RHA T20i Headphones Review: Incredible Earphone Refined [Best Bass!]

The RHA T20i is a great-sounding pair of in-ear headphones with a unique feature: interchangeable filters.

These filters are threaded into the headphone and allow you to select between Bass, Treble, and Reference. Each filter has an audible effect and is simple to swap out on the go.

The RHA T20i is being marketed as the best bass headphones. Such big statements always make us want to get our hands on a pair of the aforementioned headphones.

We tested these headphones for several days to get a better result! Make sure to read the whole article of RHA T20i Headphones Review to find out!


RHA T20i Headphones Review: Incredible Earphone Refined
RHA T20i Headphones Review: Incredible Earphone Refined

Top 3 Options and Price for RHA T20i Headphones to Buy

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RHA T20i Headphones Quick Review

Before we go to the detailed review we prepared, let's look at the things that we like and don't like about this earphone!


  • Build quality
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Accessories
  • Fantastic instrument separation
  • Filter system to somewhat tune the sound to one's liking;
  • Great detail
  • Superb comfort


  • Expensive
  • Ear hoops can be difficult to mold correctly to your ear.
  • Cable is heavy
  • Bulky for earbuds
  • Unresponsive in-line controls

RHA T20i Specifications and Features

What's Inside The Box Of RHA T20i Headphones?

The wrapping added to the excitement of the unboxing. The packing for IEMs was more remarkable than most. That shouldn't come as a surprise given the price of a pair of RHA T20i wired earphones.

When the box was opened, it revealed the lovely RHA T20i wired headphones, 5 pairs of single flange silicone ear tips, 2 pairs of double flange silicone ear tips, 2 pairs of conforming foam ear tips, a lovely carry case, a clothes clip, and a set of tuning filters.

These IEMs have adjustable tuning filters for bass, treble, and reference (mids) sounds. The price of these headphones now appears to be more reasonable.

RHA T20i Headphones Comprehensive Review

A quick video about RHA T20i Headphones, make sure to watch it!

RHA T20i Headphones Video


The RHA T20i has a black anodized aluminum exterior, as well as an all-black cable and headphone termination. If you like silver, the RHA T20 (which lacks a microphone) is available. The RHA headphones drivers appear, and they have memory wire ear hooks.

Because you can mold them to fit around your ears and stay there, the T20i is exceptionally comfy. The over-ear style reduces cable noise in general, but you'll notice it if you're walking or working out. (To their credit, RHA supplies a shirt clip to help with cable noise, but it's inconvenient.)

The headphones include an in-line mic and a remote that is compatible with iOS devices. Android users are out of luck because the T20 lacks a remote. However, if you have an iPhone, you can control the volume, playback, and make calls, which we were able to hear clearly from our friends and family.

Build Quality

The T20i's body frame is made of injection-molded steel; few IEM manufacturers use this material for their IEMs because it's a time-consuming and labor-intensive process (and not very cost-effective).

These items do not come with detachable cables, which is disappointing, given their price. If something goes wrong with the cable, you must send it to RHA for RMA! All kidding aside, this is a significant omission from such an expensive pair of IEMs.


When listening with the Reference filter, the RHA T20i sounds absolutely fantastic. The bass hits strongly but is always in control. The highs are sparkling and have a superb resolution, yet they are never harsh.

The mids are fluid and well-balanced. Because of its balance and adaptability across genres, the Reference filter is by far our favorite of the three included filters.

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We expected the headphone to enhance bass emphasis when we switched to the Bass filter, but they didn't. Instead, the bass filter muffled the highs while amplifying the mid-bass frequencies. Bassheads will be upset that the headphones don't provide bone-chilling bass, but this is a serious listening headphone.

The RHA T20i Review
The RHA T20i Review

The High filter added vigor to the highs without detracting from the mids or bass, which is good. The High filter was a little too harsh for us in the highs, but it can help with tracks that could use a little extra treble intensity.

After a few weeks of using the RHA T20i, we found ourselves returning to the Reference filter and foregoing our wireless headphones in order to enjoy the better sound throughout our commute.

Wireless headphones are unquestionably more convenient, but the RHA's sound quality is worth the trouble of going corded.


The ear pieces' quality stainless steel fabrication feels nice and comfortable against the skin in a manner that plastic simply cannot match. The injection-molded metal fits securely within your ears, and the T20i Gen.

2 has a number of extra features to improve comfort and fit; moldable, over-ear hooks and a wide range of included earpieces provide maximum compatibility with a wide range of ears. We were able to listen for hours on end without becoming tired of it.

RHA T20i Price

The T20i Gen. 2 has an MSRP of $190, which isn't cheap, even if it can be obtained at roughly 25% off that price on a regular basis. The great build quality, customizable choices, and excellent sound quality, on the other hand, justify the price.

You could buy less expensive earphones and have a satisfactory experience, but given that the T20i Gen. 2 will outlast cheap, flimsy earbuds, you may end up spending similar amounts in the long run.

However, these are not cheap impulse buys, and if you're prone to misplacing your earbuds, they may cause concern.

They're also wired, which is a huge disadvantage given the abundance of fantastic wireless solutions presently available. However, the T20i Gen. 2 provides nearly unequaled sound quality for earbuds and is well worth the investment if audio fidelity is a priority.

RHA T20 Review
RHA T20 Review

Sound Quality

We were pleasantly impressed by how good the T20i Gen. 2 truly sounded. These earphones reproduce sounds with near-perfect precision and provide an enjoyable listening experience.

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They don't quite match the audio quality of over-ear headphones, but for earbuds, you can't get much better than these. From the powerful, pleasing bass range to the ringing high notes, the tones are clear and sharp. In comparison to competing earphones, we liked the T20i Gen. 2's sense of depth and space.

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Alternatives Headphones For RHA T20i Headphones

1. Shure SE425

With Shure being such a well-known brand, it's no surprise that this deserving set of in-ears has acquired a large following and a slew of industry accolades.

The specifications are essentially identical to those of the T20, with the key variation being the Shure's detachable lead, which is extremely useful. The SE425s come with a good accessory kit as well but lack the RHAs' stylish and extremely adaptable interchangeable filters.

2. Sennheiser IE 80

The Sennheiser IE 80's are another popular mainstream option. It comes from another fantastic company that (to be honest) took the time to produce something truly decent in the way of in-ears.

This type is similarly priced but, while sounding excellent, does not employ the dual-coil method used by the RHAs and Shures. They do, however, feature a detachable wire and, while there are no additional filters, they do include a bass tuning function that allows you to raise or decrease the low end to preference.

CONCLUSION On RHA T20i Headphones Review

We honestly felt the price was a tad expensive for in-ear headphones at first. However, after evaluating these headphones, we were certain that they were an absolute steal.

These IEMs have the build quality and sound quality to compete with some of the best over-the-ear headphones on the market. So, if you have a lot of money to spend on headphones and prefer in-ears, the RHA T20i headphones are a perfect match.

Also, you can try the different models of RHA including RHA t10i, RHA t10, RHA t20i, and many more. These headphones also have a sound signature, wired mode, and great sound!

Make sure to read the headphone review we prepared! If you have any comments, questions, or recommendations, please leave them in the comments section below!

RHA T20i Headphones Review
RHA T20i Headphones Review

FAQs About RHA T20i Headphones

Is RHA a good headset?

The RHA TrueConnect may be a little old, but it isn't obsolete. These IPX5 earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0 enabled and have a remarkably pleasant fit. The earbuds look just as good today as they did in 2018, feature excellent passive isolation, and are a terrific choice for the budget-conscious consumer.

Is the RHA t20i compatible with Android?

(To their credit, RHA supplies a shirt clip to help with cable noise, but it's inconvenient.) The headphones include an in-line mic and a remote that is compatible with iOS devices. Android users are out of luck because the T20 lacks a remote.

How can I make a claim on my RHA T20i warranty?

First and foremost, Fill out the Warranty Claim Request Form below by providing us with all of the relevant information, such as the fault, invoice, model name, and so on. We will respond to your request within a day of receiving it. Step Two: Once your claim request is authorized, your case will be assigned a unique WCID (Warranty Case ID) number.

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