VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar (Detailed Review)

One of the most popular sound bars on the market is the Vizio SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar. It is an excellent option for those in search of a reasonably priced, high-quality soundbar.

The sound bar is equipped with two full-range speakers and a subwoofer, which produce a rich, detailed sound. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, making it simple to stream music from a mobile device.

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1
VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1

Either positioned on the floor or attached to the wall, the spread of sound enhances the whole experience.

The subwoofer provides the depth and low frequencies, and the soundbar delivers the mid and top range. The quality of the sound produced is worth some consideration. More on this later.


There are many advantages of using a soundbar, but let us take a closer look at this Vizio soundbar with a subwoofer.


There appears to be a trend in some quarters to design and manufacture audio equipment garners attention. As a result, it's refreshing to see a simple, easy-on-the-eye design. There is no flamboyance or outlandish angles. We believe that the majority of people still prefer simple ideas.

The SH3821 is one of the models with a brief appearance. It's a clever piece of audio gear. The majority of soundbars we've seen are made of low-cost plastic. To keep costs down, I'm guessing. The Vizio has a plastic body with a black grille and panels.

The end sections are textured with brushed aluminum. They appear and feel very well-made. The soundbar is 38 by 3 by 3 inches in size and weighs just under six pounds. The controls are housed in recessed sections on the back. If we're being honest, these are a little awkward.

The subwoofer cabinet is ported, has a five-inch woofer, and is exceptionally well-made. It is fifteen inches tall. The port enhances the roundness of the bass sound. It's a pleasant surprise to see that it's made of solid wood rather than fiberboard or something similar. Given the price, this is quite surprising.

We wouldn't call this the most beautiful soundbar design on the market, but it does have some excellent design elements. It has a sleek design and is appealing in its simplicity. In many ways, it is a straightforward product.

The black design and aluminum ends add a touch of class to it. There are no obvious manufacturing flaws, and the build quality is good and stable. The design is functional, and the installation options are a good idea.

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This Vizio system produces an impressive 100dB of high-quality sound. It can fill an average-sized room and has only 1% harmonic distortion. The soundbar has two 2.75-inch drivers that handle mid and high frequencies. The lower frequencies are handled by a 5-inch subwoofer.

They produce a surprisingly good sound when combined. We mentioned earlier that we would look closely at the sound performance. The soundbar's two drivers produce high-quality sound at their designated frequencies.

They are responsible for projecting the mid and high frequencies. They do, and they're crisp, clear, and project well. The highs have no effect on the mids. As a whole, it has a good sound. The subwoofer's purpose is to provide deep bass, particularly for movies.

Due to its small size, it is unable to perform this function effectively. The cabinet is attractively designed with a port, but the speaker itself is inadequate. It can only operate at a frequency of 50Hz. We wouldn't say there is no bass because that would be unfair, but it is deficient.

This is especially noticeable in films where the deep bass sound is required for effect. Just for music, it is a little better, but not what you might hope for. We would, therefore, have to say that the sound is a little weak. We must, however, consider the price point in all this.

Vizio SB3821-C6
Vizio SB3821-C6

It is not a multi-thousand-dollar system. It is a budget system, and you cannot expect top-of-the-range bass sound. The Dolby System is the true savior of the overall sound. It is the recognized audio standard, and everything is sparkling clean with this system.

The surround sound effect gives the sound more space and is a game changer for this Vizio system in many ways. We wouldn't say the lack of lower frequencies isn't noticeable, but the sound has a nice warmth.

DTS Trusound provides realistic surround sound to the system. It is a multi-channel audio format that accepts a 5.1 audio signal. It then generates the surround sound effect. DTS Truvolume is also included. Simply adjust the volume once, providing a comfortable listening level throughout the film.


We've already mentioned the controls in passing. They are located at the back of the soundbar. Here is a soundbar that is only three inches tall. Control placement will always be difficult because space is limited. They are set back from the wall. It's awkward if the soundbar is on the floor. It will be very awkward if you decide to mount it on the wall.

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The unit does come with remote control, so that could be why the design is the way it is. It is, however, difficult to use manually. The controls themselves are simple to operate. The speaker is connected to its source via optical and coaxial inputs. There is also a 3.5mm jack and a USB port.

Because the subwoofer is wireless, no cables can be found on the floor. Controls are simple because there isn't much to connect or worry about. The soundbar placement leaves something to be desired, but the remote control is included.

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VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review


Overall, the performance at this price point is excellent. Some will argue that it falls short of the mark. However, they may be overlooking the cost. This isn't the place to be if you're looking for deep bass with high-quality mids and highs. If you think you'll be able to find it for this price, you're mistaken.

It will provide you with a clear, low-distortion sound of 100dB. It will not provide you with thunderous bass. As far as we can tell, that is the only disadvantage of the system. Even if you're just playing music, it's noticeable.

The bass is lacking. In movies, it is even more noticeable. But we are not going to go on about it. A budget sound system is good, and the performance is more than adequate. And as we have already said. The sound is a lot better than what the TV manufacturers gave you.


The connections between the soundbar and the wireless woofer are excellent. There are no issues with proximity as long as they are not too far apart. Distances of up to 30 feet are acceptable, but you must have a clear line of sight to the soundbar.

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This unit includes built-in Bluetooth, allowing you to stream files to and from your devices. This includes Bluetooth-enabled laptops, phones, and tablets, as well as some external connection options. There is a USB port, a 3.55 socket, as well as digital and coaxial inputs.



  • Much more compact than traditional speaker options.
  • Solid wood subwoofer construction.
  • Sleek and attractive yet simple design.
  • Multiple fitting/placement options.
  • Excellent Dolby and DTS options.
  • Highs and mids sound good.


  • The positioning of the controls could be a lot better.
  • Doesn’t deliver the bass that it should.


Let us begin by reminding ourselves and everyone else that this is a budget system. That is what Vizio does, and they do it exceptionally well. It is not one of the best wireless home theater systems, but it is very competitive for the price. As a result, it is one of the best wireless TV speakers on the market right now.

However, keep in mind that a subwoofer is included. And how many other soundbars on the market come with a built-in subwoofer? There weren't many. At this price point, even less.

We have already mentioned at length about the lower frequency responses. They are not particularly good. They are not a total disaster, but they do not give you a great depth. But, for the price, do you expect that? Other than the controls on the back of the soundbar being a little awkward, the rest is all good.

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar
VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

FAQs About Vizio SB3821-C6

Is Vizio 2.1 soundbar worth it?

The soundbar works well with all types of audio. The wirelessly connected subwoofer is fantastic. It's a decent sound bar for the money. There are so many options to control that you'll have to change it depending on what you're listening to.

Is there a wireless option for the Vizio 2.1 sound bar?

Stream music wirelessly from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Is Vizio sound bar good?

Vizio is one of the best brands in the business to deliver good sound at palatable prices, and its most recent 2.1-channel model is a shining example of this ethos. This soundbar is sleek and easy to set up, and it has a wireless subwoofer that can sit under your couch.

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