How to Pair Jaybird Headphones (Easy Guide)

How to Pair Jaybird Headphones?

System Preferences can be found in the Apple menu. You can access this pane of preferences by clicking on the Sound icon. The Output tab must be selected. To select BirdVista, click on the ‘Windows XP' link. Go to the Input tab and select it. Navigate to ‘Jaybird Vista.'

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How to Pair Jaybird Headphones

Jaybird headphones are popular among both athletes and casual users.

If you bought your Jaybird headphones secondhand or simply forgot how to connect them, the following two methods will work for almost all models.


You may have a new pair of headphones, or you may be researching how to fix bluetooth lag. In any case, we're here to help you get your Jaybirds connected!


To pair Jaybird headphones, you need to follow these basic steps:

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or music device and make sure it is searching for Bluetooth devices
Turn on your Jaybird headphones and put them in pairing mode by pressing and holding the power button until the LED flashes red/green or white
Select “Jaybird X4” or “Jaybird Tarah” in the list of discovered devices on your phone or music device.
Wait for the headphones to connect, and you will hear a connection prompt.
You can find more detailed instructions on the Jaybird website, or on other websites such as WikiHow and Techno-Stuff.

Install the Jaybird App

There are two ways to connect your Jaybird headphones to your phone, computer, or other devices. To begin, download the Jaybird App. This enables you to connect your headphones and control features such as volume limits and EQ.

  • Click Here to Download the Apple Store App
  • Click Here to Download the Google Play Store App

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How Do I Connect Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones To My Mac?

System Preferences can be found in the Apple menu.You can access this pane of preferences by clicking on the Sound icon.The Output tab must be selected.To select BirdVista, click on the ‘Windows XP' link.Go to the Input tab and select it.Navigate to ‘Jaybird Vista'.

How Do I Make My Jaybird X4 Work With My Mac?

  • Keep the X4 earbuds' Middle Button pressed until the LED blinks red and green and you hear the “Ready to pair” signal.
  • When you open the Bluetooth setup menu on your Bluetooth phone/music device, look for the ‘Jaybird X4' on the list of available devices.
  • Connect iPhone X4: In the list, click the ‘Jaybird X4' button.
  • Why aren't my Jaybirds communicating?
  • If you connect your headphones or charging clip to a power source, neither will respond. Your buds will be forced to shut down and the device will be reset.
How to Pair Jaybird Freedom Headphones / Wireless Earbuds - YouTube
How to Pair Jaybird Headphones

How Do I Pair My Jaybird Wireless Headphones?

  • After you've removed your earbuds from the charging case, insert them into your ears.
  • If you have a Bluetooth device, go to the Bluetooth Settings section, select Bluetooth, and turn on RUN status.
  • Once connected, the phrase “Connected” will be heard on your right earbud.

How Can I Make My Jaybird X4 Detectable?

  • Check that your phone/music device's Bluetooth is turned on and actively searching for Bluetooth devices.
  • If the X4 detects a red and green LED flashing, press and hold the Power Button for a few seconds before turning it off.
  • The selected device is among those discovered.
  • A prompt for an X4 connection appears.
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Can the Jaybird X4 communicate with a laptop?

Use your X4 earbuds with other audio and music programs on a Windows or Mac computer. To use these earbuds, pair them and connect the headphones to a computer.

Why isn't my Jaybird Vista connecting?

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How to Pair Jaybird Headphones

If your earbuds aren't working properly, try this step: Turn off your audio device's Bluetooth for 10 seconds and then back on again. There is no way to make a reset connection with Bluetooth when you turn it off and back on quickly. If the Jaybird Vista isn't being paired again, try again.

What's the deal with one of my Jaybirds not working?

Prevent this from happening when you pair other devices with your device. Open the Bluetooth settings and forget about your device and Jaybird RUN.Pull both buds out of the charge case and simultaneously press the multi-function key for 3 seconds until they are turned off by gravity.A red LED will appear if the buds are toggled off, indicating that you can pair Jaybird RUN with your device again.

How to Reset Jaybirds?

  • Before using the buds, make sure they are turned off.
  • Turn off the switch after eight seconds by pressing the power button until you see a red and green LED light up.
  • After pressing the power button twice, you should hear a double tone. Your buds have been reactivated.

How Can I Make My Jaybirds Visible?

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How to Pair Jaybird Headphones
  • In the settings menu, select the connections option.
  • Bluetooth can be selected from the menu at the top of the Connection window.
  • Select your Jaybird X2 device from the list of “Available devices.” That device appears after your Android device, which is referred to as ‘X2'.
  • If prompted for a passcode, enter “0000.”
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How Do I Connect My Jaybird Vista Earbuds To My Phone Or Music Player?

If you are having trouble pairing your earbuds, try the steps below:

  • Turn your audio device's Bluetooth off for at least 10 seconds before turning it back on. Please keep in mind that quickly turning Bluetooth off and on will not reset the connection.
  • Retry pairing your Jaybird Vista.

If this fails, try the following:

  • Turn off and then on your audio device.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings on your audio device and “FORGET” or “REMOVE” Jaybird Vista.
  • Retry pairing your Jaybird Vista.

FAQs About How to Pair Jaybird Headphones

Why am I unable to connect my Jaybird headphones?

Reset to factory settings
To restore your buds to their factory settings, turn them off and press and hold the center button for more than 4 seconds until you see an alternating red/green LED.

How do I pair my Jaybirds with my iPhone?

Here's how to finish this procedure:
Hold the Middle Button on your X4 earbuds until the LED blinks green/red and you hear “Ready to pair.” …
Go to the Bluetooth setup menu on your Bluetooth music device and look for ‘Jaybird X4' in the list of available devices. …
To connect, select ‘Jaybird X4' from the list.

How do I clear the memory on my Jaybird wireless headphones?

What Should I Do to Reset My Buds?
Make sure your headphones are turned off.
Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds from the off state until the LEDs flash red and green.
Press and hold the power button twice. The LED will flash rapidly and a double tone should be heard. Your buds have been re-calibrated.

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