How to Use Headphones with Built in Mic on PC Windows 10? (Answered!)

How to Use Headphones with Built in Mic on PC Windows 10? You need to record something, chat with a friend on Skype, or make an announcement, but you don't have a microphone.

You've probably heard of people using headphones as microphones and wondering how it works.

Headphones and microphones are fairly similar. They both have a diaphragm and react with sound in different ways depending on how sound vibrations are used.

A microphone picks up vibrations from an input source and records or broadcasts them. Headphones vibrate the diaphragm to produce sound that a listener can hear.


If you know how to use headphones as a microphone, you can use them in a pinch.

Quick Answer, How to Use Headphones with Built in Mic on PC Windows 10?

Click the “Recording” tab, find the device you're using, and then click the “Properties” button. Select the “Listen” tab. Select the “Listen to this device” checkbox. This immediately sends your microphone input to your headphone speakers, allowing you to hear how your microphone sounds.

How to Use Headphones with Built in Mic on PC Windows 10
How to Use Headphones with Built in Mic on PC Windows 10

How to Use Headphones with Built in Mic on PC Windows 10

To begin using the headset, you must first configure it on Windows 10.

Fortunately, it's simple, and all you have to do is plug it in. You must connect the headset's cable end to the audio support connector on the PC or use a wireless connection via the Bluetooth headset design.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the ports on your computer, it is easy to make mistakes. Here are some alternatives to consider:

  • 3.5mm jack: An old-fashioned headset is still a high-quality product at a low price. It usually splits the cable at the end, with two headphone jack, one for the audio output and the other for the microphone.
  • USB: USB-powered headphones provide a better experience than 3.5mm jack headphones due to in-line amplifiers, controls, and other advanced capabilities. However, because USB headsets do not support long distances from the 3.5 mm connector in terms of quality, they are not frequently used.
  • Wireless Headphones: These headphones have a simple design that eliminates the need for cables to connect your headset to your computer. As a result, when you use it, you will have a greater range and will be able to listen comfortably without having to worry about tangled wires.

In general, each type of headset has its own set of features, so you can make the best option based on the case and motherboard installed on your PC. You'll have a reasonable way to set up from there.

However, the sound card on the motherboard is the most important component in determining sound quality. We believe it should be compared to a specialist digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

To use headphones with a built in microphone on a PC running Windows 10, complete these three steps:

  1. Examine Audio Output on Windows 10
  2. Take a voice recording.
  3. Troubleshooting Windows Headsets
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Examine Audio Output on Windows 10

To ensure that your windows' sound levels and features are properly set up and adjusted. To begin, check the Audio Output in Windows 10. To check, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Locate the sound icon on the toolbar and select it with the left mouse button in the menu panel.

Step 2: Choose the linked headset. It can be found in brackets or on a USB. Some manufacturers provide an onboard audio model. In general, it is determined by the type of connection used by your headset. You can rename each item in the list here to make it easier to understand.

Step 3: Examine the output to check that you've selected the correct linked device and that everything is operating properly. You can also test by enabling various ways on your PC or checking the capabilities offered in Windows.

Record Your Own Voice

Once you're certain that the audio connection is flawless, you can begin recording your voice.

However, it would be beneficial if you did some effort to ensure that the external microphone is the default output device and that the volume is turned up.

You locate the sound icon and right-click it, then proceed as follows:

Open sound settings -> sound control panel -> record tab -> microphone -> set as default -> properties window -> pick level tab -> adjust

Furthermore, you must confirm that your VoIP program or recording software is activated in order to test your microphone.

How To Enable/Disable Your Headset Mic in Windows 10

Headphones not working is a typical issue; even if you have it set as the default input device, it will not work; nevertheless, there are various remedies to this problem.

This article will show you how to enable and disable the headphone mic in Windows 10. Because the underlying cause could be that your sound settings are incorrect.

There are two straightforward approaches you can take:

1. Making use of device properties

This method simply allows you to enable/disable the default input device, the microphone. To begin, navigate to the settings panel and select ‘system.' Then, proceed as follows:

  • When you choose the audio item, a menu panel will emerge, from which you will choose ‘device properties' in the ‘input' area.
  • Your microphone is turned on by default. Hover and drag the navigation bar on the volume bar to adjust the sound level. Drag to the right to increase the volume, or to the left to lower it.
  • You'll notice the ‘off' option here; pick or clear it to turn on/off the gadget. When you finish this procedure, Windows 10 and other applications will no longer be able to access and use your microphone.

2. Make use of the audio device management feature.

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When using the audio device management option, you will have more options for enabling/disabling one or more microphones than when using device attributes.

To set it up, you'll still go to'system' under' settings' and click. Then you should consider doing the following:

  • Locate ‘input' under ‘audio,' a panel will open, and then search for ‘audio devices.'
  • Now that the settings panel has shown, select the microphone in the ‘input device' area.
  • Toggle the option to switch off the appropriate gadget on/off.
  • If you wish to disable numerous microphones, repeat the first two steps. When completed, windows and applications will no longer be able to access the disabled microphones.

Microphone monitoring

Mic Monitoring is one of the oldest Windows capabilities that allows you to hear yourself clearly. The majority of players and gaming companies use this to design their gadgets. Most people, however, are ignorant of this function.

  1. Right-click on the Sound icon in the taskbar and select “Sounds.”
  2. Click the “Recording” tab, find the device on the device manager you're using, and then click the “Properties” button.
  3. Select the “Listen” tab. Select the “Listen to this device” checkbox. This immediately sends your microphone input to your wired headphone speakers, allowing you to hear how your microphone sounds.
  4. Uncheck the “Listen to this device” option to turn off Mic Monitoring.
How to Use Headphones with Built in Mic on PC Windows 10
How to Use Headphones with Built in Mic on PC Windows 10

Troubleshooting Windows Headsets

When using the Windows headset, you may encounter some microphone issue. Here are some methods to assist you in resolving it effectively:

  • Check the manufacturer's handbook to ensure that you are using the correct port.
  • Reinstall the driver: If the headset isn't working, check the driver; the issue could be with the wire. Now uninstall and reinstall.
  • Can auto-discovery be turned on: If the headset cannot connect to the PC, it is conceivable that autodetect is enabled and that it was previously linked to another device.
  • Attempt using bluetooth headphones or another device: You can use this method to establish whether the problem is with the headset or the transmitter.

How To Fix PC Not Detecting My Headset Microphone?

Method 1: Make the microphone the default.

Perhaps your microphone is not set as the default on your PC, and therefore it is not detected. Follow these steps to make the microphone the default:

To complete the following instructions, hit the Windows + r keys on the keyboard at the same time. A run box will open; type in the ‘control' box and press “enter.”

You may access ‘large icons' from the control panel's v= menu, then drop down to ‘view by.'

Continue to right-click anywhere on the audio-record tab.

Enable the headset microphone by right-clicking it. Right-click it again and select'set as default device.'

Method 2: Exit applications that have access to your data.

Some communication apps can use your headset microphone even when it is not in use.

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These apps are Discord, Skype, and Zoom. They cause the microphone to become inactive. To resolve the issue, disable all of these apps.

You will then check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Method 3: Resolve hardware issues

If you still can't figure out why the computer isn't detecting the microphone, look at the hardware. Your headset or PC's hardware is most likely malfunctioning.

Connect the headset to another port on the PC to run a test. You'll be able to tell if the issue is with the port this way.

If it does not function, please connect the headset to another PC to determine whether or not the headset is damaged.

If it is still possible to repair, please contact the supplier for assistance.

Final Thoughts on How to Use Headphones with Built-in Mic on PC Windows 10

No one enjoys having their connections cut off, especially when you desperately need to be heard. There's no denying how aggravating it is when instructions aren't being received on the other end.

This is extremely aggravating when the problem only occurs when you use headphones with your PC.

The ability to use your headphones with built-in microphone on your Windows 10 PC can significantly improve the quality of your online meetings or even games. You can now complete your regular online duties with ease now that your headset mic is working properly.

If you are into exploring, you can also use bluetooth device with internal microphone that has a good audio output. Just simply click the recording tab. Wireless headphones also do support this with separate microphone or audio driver that can be useful as a recording device.

We hope that we get to help you in answering your question! Give us a feedback after this!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can I use a headset with a built-in microphone on my computer?

The good news is, you can. The main impediment to utilizing your excellent headphones or earbuds with a desktop PC is that most full-sized desktops separate the headphone and microphone connections, whereas phones and laptops combine them into a single 3.5mm socket.

How can I utilize both headphones and a microphone on my PC?

Simply plug the headset into that connector and you're ready to go. However, if your computer has two ports, one for a microphone and one for a headset, plug your single jack headphone into the second port with a headset input. This will help you listen to the sound and use the speaker more effectively.

How can I connect a 3.5 mm microphone to my PC?

Connecting A “Mini-Plug” (3.5 mm) Microphone To A Computer
Insert the microphone into the computer's 3.5 mm microphone input (or the headphone jack).
Select the microphone as the computer's and/or software's audio input.
Within the computer, change the input level.

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