11 Best Bass Headphones To Buy in [2023] (TOP REVIEW)

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The 11 best bass headphones to buy in 2023 are the Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless, Skullcandy Crusher EVO, Sennheiser Momentum 3, Beats Studio3, Philips Fidelio X2HR, V-MODA Crossfade M-100, JVC HARX700 and Anker Soundcode Life Q20 Wireless. These headphones offer strong bass slider performance, with some being aimed more towards critical listeners and others toward more casual listeners. They also feature AI noise-cancelling for improved sound quality. Additionally, they come in different price points from $100 to $200 depending on features such as size and comfort level.

The Best Bass Headphones To Buy Online. Different headphones flaunt different sound signature profiles, meaning that not all headphones are intended for the same types of music.

Some music is better heard with head-rattling bass in the lower end, from good-old funk to death metal’s most extreme. For such musical genres, you need a pair of quality headphones that prioritize bass without compromising other frequencies.

best bass headphones


The problem with most so-called best bass headphones is that they prioritize bass headphones at the expense of their sub-bass response, which makes for a poorly balanced, ear-jarring sound that’s fairly hard to enjoy.

Luckily, you no longer need to tolerate such gimmicky headphones because this article will help shed light on the absolute best bass headphones on the market today, so stay tuned.

Top 3 Best Bass Headphones

Best Overall Best Overall519EahgX90L. AC SL1500 Sony WH1000XM3
  • Top Notch Sound Cancellation, Superb Battery Life
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Runner-Up Runner Up71WNWRLJCsL. AC SL1500 Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
  • Comfortable Construction, Clear Sound
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Best Cable Best Value 61vz89Or3HL. AC SL1500 Beats Studio 3
  • Great Noise Cancellation,
    22 Hours Battery Life
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11+ Best Bass Ear Headphone to Buy

1. Sony WH1000XM3Best Overall

best bass headphones

The Sony WH1000XM3 over-ears can stand in front of any pair of noise cancelling headphone and come out victorious. This bass headphone does a superb job of displaying Sony's efforts to perfect audio playback and adaptability. No matter where you are, this headphone will offer stellar playback with enough bass to launch you to Mars.

The XM3 features a lower profile and a different headband. he profile is much lower unlike these best headphone under 300, Headphone's two-tone finish has been accentuated with pleather coating over the pads. The ear cups are fairly similar to the predecessor's, and they come in two appealing color variants: black and silver.

The XM3 is more stable than the XM2, but that won't stop them from swaying during intense activities. They won't warm up your ear too much like these best bone conduction headphones, but they will certainly seal them and prevent airflow.

71ypiO7wJkL. AC SL1500

Sony's WH1000XM3 are a great pair of headphones for music genres such as electronics and dubstep. The sound profile is bass-dominant with fairly minor treble. You can use Sony's Headphones Connect app to alter the EQs to your liking.  It is just as great as the XM2’s similar to these ones.

On a single charge, the Sony XM3 will last you about 30 hours. Quick Charge feature offers 5 hours of playback after just 10 minutes of charging. Other qualities include aptX and aptX HD support, Google Assistant integration, and top-notch active noise-cancelling headphone.


  • Solid construction and ideal stability
  • Superb battery life of up to 30 hours
  • Flaunts Google Assistant integration
  • Great noise-cancelling capabilities
  • USB-C port for super-fast charging


  • Touch controls can be a little fiddly
  • Not the best as far as breathability

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Runner Up

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Audio Technica's M50x headphones are the ultimate pair of headphones for minimalists. The audio cups have a flat oval shape that I personally find appealing. This is the first time Audio Technica has released headphones with such large ear cups, which makes them more comfortable and more accommodating to larger ears.

One thing I’m not quite fond of is the padding. It’s comfortable when the headphones are stable on your head, but once you attempt to adjust or move them, the padding begins to feel a bit stiff, unlike these best headphones for under 200$ price

Overall, the Audio Technica ATH M50x  looks elegant, especially in the black color scheme. If you want it to look more flashy and eye-catching, opt for the white, gunmetal, or black/purple color variants.

91XwmUBI61L. AC SL1500

Audio M50x have one of the most accurate bass responses I've ever heard. It provides just the right amount of rumble and punch, thanks to its flat and neutral response. The higher audio bass frequencies tend to have a tiny bump that may slightly clutter your mix if using these headphones professionally.

The overall build quality of this unit is pretty remarkable. You don't have to worry about it giving up on you after a year of use. It features a collapsible design that helps enhance portability. Also, the unit comes with a detachable cable for your convenience.


  • Notably comfortable over-ear design
  • Sturdy construction that’s built to last
  • Package includes a detachable cable 
  • Ideal accuracy with bass headphones frequencies
  • Accommodating cups for bigger ears


  • Doesn’t feature any control scheme
  • Ear cup padding could be improve

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3. Beats Studio 3Best For Comfort 

61vz89Or3HL. AC SL1500

The Beats Studio 3 wireless is a mixed-usage pair with a sleek design that’s easy to use, simple control scheme, and ultra-comfortable fit. It’s one of the best headphone on this list in terms of noise-cancelling. The Studio 3’s adaptive sound quality is better than the original Beats. I’m very fond of the seamlessly blended buttons and the overall uncluttered design.

Comfort-wise, the Beats Studio headphones are especially wireless comfortable and lightweight, so it won’t feel like a burden sitting on top of your head like these closed over ear headphones. The audio ear cups feature high-quality padding, and they’re big enough to accommodate virtually all ear sizes. The unit has a fairly tight fit, but it doesn’t feel irritating at all, considering how the pressure of the clamping force is distributed evenly around the ears.

Now, one thing I’ve noticed is that the care given to the audio headband isn’t as much as that given to the headband in terms of cushioning. The headbang feels rigid, but not too rigid that it becomes a concern. You can wear the Beats Studio 3 for hours on end without feeling irritated. And since this pair flaunts a tight fit, you’ll find them to be extremely stable throughout intense activities.

The Studio 3’s sound profile is on the darker side, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Beats also feature an auto-calibration functionality that adapts to the user and the environment around them to ensure optimal sound quality. It’s not always as consistent as it should be, but it’s alright for what it is. The sound profile is ideal for most music genres, especially the bass-driven ones.

In terms of bass accuracy, it varies from one user to the other depending on the wireless audio sound quality of the fit and seal, as well as other factors. However, you should expect good amounts of thump from the sub-bass frequencies and a notable punch in the mid-bass region.

As far as the battery life, you should expect up to 22 hours of full-featured playback and a total charge time of 2 hours.


  • Great stability during intense activities
  • Comfortable and durable construction
  • Seamless and aesthetically appealing
  • Excellent noise-canceling technology
  • Offers up to 22 hours of listening time


  • Bass delivery isn’t always consistent
  • Not optimal for videos due to latency

4. V MODA Crossfade LP2Budget Choice

81TPddFjKcL. AC SL1500

I’m not a huge fan of the original V moda crossfade, so when the LP2 came out, it completely flew over my head. Let me tell you, that was a serious mistake on my end. The main reason I didn’t enjoy the original Crossfade was that it wasn’t very comfortable or stable. The LP2, on the other hand, is quite the contrary. You can run marathons with this unit and it wouldn’t move an inch.

Are they perfect headphones? Far from it, but considering how cost-effective they are, you just can’t help but admire the craftsmanship. The LP2 flaunts the same unique look that virtually all V moda crossfade products adopt but with slight changes, including thicker padding around the ear cups and a conveniently foldable frame that’s very similar to the V-MODA Crossfade M100.

Compared to previous iterations of the V Moda crossfade headphones, the LP2 features the best padding out of the bunch. It’s quite bulky compared to other units on this list, but it’s still pretty comfortable. The fit is just as tight as the M100’s, but with better pressure distribution to ensure optimal comfort. It’s worth noting that the size of the ear cups might not suit everyone due to their narrower opening.

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The V moda crossfade LP2 is above-average when it comes to breathability; your ears will get warm, but not to the extent that you’ll feel required to take the headphones off. The control scheme is excellent. It has all of the necessary functions, from track skipping and volume controls to call handling. I also love the tactility of the feedback that the buttons give when pressed. Superb build and bass sound quality overall of V Moda crossfade headphones.

The powerful bass headphones performance of the V moda crossfade LP2 is decent all across. It’s a bit flat, but with the help of 4dB of overemphasizing, the sound gains a lot of bass-heavy flavors.

Where this model really shines is in its mid-range area. It’s consistent and pretty much flawless. The LP2 is a wired unit, and so it comes with a Kevlar-reinforced cable that’ll last you for many years to come.


  • Outstanding mid-range performance 
  • Offers a lot of customization options
  • Comfortable and extremely stable fit
  • Control scheme is easy to figure out 
  • Every component is built like a tank


  • Noise cancellation isn’t all that good
  • Too much clamping pressure initially

5. Sony WHXB700Best Value For Money

71fqoZeHgpL. AC SL1500

Most budget wireless bass headphones overemphasize the bass at the expense of other frequencies, so it’s hard to find a wallet-friendly pair of headphones with optimal bass and sub-bass frequencies, but it’s not impossible. Sony’s WHXB700 wireless headphone is probably the best pair of bass headphones that you can buy without spending a fortune, as it comes equipped with Sony’s signature Extra Bass technology.

The wireless Sony WHXB700 are on-ear headphones that feature very well-padded cups and headband to ensure optimal comfort. The cups are oddly large considering the unit’s on-ear design, which may result in upper-ear discomfort if you have large ears. Generally speaking, if you have large ears, you want to opt for over-ear headphones rather than on-ear models to ensure comfort.

The wireless headphones are very lightweight at under half a pound just like these best trucker headsets, and the headband’s clamping force isn’t too prominent that it becomes irritating. With that said, I would only recommend this wireless unit for casual use and light jogs at most, as it doesn’t provide enough stability for intense activities. In terms of durability, the unit is made from thin plastic, so consider handling it with utter care.

The WH-XB700’s audio bass frequency response is pretty good considering its price. The bass is prominent but not overdone to the point that the clarity of mid and higher frequencies is overshadowed. You’re going to find it easy to discern every detail with these best bass earphones. In the low-bass region, you’ll notice a lot of thumping, which you, as someone who enjoys bass-heavy music, will enjoy.

When it comes to battery life, the WHB700 wireless headphone doesn’t disappoint, as it offers up to 30 hours of best listening time. The Sony Headphones Connect app allows you to optimize the sound settings to your liking to achieve your desired sound quality. Additional features that this unit offers onboard NFC and voice assistant support. Definitely, an awesome pick if you’re on a tight budget for audio headphones.


  • Bass qualities are deep and thumping
  • Pleasant, well-padded construction
  • Voice assistant and built-in NFC tech
  • Compatible with Sony’s Connect app
  • Available at a cost-effective price tag


  • Not the most durable unit on the list
  • Subpar noise-cancelling isolation performance

6. Skullcandy Crusher– Decent Overall Choice

712Q VFtTmL. AC SL1500

The wireless Skullcandy Crusher is the ultimate definition of an oddball in the world of best bass headphones. People just can’t seem to make up their minds on whether they like these headphones or hate them. I’m happy to break the divisiveness by saying that if you’re in search of a budget-friendly wireless Skullcandy that offers ultra-deep audio, punchy bass, you just can’t go wrong with the Skullcandy Crusher.

Most experts preach that it’s best to opt for a pair of best headphones that display a V-shaped sound profile. This isn’t the case with the Crusher, as it has a U-shaped profile that’s a bit skewed. This basically means that the emphasis is on lower bass frequencies. This also means that the clarity of higher and mid-range frequencies will be questionable, which some people may not like.

Simply put, if you care solely about overpowered low-end best bass earhones, you’re going to like this unit, but if you’re looking for extra bass headphones that don’t push the bass to the limits and that prioritize the entire frequency range, then you should consider a different unit. Don’t get me wrong, if you pay attention, you can hear the highs and mids, but for the punctilious, these ear headphones aren’t the best.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the features. The Crusher has an adjustable sensory bass feature that enables you to turn down the powerful bass. Granted, this may result in loss of detail, but it’s oddly pleasing to the ears with genres such as hard-rock and hip-hop.

The control scheme is as simple as it can be, with the microphone, sound-track, and volume control buttons on the side.

One of the strongest and best selling points of the awesome Skullcandy Crusher wireless headphones is its exceptional battery life of up to 40 frigging hours. You can listen to best music using these headphones continuously for around a day and a half before it requires charging. Speaking of charging, you can get 3 hours’ worth of listening time in just 10 minutes of charging time, thanks to the Crusher’s rapid charge feature.


  • Superb battery life of up to 40 hours
  • One of the deepest bass responses
  • Notably comfortable over-ear design 
  • Control scheme is fairly easy to use
  • Sleek design and great build quality for the price


  • Noise isolation could’ve been better for the price
  • Mids and highs are pretty recessed

7. Bose 700– Most Versatile

51ntWa1Q0sL. AC SL1200

Similarly to the Sony WH1000XM3, the Bose 700 is one of those headphones that can rival any best bass earbuds in the noise cancellation department and claim the crown. The Bose 700 also flaunts a futuristic design that sets it apart in the aesthetics department. It might not be as comfy as the models from the QuietComfort lineup, but it’s comfortable enough to appease everyone.

Superb noise cancellation isn’t the only aspect that the Bose 700 shares with the XM3, as it also flaunts touch-sensitive surfaces on the ear cups. The main difference here is that the headband integrates seamlessly into the cups, which can’t be said about the MX3’s headband. The unit is available in three different colors: all-black, silver luxe, and arctic white.

The Bose 700 is fairly heavier than any of Bose’s QuietComfort best bass headphones, and it clamps down more, meaning that they may get tiresome if you wear them for longer periods of time, even with a band that’s padded with an air-filled pocket. Compared to the Sony XM3, the ear cups on the Bose 700 feel a bit shallow. Luckily, they’re well-padded with a thick, plushy material.

The Bose 700 might be on the same tier as the WH1000XM3 in terms of best noise cancellation for the price, but when it comes to which headphones flaunt better bass and sound accuracy, the Bose 700 takes the win by the storm. It features a low-frequency extension that’s down to 10 Hz, meaning that it’s capable of producing some of the lowest rumbles you can hear in music, especially electronic music.

The bass has an ample amount of punch and thump without compromising other instruments or the vocals if there are any. The unit’s mid-range accuracy is also outstanding. It’s well-balanced and even, which allows for all instruments to shine, as well as the vocals. In terms of battery life, the Bose 700 offers up to 20 hours of listening time, which is decent.


  • Remarkably accuracy bass response
  • Excellent noise canceling capabilities
  • Sturdy build quality and futuristic look
  • Decent battery life and fast charging
  • Great touch-sensitive control scheme


  • Not the most budget-friendly option
  • Latency isn’t satisfactory for videos

8. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

81rT3hR949L. AC SL1500

In search of the ultimate tweakable best bass headphones in this price range? Look no further, as the Custom One Pro from Beyerdynamic has everything you’re looking for and more. Design-wise, this unit isn’t quite different from other over-ear headphones. It has large ear cups that you’ll find very comfortable, especially if you have larger ears that no other headphones seem to accommodate them.

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One of the best headphone, these feature a headband that’s padded with a soft and plushy material and covered with some sort of faux leather. Beyerdynamic used velcro in order to secure the headband to an extremely sturdy metallic frame. Yes, you can easily undo the velcro to remove the headband in case you want to try a different colored one. The unit is available in black and white variants.

The unit’s side arms are made out of metal and have a few notches on the side that indicate the size you’ve adjusted the headphones to using the size adjusters, which can be found right under the headband. It’s those plastic components that have the Beyerdynamic logo on them. The unit has 8 notches in total, allowing for 8 different adjustments to accommodate all head sizes.

Construction isn’t the only thing that’s adjustable with the Custom One Pro. You can also adjust the sound using the sound slider, which you can find on both ear cups. The slider has 4 different bass modes: Linear, Vibrant, Light, and Heavy. In my opinion, the Linear and Vibrant modes are the best. The Light mode is too scratchy and thin, and the Heavy one is overly boomy.

The Linear mode allows for a well-balanced sound, whereas the Vibrant mode grants you a little more bass without compromising other tonal qualities. I like how solid and detailed the mids are. Unlike many bass headphones, the treble is actually able to shine with these headphones bass. They come with a high-quality cable that's equipped with a microphone and a convenient remote.


  • Adjustable head fit and sound quality
  • Well-padded headband and ear cups
  • Robust design and great build quality
  • Flaunts a large and open soundstage
  • All tonalities have a chance to shine


  • Doesn’t offer any volume controls
  • Construction is on the bulkier side

9. Cowin E7 Pro

61bMV3oE 8L. AC SL1010

It’s not hard to find a pair of sub-$100 price best bass headphones with active noise cancellation technology and good bass, but for them to actually be good is the real challenge. The Cowin E7 Pro is currently one of the most popular products on the market today, thanks to its cost-effective price tag and noise-canceling wizardry. It also boasts decent bass response accuracy that’s worth paying attention to.

Design-wise, the bass E7 Pro is almost identical to its equally popular predecessor, the E7, but with a different black plate in the ear cups. This might seem like a minor change, but it actually lends it a more premium look over its predecessor. The build quality isn’t the most astounding out there, but considering these headphones are in affordable price and sound great, I can’t really complain.

The E7 Pro is very well-padded, and they’re amply comfortable, overall. However, you must note that the headband doesn’t extend that far, so if you have a large head, you’re better off buying a different bass headphone pair. The E7 Pro is pretty light at about half a pound, so it won’t feel like a burden sitting on your head. In terms of stability and breathability, the E7 Pro headphones are above average.

There are quite a few sound-related and bass improvements over the original E7. The original produced a tinny sound that many perceived as annoying when noise canceling was activated. This issue is gone with the E7 Pro, as it flaunts a much better-balanced sound throughout its entire range. It’s equipped with a 45mm driver, so its frequency response range is wide to ensure a fuller sound like moda crossfade m 100.

The Cowin E7 Pros provide quite a direct bass response that doesn’t sound overly boomy. Granted, mid-range frequencies aren’t one of this unit’s strongest suits, but we’re here for the bass, right? As claimed by the manufacturer, the E7 Pro features a battery life of up to 30 hours on a full charge. Also, it features NFC technology for contactless payments.


  • Superb bass response for the price
  • Reliable noise-canceling technology
  • Lightweight, stable, and breathable
  • Control scheme is easy to figure out
  • Great battery life and wireless range


  • Not the greatest microphone sound quality
  • While lightweight, the body is bulky

10. 1More Triple Driver

416UfGJMvcL. AC

1More might be an obscure brand compared to giants like Sony, Audio-Technica, and Bose, but the 1More Triple Driver offers enough value for you to ignore brand popularity. They’re well-built, sleek-looking, and pretty suitable for critical listening experience. Their strongest selling point has to be their superior comfort. They might actually be the most comfortable pair of bluetooth headphones on this list.

The 1More Triple Driver offers condensed padding around the headband and around its slender frame. To add, the ear cups are designed in such a way that they mold around the user’s ears to ensure optimal pressure distribution and supreme comfort like moda crossfade m 100.

While the headphones don’t feature active noise cancellation, the cups do a decent job of ensuring passive noise cancellation.

High-end bass reflectors are another feature included to the Bluetooth headphones to ensure realistic sound. Even when the volume is turned up to its maximum, the bass is deep and distorted relatively little. The soundstage is broad and precise, allowing for distinct mid-range frequencies that help balance everything out, much as moda crossfade m 100, to avoid the bass from becoming excessively boomy and overwhelming the sound.

Furthermore, because the Triple Driver's low-frequency extension is set at 13 Hz, the low-bass is as deep and rumbling as a bass addict could want for. A balanced and largely flat mid-bass is present. The sound is little overemphasized in the higher bass region, though. There won't be an excessive amount of darkness in the sound because the mid-range and treble precision are both above-average.

These are quite portable because the Triple Driver headphones have a foldable construction. Furthermore, I appreciate that the device is made of a fingerprint-resistant aluminum alloy, which always keeps everything looking neat.

It’s worth noting that the 1More Triple Driver headphones are available in an in-ear model, in case you’re not fond of over-ears. Both models are quite affordable in price.


  • Great bass and well-balanced sound 
  • Superb soundstage for detailed mids
  • Fairly durable aluminum construction
  • Lightweight and ultra-portable design
  • Low leakage for passive headphones


  • You’ll need to burn them in for a bit
  • Upper treble range is too recessed

11. Meze 99 Classics

610iMUUu6JL. AC SL1000

The outstanding Meze 99 Classics, one of the best-looking and best-sounding headphones on the market right now, serves as the list's capper. Depending on the model you select, these headphones have walnut wood cups that are enhanced by gold or silver metallic elements. WALNUT, let me say that again. neither aluminum nor plastic. also serve as a classy gaming headset.

You'll like the 99 Classics' lightweight and cozy construction during extended listening experience. The leather-like material that covers the extremely robust metallic headband provides excellent comfort. In order to prevent irritation or weariness from the headphones, the headband's light weight—which is initially divided evenly across the top of your head—is uniformly distributed.

If you have larger ears, you should think about choosing the ATH-M50x or the Custom One Pro because their cups are much more comfortable. The headphones' cups are on the smaller side of these headphones for bass and are relatively shallow compared to other headphones on this list. The Meze 99 Vintage headphones' overall presentation is nothing short of stunning. These are the greatest options if you want to get attention.

Regarding sound quality, the mids—particularly the upper mids of these top headphones—are warm and vivacious. I adore the well-balanced and upbeat vocal presence that this unit provides.

Also, I appreciate that every instrument in the mix has a chance to stand out. Using these headphones, the midrange region may be heard in all its detail. A lot of detail is present in the treble, which is calm and smooth.

The 99 Classics' bass performance is strong and hits you like a steam train, but it also has warmer undertones that help balance things out. Large amounts of rumble are present in the mid and upper bass ranges, although the sub-bass range is a little underpowered. Overall, the bass has a pleasant tone. All things considered, the 99 Classics are excellent headphones.


  • Premium, eye-catching construction
  • Deep bass with a whole lot of thump
  • Detailed mid-range and crisp highs
  • Generous padding ensures comfort
  • Very durable Kevlar-reinforced cable


  • Not optimal headphones for those with large ears
  • Doesn’t have a foldable headphones construction 

How to Choose Best Bass Headphones

Bass headphones are a dime a dozen nowadays, which can make it hard for you to pinpoint the ideal and best headphones for you.

The following paragraphs help point out the few factors that you must take into consideration if you wish to ensure getting the most value your budget can afford for the best headphones that are audio bass heavy. Before you check headphones out, make sure to check out our guide on is bass bad for your ears?

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1. Design of best audio headphones

Most of the best bass headphones feature either an over-ear or on-ear design. Over headphones are a lot more immersive than on-ear headphones. They also have better passive noise cancellation, which helps concentrate the sound and accentuate the bass heavy qualities.

On-ears, on the other hand, are more breathable, which makes them more comfortable than over-head to a certain extent.

alphacolor J80xTgXEWLI unsplash 2

2. Driver

We can all agree that the size of the music driver doesn’t indicate whether or not a pair of headphones is high-quality, especially when inspecting bass response. However, the majority of headphones that house large drivers tend to offer great bass heavy production, no matter if it's a coincidence or not.

So, make sure you invest in a pair of headphones that have a driver that’s at least 35mm. The audio driver type should also influence your selection of headphones. There are three main types of headphones drivers: planar, dynamic, and electrostatic.

All three audio headphones can produce deep, thumping bass, but in terms of headphones frequency response, planar drivers are more superior. Electrostatic music headphones drivers are second to planar drivers. Dynamic drivers are usually in cheaper headphones, so they’re third in line.


3. Frequency Response

A surefire way to know whether a pair of music headphones are capable of producing excellent bass heavy sound or not is to consider headphones frequency response range. The more expansive the range is, the more dynamic the sound will be and the more notes the headphones will be able to reproduce. The golden standard for headphones is to have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

wu yi kmrtq0 epMg unsplash

The above-mentioned standard is the music headphones frequency response that the human can discern. This means that anything higher or lower than that audio range is practically useless because you won’t be able to hear it.

Keep in mind, however, that low music frequencies below 20 Hz can be felt rather than heard, whereas the ones beyond 20 kHz won’t be audible whatsoever in headphones.

4. Impedance

Impedance is an indication of resistance in the world of sound and music. Generally, audio headphones that have higher impedance are more capable of producing great bass heavy with a ton of rumble. However, you should note that the higher the audio impedance is, the more power the headphones will require. If you’ll be using the headphones solely with your smartphone, opt for low-impedance ones.


5. Audio Sensitivity

A lot of people tend to ignore music headphones sensitivity when in the market for new headphones because it can be a bit confusing, speaking from personal experience. Music Sensitivity is basically a measurement of how loud the volume of a pair of headphones can get without distorting.

Typically, the higher the headphones sensitivity, the less likely the sound will be distorted, so aim for the highest possible number when buying headphones.

6. Build Quality

Like I previously mentioned, good music bass headphones don’t come cheap. If you want the absolute best bass heavy response, you’ll have to shell out a considerable amount of money.

willspirit sbln ZEfmWH1nr5Q unsplash

With that said, it’s imperative that you invest your money in audio headphones unit that’s built to last so that you don’t have to spend the same amount of money again. Avoid units that are made from cheap, flimsy plastic.

The Best Headphones For Bass: What You Should Know

You need be aware of a few things if you're looking for a set of bass headphones that are worthwhile before you can fully appreciate what that entails.

What is a frequency response that is bass-heavy?

Frequency response is a term you'll frequently see when researching headphones. Simply said, the frequency response of an audio device serves as a visual aid to explain how a set of headphones produces sound.

A known output sound is all that is needed for the testing process to be reasonably straightforward (we usually just use a regular sweep, or output that varies between two known frequencies, in our testing). After listening experience to that familiar sound through your headphones, you can record it and contrast the outcome with what you intended.

Low frequencies (512Hz and below) are reproduced significantly louder than mids in heavy bass headphones. This is because audio engineers for headphone manufacturers purposefully tune the drivers in this manner.

While not everyone enjoys a lot of bass in their music, many of us do. That is, after all, why you are here! The disadvantage of this is that a large output differential between bass and mids can cause masking of the quieter midrange notes, making it difficult to perceive other instrumental detail in your music.

Still not getting enough bass? It could be poor isolation.

If you already have a pair of headphones and aren't getting enough bass out of them, the issue may not be with the headset at all. It's possible that it's the earpads.

Outside noise can get in and distract your brain from registering those lower notes if you have loose-fitting earpads that don't fit your ears properly. This is yet another example of auditory masking, and it is simply the way humans have evolved.

If you hear two sounds with similar frequencies, your brain will prioritize the louder one as a potential threat. To compensate for this, it's critical to maintain a good seal around your ears while listening to music. When wearing in-ears, it's also critical to get a good seal at the ear canal entrances.

Alternative Video: Best Bass Headphones

Can headphones cause hearing loss?

A pair of bass-heavy headphones cannot cause hearing loss simply by being worn, but if you turn up the volume too loudly (on any headset), you may damage your hearing.

You should be aware of how loudly you are listening experience to music. Exposing your ears to high volume levels for extended (or even brief) periods of time can harm the tiny hairs in your ear that transmit vibrations. The fewer vibrations they detect, the less you will be able to hear over time.

This is known as “noise-induced hearing loss,” and while it is true that this occurs naturally as you age, with people becoming less sensitive to higher sounds as they age, why speed up the process?

Should You Get Beats Headphones For Bass?

Beats is a company known for its emphasis on the low end. While many people dismiss the idea of recommending a pair of Beats headphones, we don't see why you shouldn't if you want a strong bass. While the Beats Solo Pro is a good ANC headset, it is no longer manufactured.

Before making a purchase, make sure to review this list of the best Beats headphones. If you can't bear the thought of purchasing a pair of Beats, don't worry; we've also compiled a list of the best alternatives. Whatever you're looking for, those two lists should have you covered!

Best Headphones for Bass, 2021 Reviews: Bose, Sony, JBL, Beats - Rolling  Stone

Final Thoughts on Best Bass Headphone

There you have it, headphones music fanatics and bass heavy fiends, the 11+ best bass headphones available today. All of the above-listed headphones are incredible in their own regard, but if I was to crown a winner, it would be the Sony WH1000XM3, followed by the Bose 700.

And if you’re on a pretty tight budget, I recommend opting for the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x music headphones or the Cowin E7 Pro headphones.

FAQs About Best Bass Headphones

Is Sony better than JBL?

Sony SRS-XB23 performs better than JBL Flip 5 in all areas. In addition to having a longer continuous battery life, the Sony is more robust and can play stereo material. A companion app with a graphic EQ is also included so you may adjust the sound.

Does Bose have good bass?

The bass response and noise cancellation on Bose headphones are quite good. We'll concentrate on that because it's what the majority of users are looking for.

Do beats have good bass?

The sound of Beats headphones is renowned for being bass-heavy, but more current models have a more even sound. For bass enthusiasts, the Beats Studio3 is the best overall model, while the Solo Pro offers good low bass and comfort. The PM3s are among the more well-known models, and people laud them for their accuracy, clarity, and razor-sharp bass response.

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