such as the tube from a can of lubricating oil) and insert it into the earphone socket if possible. Next, tap the lost part into place with something firm (like a shoe or slipper) to ensure it is gripped. Remove it from the phone once you're satisfied that it's being held by the tube.

2. Superglue the Plug's Other End

If the pen cartridge doesn't work or you prefer a different approach, superglue could be the solution. You're probably aware that you should never bind two surfaces immediately after applying superglue.

Instead, you wait until they are slightly dry and tacky. In this scenario, tackiness is essential for removing the broken piece.

Place a tiny blob of superglue on the remaining end of the earphone plug with a cocktail stick or other narrow applicator. That's the part that didn't fall apart in the phone! Wait for it to become tacky (as per the packet instructions), then slide it into the socket. Pull after about 30 seconds of pushing down. You've solved the problem if you've attached the broken headphone jack.

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It is critical to use small amounts of glue. Otherwise, residual glue could cause issues later on. Simply apply a little rubbing alcohol to a Q-tip and quickly clean inside the socket.

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How to Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop

3. Using a Thumbtack, Remove a Broken Headphone Jack

A bent thumbtack or drawing pin can be used for a simpler approach. Take a regular tack and hammer the point to form a “L” shape.

With one hand holding your phone or tablet, insert the thumbtack into the earphone socket. Push firmly and twist until the point of the thumbtack touches the plastic part of the connector.

The bent point should dig a small hole into the plug. Pull out the broken headphone jack once you're certain you have enough purchase.

4. Hot Glue and a Toothpick

Looking for another small enough object to fit into the socket and remove a broken headphone jack?

Try a toothpick, either plastic or wooden. Simply ensure that it is narrow and long enough to fit into the socket and reach the broken earphone plug. Then, apply a small amount of hot glue to the end and allow it to cool slightly.

Insert it carefully into the earphone socket until it touches the debris. Allow the glue to cool and dry before removing it. If everything goes as planned, the broken headphone jack will be replaced!

5. Paperclip with Heat

Is there no glue on hand? Because the broken part of the connector is almost always accompanied by a ring of plastic, heat is an excellent substitute. Take a paperclip and unwind it, bending the main length out by 90 degrees, to grasp this.

Then, using something heatproof, heat the end of the bent piece of paperclip. Insert the heated paper clip carefully into the socket, straight down the middle, while holding your phone in the other hand. Push firmly and allow the plastic to cool for a few minutes. If everything went well, you should soon be able to remove the broken earphone connector piece.

6. Broken Headphone Jack Removal Tool GripStick

If DIY fixes aren't working, it may be time to consider a professional solution. GripStick is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it was created specifically to remove broken off earphone plugs.

Although expensive, it is significantly less expensive than hiring a professional to replace the lost earphone connector. Similarly, if your phone is still under warranty or covered by smartphone insurance, sending it in for repairs will be inconvenient. Purchasing a GripStick will eliminate this problem.

The GripStick is easy to use. Insert the cylinder into the earphone socket, push it in, and then pull it out using the ring. The GripStick will hold the broken headphone jack.

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It's Time to Use Bluetooth Headphones

Don't get too worked up if you can't get the broken earphone plug out of your device. Check to see if your device's volume is still operational. Play some audio; if the device's speaker is still operational, consider another solution.

Is there no audio? This is due to the broken plug indicating to your device that it is plugged in. In terms of your phone or tablet, it is sending audio to your earphones. You'll be silent (which is inconvenient for phone calls) until you can dislodge the offending object.

It may be inconvenient and require you to reconsider your audio options, but switching to Bluetooth is the best way to avoid future broken earphone connectors.

While you could try one of the solutions listed above, purchasing Bluetooth earphones is the best option. Do you require assistance? Check out our buying guide for Bluetooth earphones.

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How to Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop

Earphones that are less expensive are more likely to break.

Personally, I've discovered that cheaper earphones are more likely to have poorly made plugs. This poses a double risk: the plug could break, but it could also damage the socket. This can happen with normal use if the connector is poorly made; the result is invariably frustration and disappointment.

Is your headphone jack in good working order, but your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode? Take a look at our troubleshooting guide. Also, if your phone has been damaged in any other way, see how to recover data from a cracked screen.

FAQs About How to Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop

How is a damaged headphone jack fixed?

Bend a paper clip outward about 90 degrees to unwind it. Heat the paperclip while securing the other end with something heatproof. Straight down the middle of the socket, insert this. After a few minutes of pushing forcefully, you ought to be able to remove the headphone jack.

How can a damaged computer plug be removed?

An approach that is frequently used involves rubbing a tiny quantity of strong glue on a toothpick or the remaining piece of the headphone plug in an effort to temporarily reattach the broken section so that you may pull it out. Be careful because doing something of this nature runs the risk of gluing the port's inside.

How are objects removed from the headphone jack?

I would delicately spin a 1/8 drill bit over something like pocket lint. You can easily remove the lint after it becomes trapped on the bit. Just be careful not to damage anything while you're inside.

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