How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds & Headphones (Easy Guide!)

How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds? Skullcandy is a more affordable option to some of the best items available today that cut costs with a less expensive shell and poorer sound quality.

How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds & Headphones
How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds?

Despite this terrible fact, these headphones are very well-liked by younger audiences because of their lower cost and are offered in practically all retail establishments across the nation. A variety of Skullcandy items are available, with prices ranging from $200 to the $8 earphones that are sold at your neighborhood Walmart.

The process of resetting your Bluetooth connection from an audio device to a smartphone, computer, or whatever your preferred listening device is is one item that is never well explained in the instruction manual. Let’s go over how to reset each Skullcandy product so we can provide you simple, clear instructions on how to change the source of your audio.

This post will therefore cover both options, whether you prefer little wireless earbuds or cozy audio ear muffs.


Resetting Skullcandy earphones and earbuds

As much as I hate to say it, Skullcandy will one day create a product after this post that won’t be highlighted on the page. No matter whatever Skullcandy headset or earbud you have picked as your own, we are going to go through a very simple overview of how to reset Skullcandy goods to assist these future buddies in need.

We won’t go into where the buttons and switches on your headphones are located, but you can refer to the instruction booklet for a broad understanding of where each key menu item is located.

  • You must make sure that your Skullcandy product is not currently associated with any smart device you own in order to reset it.
  • Remove the Skullcandies from the list of Bluetooth-enabled devices on the device with which your headphones or earbuds are paired. To be completely confident that Bluetooth will not remember your headphones, you can also turn it off.
  • Disconnect your Skullcandy earphones or headphones. To make sure they are turned off properly, give them a few seconds.
  • Press down on both the power button and the “+” button on the volume control once your Skullcandy headphones have been turned off. For at least five seconds, hold both in place.
  • Your Skullcandy product should now be successfully reset and connected with a new device of your choice if everything was done correctly.
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How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds?

Skullcandy Indy Evo Reset Instructions

The stylish and understated Indy Evo earbuds are the first item we will discuss today. The steps for resetting these stylish earphones are the same whether you have a basic black exterior or the unique Budweiser cover.

  • Similar to the previous instructions, proceed to the Bluetooth menu on your smart device and unpair your headphones. In order to make sure they are not still paired, you can also switch off Bluetooth.
  • To turn off both earphones, press and hold the main power button on each for a total of six seconds.
  • Press and hold the same power button for at least 10 seconds after they have been turned off.
  • Place your Indy Evo earbuds in their case after the ten seconds have passed, and then watch for the appropriate LED lights to start flashing red. The earbuds will now turn on automatically when you remove them from the case, and the LED will become blue as they connect to one another.
  • You’ll be alerted by an auditory prompt when the earbuds have synchronized.
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The earphones can then be quickly paired with any device of your choice.

Skullcandy Dime Earbuds Reset Instructions

It’s not as difficult to reset the Skullcandy Dime earbuds as it might seem. If you follow the steps listed below, this procedure ought to be finished in under a minute.

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your smart device, then remove the earbuds from the list of supported Bluetooth devices.
  • Your earbuds will automatically turn on after you remove them from their case.
  • Make sure your earbuds are not connected a second time, then press one of the earbud buttons twice and keep holding it for at least two seconds.
  • You have successfully reset your Skullcandy Dime earbuds; congrats.

You’ll be alerted that you can pair your earphones now by an alternately flashing red and blue light, should you want to do so.

Skullcandy Jib Earbuds Reset Instructions

How to Pair Skullcandy Jib Wireless Earbuds – Decortweaks
How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds & Headphones?

The Skullcandy Jib earbuds are a great option for those of us who want a pair of headphones that resemble a small jump rope strung across the back of our necks, and who wouldn’t?

1. Make sure your device has Bluetooth switched off and has forgotten your Skullcandy Jib earbuds before proceeding.

2. Remove your earphones from their charging case at this time, then turn them off. By holding down both power buttons for at least four seconds, this can be done.

3. Gently press on both buttons for at least 10 seconds after turning off both earbuds. Your earbuds will be reset as a result, and they will also be powered on and off once more.

4. If everything is done successfully, your earbuds will turn on by themselves and the lights will glow blue to show that they are connecting to one another.

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Congratulations, your Skullcandy Jib earbuds have been successfully reset!

Using Skullcandy Push Earbuds Again

These tiny auditory isopods are one of my particular favorites; sadly, they do not reset as cleanly as they should. But they definitely have a fantastic appearance. This is an objective fact and in no manner the writer of this article’s personal view.

  • As you might have anticipated, after erasing the Skullcandy earphones from your dropdown selection in the Bluetooth menu, turn off the Bluetooth on your smart device.
  • Take your Push earbuds out of the charging case and manually turn them off.
  • For at least six seconds, hold down the power buttons on each earbud.
  • Make careful to turn them off now if they are not already.
  • Holding both power buttons for at least 10 seconds after they have been completely turned off will reset your headphones.

After following the instructions, put both earbuds back into the charging case to verify that you did everything correctly. Pull them out of the case if the LED is red. The two LED lights will start to flicker blue and both earbuds will turn on as a result. Congratulations, despite Skullcandy’s complicated design, you have successfully reset your Push earphones.

Skullcandy Sesh Earbuds Reset Instructions

These earphones, one of the more affordable wireless alternatives on the market right now, feature a reasonably straightforward setup to restore the default pairing settings.

  • Turn off Bluetooth on the associated smart device, then remove your Sesh headphones from the list of supported devices in your Wireless menu.
  • Now remove only the left earbud, press the button on it six times, and the earbud will turn off and the LED will flicker red. The earbud can now be put back into its case.
  • Simply follow step two’s instructions, but this time use the appropriate earbud.
  • If appropriate, the headphones will begin to connect with each other the very next time them are taken from the charging dock. You can identify this via a blinking audio prompt.

Nothin’ there! Now that they are connected, you can link your Sesh earbuds with any gadget you choose.

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones Reset Instructions

Feel free to heave a sigh of relief if you’ve chosen wireless headphones over earbuds. Despite the dearth of useful information on the subject on the internet, the procedure of setting your Gaming headsets headphones is incredibly simple.

  • The right side of your headphones’ top and lower buttons should be pressed down and held while you wait for the LEDs to glow yellow for three seconds.
  • Delete all Bluetooth compatible lists that you have on your smart devices and remove your Skullcandy headphones from them.
  • You should have now successfully reset the headphones.
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If this procedure seems simple and straightforward, please count your blessings that you avoided buying the Gaming headset Push earbuds.

Alternative Video: How To Reset and Pairing Skullcandy Indy Wireless


Skullcandy Hesh & Riff Headphones Reset Instructions

Whether you prefer the Skullcandy Riff headphones or the Skullcandy Hesh, the reset procedure is essentially the same.

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your smart devices and remove your Skullcandy headphones from any Bluetooth compatibility lists.
  • Hold down the main button and the volume down button on your headphones for a minimum of three seconds at the same time. An audio prompt will notify you that it is disconnected once the LED stops blinking.
  • The headphones will then start to pair, indicating that the reset was successful. Wait for a verbal queue that reads “pairing” to be sure they have been reset.

Not terrible at all, huh? The new gadgets of your choice can now be associated with your headphones.

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How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds?


We may need to reset our wireless headphones for a variety of reasons, and failing to do so due to a lack of instructions is both time-consuming and annoying.

With help from articles like these, you may confidently resolve any issues with your Skullcandy gadget. Check out our other posts for more information if you need anymore pairing or resetting tips for other brands of headphones!

FAQs About How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

How can I reset my wireless Skullcandy earbuds?

Press down on both the power button and the “+” button on the volume control once your Gaming headsets headphones have been turned off. For at least five seconds, hold both in place. Your Skullcandy product should now be correctly reset and connected with a new machine of your choice if everything went according to plan.

Why won’t my Skullcandy earbuds pair?

If your Bluetooth settings have your earbuds selected but they still won’t pair, opt to forget Method Active on your device. Restart your Method Active after turning it off. It’ll go to pairing mode. Select Method Active in your Bluetooth settings for new devices.

How do I reset my wireless Skullcandy Indy headphones?

Remove your right IndyTM Wireless earbud from the case to turn it on. At this stage, it will not be connected to anything. Four times tap the earbud’s center. This will instantly reset and power off the earbud.

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