2 10s or 2 12s: Which Is Better? (Best Subwoofer Size)

Which is better 2 10s or 2 12s? When deciding on the best subwoofer size between two 10s and two 12s for your car audio setup, consider space and volume. Assuming you have the same wattage for both subs, you’ll typically use 10s when sound quality is important.

Stepping up to the 12s will get you something loud with an extra attack. The issue to consider is positioning. It’s easier to fit the subwoofers under the rear seat if you have two 10s.

When you only have two 12s, the cabinet may have to go in the trunk for smaller cars and trucks. Here are some other things to think about if you’re debating which subs to add to your system.

Best Subwoofer Size
2 10s or 2 12s? Best Subwoofer Size

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When it comes to choosing between 2 10-inch or 2 12-inch subwoofers, the answer depends on personal preference. According to some sources, two 12s will sound louder than two 10s. However, others suggest that the 10-inch subs will sound tighter and clearer in higher bass frequencies while the 12s will provide more oomph and buzzing. Ultimately, the best subwoofer size for you depends on your desired sound quality and loudness.



A subwoofer essentially improves the bass performance in music. In some ways, it is analogous to a loudspeaker that enhances lower-frequency details in the music. This is frequently about sub-bass and bass frequencies ranging from 20 to 200 hertz. Consider it in these terms if you don’t understand.

A sub is similar to a large but low-pressure air pump. The higher frequencies are easily audible in an orchestral or rock music setting. But, in reality, you’re looking for a lower frequency to improve your listening experience.

A loudspeaker, on the other hand, is similar to any other type of speaker. You will have enough of the bass, but you will also have enough of every other aspect of the track. Because a loudspeaker improves the entire sound system, you don’t feel it in your bones. It’s all about the volume.

2 10S OR 2 12S?

Subwoofer size frequently dictates loudness when designing or upgrading a vehicular audio system. That is, two 12s will be heard louder than two 10s. If your music does not require a deeper bass or a fast attack, the smaller subs will provide more sound consistency.

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Your audio system should play the music you prefer to listen to while driving. When you’re driving, the sound of your tires on the road can interfere with how your ears interpret frequencies. As a result, it is sometimes more important to prioritize high-quality volume over a robust EQ.

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When comparing two 10s versus two 12s, your only option is to work with the same manufacturer and a similar model. Outside of that direct comparison, there is far too much variation to make a firm choice between these two subs.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when listening to these two sub sizes to see if you can tell the difference.

Frequency OutputMost models will go 5 Hz deeper into the sound spectrum when two 12s are used instead of two 10s. While this may not seem like much, it can make a difference if your 10s only reach 40 Hz and your 12s reach 35 Hz.
Sound OutputThe larger cone size and power of 12s will provide about 5% more clarity volume than 10s. This option is only available for direct brand designs. One 10-inch subwoofer from a premium manufacturer may sound better than two discounted 12-inch subwoofers from a less dependable company.
Size and InstallationIf you have limited space in your vehicle, use the subs that are best suited to the installation area. As a result, smaller cabs work well with 10s, while larger interiors can handle 12s. A hatchback with extra back-end space to fit sealed 12s with directional benefits could be an exception.
Tightness and DefinitionsThe majority of 10s have a tighter EQ profile than the majority of 12s. The differences are minor in this comparison. You can improve both by using a ported box, as long as it fits in the installation space.


Although everyone claims to be an audiophile and can tell the difference between two 10s and two 12s, the average listener will not notice many differences.

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The added cone size on the 12s can deliver more vibration and movement, so you’ll feel the beat even more. Consider it in this light. You could listen to music at a volume level of 7 with clarity and depth if you have two 10s in your setup.

When you have two 12s, the structure can be reduced to 8 while still providing the same benefits. Because the price difference between two 10s and two 12s can be substantial, it is often preferable to go with the smaller subs.

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2 10s or 2 12s: Which Is Better?


We’ll start with the 10-inch sub because it’s a popular option. There are several reasons for this, beginning with its small size and ease of installation. It is also superior to an 8-inch subwoofer in terms of bass response.

1. Better Bass

These little things are excellent at reproducing lower frequencies below 80 hertz and also perform admirably at higher frequencies. This adds the necessary depth to your music, making it rich and full-bodied. This is a better option than the new generation of door-mounted speakers.

2. Excellent High-Frequency Output

Because an amplifier powers subs, the higher frequencies are usually handled only by the woofers. However, this sub allows the woofers to enhance the midrange and high frequencies while also handling higher notes.

3. Versatile Installation

This is a standard sub in terms of size, making it simple to install. It is also simple to find an enclosure for this sub that will allow the bass to resonate well. This is a huge benefit if you want to put the sub in a car door. This one also generates non-directional audio, allowing it to be placed anywhere.

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This model is adaptable in terms of the types of music it can play. It is commonly purchased by those who have a voracious appetite for bass.

And a 12-inch model does a good job of producing extra bass with multiple frequency levels. However, these subs are large in size and can sometimes be less responsive. As a result, they are an excellent choice for rap, blues, rhythm and R&B.

1. Uncomplicated Bass

What makes subs renowned is their capacity to dispense air. It is how they keep crispness while delivering deep bass. This translates to increased loudness for a given level of clarity. Reduced distortion can also be achieved while controlling compression.

2. Including Enclosures

Those subwoofers are already enclosed because they are pre-installed. It means you don’t have to worry about that. You won’t have to worry about finding an enclosure that fits the sub’s specifications, but you will have to deal with the wiring and amplifier.

3. Better Stereo Speakers

These subwoofers are effective at picking up frequencies that are lower than those of a standard audio system. As a result, you end up boosting the stereo speakers and making the best of a bad situation.

2 10s or 2 12s
2 10s or 2 12s


The acoustic space within your vehicle can have an impact on how well your subwoofers perform. Because of how sound waves interact with your environment, they don’t always combine the sounds in constructive ways.

If you have two 10s that don’t seem to have enough punch, you can reverse the speaker leads on your subs to get a better sound.

Taking this step will alter the backward and forward movements, potentially causing the waves to flow more smoothly. Before proceeding, you should review the warranty information for your speakers. If you change the wiring profile, some or all of the protections you receive may be null and void.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which subwoofer—a 10″ or a 12″ one—is preferable?

12 inch subwoofers are the way to go if there is no constraint on size, power, location, or budget. Choose 10 inch subwoofers if 12 inch subwoofers aren’t an option. Choose 8-inch subwoofers if 10-inch subwoofers aren’t an option.

What subwoofer size produces the finest sound?

The best option is a large, powerful sub. If you want the best sound, more than one sub at “4” nearly always sounds better and more realistically placed subs in different parts of the room (or even just in the corners).

How loud are 10 inch subs?

The strongest 10 inch subwoofer is the Kicker 44DCWC102. This subwoofer will surely enhance the sound quality of your system and has a huge power handling capacity. It maintains good sound quality while having a loud loudness and a powerful bass.

Is it acceptable to have two types of subwoofer?

Yes. You can operate two independent subs. The stronger sub may hit its limits before the lesser sub in your situation, thus it is advisable to run two of the same. Try to position the larger subwoofer up front with your primary speakers, to add to what dstew100 stated.

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