9 Best Entry Level Home Theater Systems (Top Picks Reviews)

What are the Best Entry Level Home Theater Systems? Anyone who wants to watch movies at home knows they need two things: a television and either a media console (such as a Blu-Ray player) or a streaming device (like a Roku stick).

Of course, you could get around this with a Smart TV, but you get the idea. However, if you’re a true cinephile, you’ll recognize that audio is only half of the experience.

Key takeaway

There are several options for entry-level home theater systems. Some of the best options include:


• Pioneer 5.1 Home Theater System[1]

• Yamaha 5.1 Home Theater System[1]

• Roku Stream bar

• Klipsch Reference Theater Pack


• Vizio Elevate soundbar with subwoofer and rear speakers

Other good options can be found on websites that specialize in home theater systems, such as The Home Cinema Guide and Life wire.

What Are The Best Entry-Level Home Theater Systems?
What Are The Best Entry-Level Home Theater Systems?

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While many TVs come with built-in speakers or you can get a soundbar for a reasonable price, a true home theater requires the booming bass and crisp mids of a surround sound system.

But what should you do if you aren’t an expert on cinematic audio gear? To get started, you can buy an all-in-one theater-in-a-box system. On the following list of entry-level home theater systems, we’ve gathered the ten best.


All complete “theater-in-a-box” systems include two distinct components: a set of speakers and a receiver. The purpose of the speakers — which will vary in quantity, size, and type — is fairly obvious: they are the devices through which the sound is projected.

A surround sound system will typically include a combination of high- and mid-range speaker units, as well as at least one subwoofer for bass, though this can vary depending on the brand, technology, and overall price of the system.

These devices work together to produce a wide range of cinema-style audio. However, without a receiver, they are practically useless.

9 Best Entry Level Home Theater Systems


SALE No. 1
HCDZ Replacement Remote Control for Pioneer AXD7690 VSX-523 VSX-523-K VSX-524 VSX-524-K VSX-5231 HTP-072 VSX-324-K-P 5.1 Channel AV Receiver
  • New replacement IR remote control,only support Pioneer A/V AV Receiver
  • No batteries and instructions included
  • No programming needed
  • 90 days warranty

You don’t need deep pockets to get a home-theater-in-a-box with all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from modern technology — this Pioneer home theater system has them all.

This system comes with a receiver that can handle Ultra HD, HDR, 3D movies and video games, as well as Dolby-tuned audio and video for high-resolution sounds and images no matter what you’re watching, listening to, or playing. To top it all off, it has Bluetooth compatibility for wireless control. That isn’t even the end of what this system has to offer.

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SaleSALE No. 1
YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth
2,626 Reviews
YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth
  • 5.1 channel powerful surround sound.Audio Delay : Yes (0-500 ms). Extensive Connection - HDMI CEC : Yes.
  • Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Rated Output Power (1kHz, 1ch driven) 100W (8 ohms, 0.9% THD); Rated Output Power (20Hz 20kHz, 2ch driven) 70W (8 ohms, 0.09% THD); Maximum Effective Output Power (1kHz, 1ch driven) (Jeita) 145W (6 ohms, 10% THD)
  • HDMI 2.1 with HDCP 2.2 (4 in/1 out)
  • 4K Ultra HD support, HDR10, Dolby vision, hybrid log gamma and BT.2020
  • YPAO auto calibration technology for ideal sound, Exclusive Yamaha Cinema DSP technology supports playback of HD Audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio, etc.), providing natural and expansive sound imaging

In terms of price and features, this Yamaha system is comparable to the previous Pioneer option, but it lacks one major feature that the Pioneer system does: YPAO optimization. YPAO is a system that automatically reads the space where you’ve placed your speakers and optimizes them for that space.

That means you can get the best sound for the room of your choice with just a simple plug-and-play system. And if you ever move or switch rooms, it’s just as simple to re-optimize.

Combine that with a full suite of surround sound speakers, 4K Ultra HD support, and Bluetooth compatibility with a compressed music enhancer, and you have one of the best bang-for-your-buck systems available.


SALE No. 1
Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Satellite Speaker (Single, Black) | PowerPort Technology | Hi-Gloss Blackstone Finish | Compact Size, Crisp Sound | Pair with TL Series for Complete Home Entertainment
278 Reviews
Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Satellite Speaker (Single, Black) | PowerPort Technology | Hi-Gloss Blackstone Finish | Compact Size, Crisp Sound | Pair with TL Series for Complete Home Entertainment
  • CREATES A SOUNDSTAGE COMPARABLE TO ANY LARGE SYSTEM. Features a 2.5" driver and a 0.5" silk dome tweeter for more realistic audio detailing. The APERIODIC-TUNED REAR PORT delivers bass extension and boosts the audio on a shelf or against the wall
  • UNIQUE CURVED SHAPE BASED ON "TIME LENS TECHNOLOGY" – It is specially designed to align the acoustic centers of the tweeter and mid-bass in the same plane, making it feel like you are in the movie instead of just watching it
  • BUILD YOUR OWN 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and BEYOND HOME THEATER SYSTEM - Create an immersive surround sound system by installing four to eight of these TL1 satellite speakers, a TL1 center channel and any subwoofer of your choice
  • EASY TO CONNECT AND OPERATE - No matter how you choose to set it up, the speaker easily connects to a receiver. Use them as front speakers, left-right surrounds, or rear surrounds for heightened effect
  • POLK'S UNMATCHED QUALITY AT A SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE. With this value-priced speaker, you can now enjoy premium audio, expert engineering, solid construction, and a spectacular theater experience right at home

Polk Audio, which was founded in 1972, has been a trusted name in audio systems for nearly as long as they’ve been in business. While other low-cost options may come from relatively trustworthy brands with a wide range of product types, Polk has remained almost entirely focused on audio products, such as home theater systems.

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That is, they are specially designed to provide excellent sound in a theater-in-a-box system. Take, for example, the Blackstone & Denon system shown here. This home theater system provides booming cinematic sound without being gaudy or cumbersome, thanks to a suite of compact, out-of-the-way speakers.


SALE No. 1
AC/DC Adapter Charger Replacement for Subwoofer of Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home Theater System Power Supply(Only Fit Subwoofer)
  • Brand New, High Quality Replacement AC Wall Power Charger Adapter
  • Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Auto (Worldwide AC Input),Cable Length: 10 feet.
  • Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat Protection
  • Tested Units. In Great Working Condition.

Whereas most traditional home theater audio systems require a receiver to serve as a central hub, a few new brands are emerging that have recognized the potential in smart technology to replace that outmoded format. Enclave is one such company, as their CineHome HD system does not use a traditional receiver.

Rather, the Smart Center (a stand-alone device) replaces it entirely as a two-in-one receiver hub and wireless speaker. It is accompanied by four smaller speakers and a subwoofer for powerful bass.


SALE No. 1
Onkyo HT-S5910 Dolby Atmos 5.1.2-Channel Home Theater Package,Black
31 Reviews
Onkyo HT-S5910 Dolby Atmos 5.1.2-Channel Home Theater Package,Black
  • With Dolby Atmos and DTS: x Audio formats, sounds in the movie scene are mapped to their corresponding Positions within the entertainment space, allowing any audio to be localized or moved from one speaker to another all around the audience in sync with the on-screen action. The sense of spatiality unlocks a new dimension to movies and games. Enjoy classic titles through your Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker system with Dolby Surround and DTS neural: x Upmixer finding localization cues in legacy soundtracks and remapping them for 3D playback
  • When playing any Dolby format, engaging Dolby Atmos height virtualizer enables a more immersive listening experience, creating a virtual Surround and height effect from traditional speaker layouts without employing additional Surround or height speakers
  • DTS Virtual: X is a surround virtualization technology that works with DTS: X, DTS formats, and non-encoded stereo soundtracks to create an immersive 3D sound-field from horizontal speaker layouts without height speakers connected. It uses algorithms to create a convincing sense of 3D spatiality through a 5. 1-ch layout, leaving you with a pair of channels for audio distribution in Zone B.
  • Factory-matched speakers suit the amp’s personality and look cool in any room. Solid 2-Way front speakers include a 5˝driver and 1˝ tweeter and have a strong, confident, vibrant sound. Sealed enclosures house Dolby Atmos-enabled drivers powered by the Height channels. These reproduce the vertical dimension in 3D audio without any installation clutter. The center unit has two big drivers and tweeter while an active 130 W subwoofer with 10-inch cone punches out deep, taut bass for a visceral impact. Compact surround speakers are easily placed about the listening position, or use them in Zone B with a 3. 1. 2 layout in Main.
  • The receiver has four HDMI inputs and one arc-enabled output that supports up to 18 Gbps transmission of 4K video at 50/60 Hz along with HDR (hlg, HDR10, Dolby vision), The BT. 2020 color Standard, and 4: 4: 4/24-bit video. Video passes from connected players through the receiver to the TV via one easily concealed HDMI cable. You can check your player, receiver, and TV are working harmoniously by calling up a transparent on-screen media input-output display to confirm playback conditions such as audio CODEC, sound mode, video frame-rate, video resolution, and HDR format without interrupting your program

Unless you’re intimately familiar with home audio equipment, you’ve probably never heard of Onkyo. But we’ll be the first to tell you: they have an exceptional grasp on the aforementioned technological gear category.

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Their Dolby Atmos-ready Home Theater Package is an exceptional home-theater-in-a-box that even the most enigmatic audiophiles and film buffs can appreciate. It is a simple-to-use system with a plethora of built-in features.

Among these features are eight built-in HDMI ports for all of your peripherals, Bluetooth compatibility, and a diverse set of built-in technologies ranging from Chromecast to Spotify and more. If you want a top-of-the-line system at a mid-range price, look no further.

Best Entry-Level Home Theater Systems
Best Entry-Level Home Theater Systems

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The Sonos Beam Home Theater System, the second setup on our list that eliminates the need for a receiver entirely, is one of the most streamlined smart home-theaters-in-a-box on the market today. That’s because their system is based on their Beam soundbar, a smart device that supports Bluetooth, Alexa, and AirPlay 2 and looks as good as it performs.

Even better, it’s simple to connect to your television and expand your surround sound setup with additional speakers. Whether you want a simple home theater audio setup or a multi-room speaker system, this kit is the best place to start when user-friendliness and ease-of-use are your top priorities.


SaleSALE No. 1
Sony STR-DH790 7.2-ch Surround Sound Home Theater AV Receiver: 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos & Bluetooth Black
2,644 Reviews
Sony STR-DH790 7.2-ch Surround Sound Home Theater AV Receiver: 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos & Bluetooth Black
  • CINEMATIC SOUND AT HOME: Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and more with theater like sound in the comfort of your home
  • BREATHTAKING AUDIO: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X deliver multi-dimensional and object-based surround sound
  • STUNNING 4K QUALITY: 4K HDR pass through with support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Hybrid Log Gamma provides greater and clearer color, contrast, and brightness
  • GET CONNECTED: 4 in/1 out HDMI each and 1 optical / 1 coaxial digital and analog audio connections
  • AUTO CALIBRATION: Advanced D.C.A.C. analyzes and adjusts the audio for optimal sound in every room

Sony has been producing consumer electronics for a long time, including audio systems for music, movies, and video games. And, because they have such a diverse range of products, it’s in their best interests to release home theater systems that work well with their other products, such as the industry-leading PlayStation 4 console.

This system is one of the most comprehensive on our list, with nine individual units ranging from a booming subwoofer to a Dolby Atmos-equipped receiver that will make you feel like you’re in a full-sized IMAX theater inside your own home. It also supports 4K video, HDR, and other features. It’s a complicated setup, but anyone who hears it will be impressed.


SaleSALE No. 1
Focal SIB EVO Atmos 5.1.2 Two-Way Bass-Reflex Satellite Home Cinema Loudspeaker System Compatible with Dolby Atmos
18 Reviews
Focal SIB EVO Atmos 5.1.2 Two-Way Bass-Reflex Satellite Home Cinema Loudspeaker System Compatible with Dolby Atmos
  • Sib Evo Dolby Atmos was designed with more rear volume than the Sib Evo to give it even more extended frequency response..a 3" full-range one-way Polyflex speaker driver dedicated to reproducing the Atmos effects.
  • In 5.1 and 5.1.2 Home Cinema systems, the loudspeaker can also be used horizontally, turning the satellite into a center loudspeaker. Subwoofer Just like the Sib Evo and Sib Evo Dolby Atmos loudspeakers, The sound rendering is suitable for Home Cinema systems as well as for stereo systems with its clear, warm musicality, and to impressive dynamics and precision.
  • Focal also wanted to offer a perfectly adapted upgrade solution for customers already equipped with Sib loudspeakers: two Dolby Atmos loudspeakers can be added to an existing Sib system to experience the effect provided by a state-of-the-art Home Cinema setup, The loudspeakers are equipped with a connector system with push buttons to make the satellite easier to hook up to an amplifier.
  • You can still adjust the inclination by +/-5 degrees, bearing in mind that the loudspeakers are delivered with the degree of inclination recommended by Dolby, There are also double connectors instead of single connectors for the power supply, Each satellite speaker is pre-mounted to its base
  • Easy to Install Extensive research went into even the smallest details to make Sib Evo easy to install.

If you want a setup that provides exceptional sound as well as unique and stylish device designs, the Focal Sib Evo kit shown here might be a good place to start. With five wide-range speakers and a very powerful subwoofer, this home theater system delivers cinematic sound in a more subtle package than many of the other options on the market.

It also includes one of the industry’s most trusted receivers, a Yamaha RX-A780, to ensure proper operation. That means it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify built-in (along with a number of other audio streaming services), 4K and HDR support, and so much more.


SALE No. 1
Klipsch Reference R-610F 5.1 Home Theater System, Black withYamaha RX-V4A 5.2-Channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI and MusicCast
21 Reviews
Klipsch Reference R-610F 5.1 Home Theater System, Black withYamaha RX-V4A 5.2-Channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI and MusicCast
  • 2x Klipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Home Speaker (Black Textured Wood Grain Vinyl) - Magnetic Grille - Injection-Molded Feet & Screws - Klipsch 5 Year Limited Warranty - Bundle With: - Reference R-52C Two-Way Center Channel Speaker (Black) - Reference R-12SW 12" 400W All-Digital Powered Subwoofer (Brushed Black Polymer Veneer) - 2x Reference R-41M Bookshelf Home Speakers (Black Textured Wood Grain Vinyl) - Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2-Channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI and MusicCast
  • 2x Klipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Home Speaker | Reference R-52C Two-Way Center Channel Speaker | Reference R-12SW 12" 400W All-Digital Powered Subwoofer | 2x Reference R-41M Bookshelf Home Speakers | Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2-Channel AV Receiver
  • 1" Aluminum LTS tweeter
  • 90x90 Square Tractrix Horn
  • Single 6.5" Spun-Copper IMG Woofers

Besides designing and manufacturing absolutely stunning and iconic audio equipment, Klipsh is one of our favorite audio brands for their unimpeachable dedication to making all of their gear sound as good as possible at any volume. As you might guess, their Home Theater System you see here is definitely no exception to that rule.

This cinematic system comes with a reliable, top-of-the-line Yamaha RX-A760 receiver, as well as dual tower speakers, surround speakers, a center channel speaker, and a massive subwoofer.

It’s a bit more cumbersome than some other options, and thus better suited to a home than, say, an apartment. Of course, if you’re a total audiophile, they also offer even more comprehensive setups. When it comes to home theater systems, you simply cannot go wrong with Klipsch.

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CONCLUSION on the Best Entry Level Home Theater Systems

The only thing better than going on a date to the movies is being able to enjoy the same high-quality cinema experience from the comfort of your own home.

You can save money on expensive popcorn and avoid distracting background noise while still enjoying the incredible immersive audio that immerses you in your favorite films. Because there are so many options on the market, we’ve narrowed it down to the best quality mid-range home theater speakers.

FAQs About Entry-Level Home Theater Systems

Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround better?

A 7.1 system is ideal for larger rooms where sound can become lost in the space. It offers a more immersive surround sound listening experience. Theater quality media designed for a 7.1 system will be heard more clearly than on a 5.1 system.

What does 5.1 mean in terms of surround sound?

Surround sound audio systems are commonly referred to as 5.1 surround sound (“five-point one”). In home theaters, the most common layout is 5.1. It makes use of five full-bandwidth channels as well as one low-frequency effects channel.

How many watts of home theater do I need?

The higher the wattage power under the hood, the better your theater will sound. And, strange as it may seem, a high-power theater appears louder at lower volumes. Without fear of running out of power, 125 watts per channel is the ideal amount to have.

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