Best Earbuds For Riding Motorcycle (Answered!)

The best earbuds for Riding Motorcycle is you’re wearing a massive weight in your ears, which can make listening to music for extended periods of time quite uncomfortable. This is why the Anker Sound core wireless earbuds, which weigh just under 0.2 ounces, are at the top of our list. Regarding the listening experience, they feature Bass Up technology, which boosts the bass by 43 percent while providing accurate frequency response across all frequency range.

Best Earbuds For Riding Motorcycle
Best Earbuds For Riding Motorcycle

Riding is a great way to enjoy the sensation of wind in your hair and on your skin, but no one enjoys hearing wind noise. It’s not only bad for your hearing ability, but it’s also an unpleasant experience in general. What should a rider do?

Of course, you could wear earplugs. It’s something I do on every ride, and it’s served me well in terms of avoiding serious hearing loss while riding. The thing is, in 2022, many of us prefer to hear things like our preferred GPS navigation system feeding directions into our ears, or even music or podcasts.

Pairing earplugs with a Bluetooth helmet communicator is a good option (and my preferred one), but there are a variety of reasons why it might not be for you. For starters, BT communications units are pricey. Another consideration is that BT comms units may not be appealing if you do not have other riding buddies who use compatible comms units. Perhaps you simply dislike the idea of applying strong adhesive to a helmet graphic that you adore. (We totally understand; no one wants to ruin their favorite lid.) Isn’t there another way?


What About Earphones?

A good pair of earbuds under your helmet can be your new best friend in this situation. The least expensive option will most likely be wired. They also typically take up less physical space, making it less likely that you will become trapped in an uncomfortable position between your ears and your helmet. You’ll obviously have to be careful not to get your wires caught in your jacket zipper, and accidentally unplugging yourself from your phone or other device is another possibility. Sliding a balaclava over your head after you’ve positioned your wired earbuds can help keep everything in place.

Wireless earbuds have the potential to work, but use caution. What works perfectly outside a helmet may cause nothing but pain and misery when crammed inside a helmet due to fit differences.

When putting on or taking off a helmet, things tend to shift around, which can cause additional discomfort. Wireless earbuds will also fall out if they aren’t securely mounted in your ears, so if your helmet dislodges them, it could be annoying at best, and seriously uncomfortable or even painful at worst (ask how I know).

One important thing to remember about earbuds is why you want to wear them. It’s one thing to want a cheap, comfortable way to listen to music and/or navigate while riding. If you also want to protect your hearing, you should get a pair with active noise cancellation.

While the cost of ANC earbuds has decreased over time (as has the cost of much technology), they are still not the cheapest.

A word about the earbuds you may already be using with your smartphone to make and receive calls: they may or may not work as well as you would like when used inside a helmet for making calls. You might like them fine for regular phone calls, but their functionality suffers significantly when placed inside a helmet.

That’s understandable, given that such a thing would almost certainly be a bonus use and not what those earbuds were designed for in the first place.

Please keep in mind that your local laws and regulations may differ regarding whether or not you can legally wear earbuds of any kind while operating your motorcycle. When in doubt, double-check before your next ride.

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Motorcycle Earbuds that are wired

One of the most significant advantages of wired earbuds is their low cost. There’s no need to worry about charging the earbud. The possibility of signal disruption between the device and the earbud is nil.

Motorcycle Earbuds That Are Wireless

The best wireless earbuds for motorcycles allow you to ride freely without worrying about wires snapping. The latest Bluetooth-updated earbuds allow for a distance of up to 33 feet between the device and the earbuds.

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Wireless earbuds are compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and laptop computers. It also gives you the ultimate sense of freedom to leave your device and walk away, whether you’re at the gym or riding a motorcycle.

Wireless vs. Wired

Wireless earbuds are extremely convenient for most activities, but they may or may not be your best option if you want to wear earbuds while riding a motorcycle. While we’re big supporters of ATGATT (all the gear, all the time) here at RideApart, wireless earbuds could be an issue even if you don’t wear a helmet on your bike.

Why? That’s simple. They drop out. Consider all of the stresses that any earbuds you wear on a bike will be subjected to. Vibrations, head checks, quick maneuvers, wind, helmet adjustments, shifting your head inside your helmet, talking or singing inside your helmet, removing your helmet—you get the picture.

If you ride without a helmet and one of your wireless earbuds falls out, you could lose it forever—along with the good money you paid for the pair in the first place. Even with a helmet on, you may not always be able to control where wireless earbud land due to gravity. (How do they always manage to fall into the nearest open storm drain?)

If you’re going to wear earbuds in your helmet, I recommend wired ones for a variety of reasons. Obviously, your opinion may differ, as it does with most things. When weighing your options, practicality, comfort, and price appear to be pretty compelling. That being said, here are a few of the best 2022 options we’ve seen.

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds for Motorcycle

1. Bose Quiet Comfort 20

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Best Earbuds For Riding Motorcycle

Whether you’re in city traffic or on the highway, you’ll be surprised at how well the Quiet Comfort 20 cancels out external noise with its noise cancelling technology. The Quiet Comfort is far superior to the stock Apple earbuds in terms of musicality.

Bose Tripot technology and Active EQ work together to deliver lifelike, engaging sound with deep bass and balance, revealing every subtle detail. The StayHear+ tips are cone-shaped, with a soft, secure fit that provides maximum comfort under the helmet, and they form a gentle seal that kicks in complete noise reduction.

A control module is present to enable and disable noise cancellation. The module includes an inline microphone as well as Aware Mode and call receive/end buttons. The module contains a rechargeable battery that charges in 2 hours and has a playback time of 16 hours. And even if the battery dies, you can still listen to music with equal quality.

The 4-button remote controls music and volume, as well as providing access to voice-recognition apps like Siri and Google search.

If money is no object, the best noise canceling earbuds for motorcycle riding are the Bose QuietComfort 20.

2. Symphonized NRG 3.0

Symphonized earbuds are handcrafted from natural wood and are aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the NRG 3.0 has a unique earbud design with a tangle-free innovative shield technology cable.

At any volume level, the studio-tuned earbuds produce a crystal clear, powerful acoustic sound with strong deep bass and zero breakage. The innovative in-ear canal design ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The strong noise isolation technology, on the other hand, reduces ambient noise, making it suitable for motorcycle riding.

With a smart inbuilt microphone, the gold-plated 3.5mm jack provides a stronger sound connection. With its voice control feature, answering/ending calls, and the ability to skip tracks, the NRG 3.0 is simple to use.

3. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

The TaoTronics headphones are sturdy and stable, thanks to their aluminum construction, which reduces battery consumption. The adjustable earbuds with hooks provide in-ear comfort and convenience, allowing them to stay in place while riding your motorcycle through rough terrain.

With advanced noise-cancelling technology, you can reduce background noises by up to 30dB, allowing you to never compromise on powerful audio quality. The 140 maH rechargeable battery allows for 15 hours of uninterrupted music playback.

The connection is secure thanks to a gold-plated 3.5 mm jack. The remote control system, which includes three inline buttons for play/pause functionality, volume control, and track selection, makes it easy to use without taking your phone out.

For under $60, the TaoTronics are one of the best noise canceling earbuds for motorcycle riding.

4. Sennheiser IE 80 S

Sennheiser’s IE 80-S is an audiophile range of high-end ear-canal buds with ergonomically engineered stainless steel components and a sleek, compact design. Its dynamic packed transducer provides exceptional detail, dynamics, and clarity.

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The in-ear canal wearing design helps to block out distracting background noise and improve the music experience by reducing up to 26dB of noise. The IE 80-S comes with a variety of ear tips for a personalized fit with compliant memory foam tips to ensure quality sound and comfort under the helmet.

The Sennheiser IE 80-S features a unique frequency response tuning capability that allows you to customize bass response by adjusting a control on each earphone for a better listening experience.

These motorcycle earbuds have a tough, detachable cable with Sennheiser’s 2-pin connectors for easy replacement and an optional cable.

5. Shure SE 215-K

Shure’s SE 215-K is one of their most popular best motorcycle earbuds. The lightweight design with optimized nozzle angle allows the cord to rest comfortably above and behind the ears. The earbuds do not protrude from the ears, and the cords are tangle-free, making it simple to put on and take off the helmet.

The Shure SE 215-K features a single high definition driver that produces clear sound with enhanced bass for an unrivaled experience. Noise cancellation technology can block up to 37dB of external noise, allowing you to hear every nuance of your music.

You can get a good seal and quality bass with the various foam and rubber tip options. The earbuds fit comfortably under a motorcycle helmet and do not cause fatigue. The cords are detachable, allowing you to replace them when they wear out.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds for Motorcycle Riding

6. Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds

QuietComfort, according to Bose, are the world’s most effective noise canceling wireless earbuds. You can control how much or how little you want to hear the outside world with its 11 levels of active noise cancellation. In addition to the transparency mode, you can hear and communicate without removing the earbuds.

At any volume level, the QuietComfort produces well-balanced, crisp, and clear sound with full bass. The ANC feature reduces wind noise while riding a motorcycle, allowing you to communicate clearly on phone calls while listening to music.

The earbuds are made of soft silicone and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, with StayHear+ Max tips that fit securely into your ears. The wireless earbuds can last up to 6 hours on a single charge and 12 hours with the charging case. It also has simple touch controls for activating ANC, playing and pausing music, and controlling the volume.

The Bose wireless earbuds are IPX4 rated, which means they can deliver great sound even when exposed to rain, snow, or sweat. Built with Bluetooth 5.0, the device can connect to your device within 30 feet, and the microphone can reject external noise while you’re on the phone.

7. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

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Best Earbuds For Riding Motorcycle

The Momentum True Wireless 2’s unique 7-millimeter dynamic audio drivers produce high-end stereo sound. Even when cruising at high speeds, experiencing wind blasts, and motorcycle exhaust noise, the active noise cancellation feature can provide high-end surround sound.

With an uninterrupted playback time of 7 hours on a single charge and 21+ hours with the charging case, the lightweight, ergonomic design ensures the best possible fit on your ear for all-day listening pleasure. When you remove the earbuds, the Sennheiser SmartPause feature automatically stops and resumes when you put them back on.

Both earbuds have a customizable touch control that allows you to manage calls, control music, and activate voice control with a single tap. The earbuds are rain and sweat-proof, thanks to improved IPX4 splash resistance.

8. Master & Dynamic MW08

A premium audio brand based in New York that creates professional headphones and luxury earbuds from the finest materials. The MW08 is a sleek design made of ceramic for a lightweight, scratch-resistant finish.

The 11 millimeter Beryllium drivers in the earbuds deliver rich and powerful audio with an expansive surround sound. The two hybrid active noise cancellation modes, as well as two ambient listening transparency modes, help you adapt to any environment.

The MW08 avoids wind and external noise by using a wind reduction microphone as well as five other microphones to capture precise audio frequency. Bluetooth 5.2 is also included, as well as external Aluminum Antennas that prevent drops for a true wireless listening experience.

9. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Galaxy Buds Pro are a fantastic pair of earbuds with excellent build quality and a mirror finish design. The motorcycle earbuds fit comfortably and are relatively stable. An 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter built into both earbuds produce high-quality sound with punchy bass and raw quality sound.

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With a single tap, the intelligent, active noise cancellation can easily block out external noise. At moderate speeds, the ANC is also excellent at removing wind noise. The Ambient mode has four levels that activate automatically when you speak to someone.

With a single tap, the buds can launch music, skip tracks, answer calls, and activate voice control. They are also IPX7 water-resistant and can be submerged up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. The battery life is 8 hours on a single charge and 28 hours when using the charging case.

10. Sony WF-1000XM3

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Best Earbuds For Riding Motorcycle (Answered!) 5

The list of the best noise canceling earbuds for motorcycle riding would be incomplete without mentioning the Sony WF-1000XM3. The ergonomic tri-hold structure provides a comfortable and secure fit, while the high friction rubber surface prevents unexpected slip-outs.

Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) introduces high-resolution audio quality with a powerful 0.24″ driver unit that produces rich, clear, and expansive sound.

The dual microphones capture more ambient sounds from your surroundings thanks to dual noise sensor technology. The advanced HD noise canceling processor QN1 cancels significantly more noise while using significantly less power. The wireless earbuds have an 8-hour battery life on a full charge and another 24 hours with the charging case.

With Sony’s Bluetooth chip, which transmits audio to both the left and right ears simultaneously, Bluetooth connectivity is stable and reliable. The earbuds provide greater coverage thanks to an optimized antenna design.

The WF-1000XM3 has an adaptive sound control function that detects your activity and adjusts the ambient sound settings accordingly. The proximity sensors built into each earbud detect whether you are wearing one or both and adjust playback accordingly.

The touch control feature allows you to switch between noise cancelling and ambient mode. Along with playing/pauseing/skipping songs and activating your preferred voice assistant – Siri, Google, or Alexa.

Features to look at when Buying Motorcycle Earbuds


While riding with or without a motorcycle helmet, your earbuds should be secure and comfortable. Because you are susceptible to wind gusts and different road surfaces, any discomfort may ruin your experience.

Due to their size, a few wireless earbuds protrude from the ears. As a result, wearing or removing a helmet should be done with caution because it may displace the buds.

Audio Quality

Because people prefer different types of music, the audio quality varies. Some people prefer a thumping bass, while others are not. Most motorcycle earbuds include a proprietary mobile APP for controlling and customizing the equalizer.

Life of the Battery

With new features being built into motorcycle earbuds, the rate at which the battery drains is also quick. When activated, ANCs reduce battery life by 2-3 hours, so make sure to turn it off when not in use.


Riding a motorcycle exposes you to unpredictable weather conditions. Your earbuds should be ready to withstand rain, snow, and sleet. You can ride in the rain with confidence because most noise-cancelling earbuds are waterproof or water-resistant.


Due to the lack of additional support, earbuds are likely to fall no matter how careful you are. Furthermore, when riding a motorcycle, you will encounter bumps and jerks, which may cause the earbuds to fall out. A good, long-lasting pair of motorcycle earbuds can withstand a few drops here and there.


The Bose QuietComfort 20 is our pick for the best noise canceling earbuds for motorcycle riding, while the Shure SE 215-K is a more affordable option with similar features. For wireless noise canceling earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds and the Bose QuietComfort are the best options.

FAQs About Best Earbuds For Riding Motorcycle

Can earbuds be used on a motorcycle?

While many riders enjoy listening to music while riding, some methods are more dangerous than others. – Never ride with headphones or regular earbuds in your ears. This could even be a violation of local and state riding laws. When riding, never use noise-cancelling technology.

How do you keep your earbuds in place while riding a motorcycle?

The simplest solution, short of purchasing sports earphones, is to hook the earphones over your ear. Although not completely foolproof, this prevents or at least reduces the frequency with which the earphone is slowly pulled out of your ear.

Are AirPods suitable for motorcycle riding?

While riding, you can wear airpods comfortably under some motorcycle helmets. However, make sure that riding with earphones is legal in your area. If it isn’t, there are plenty of other ways to block road noise and communicate with other riders

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