How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out of Your Ears

Earbuds may fall off at any time. Even when you are travelling or exercising or listening to classical music using these best classical music headphones, chances of earphones falling off get higher.

There can be a handful of reasons why you are facing this issue. To know more, let’s get started with this.

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How To Keep Ear Plugs From Falling Out

Why are Headphones falling out of Ear?

  1. Outer Ear Structure

Shape and design of ears might be slightly different for each person. Some of us have wide ear openings while some of us have narrow ear openings. Naturally, every bud won’t fit into your ear properly.

So if you’re running with such earbuds, they will automatically fall off in no time. Being comfortable with headphones should be your first priority. You must spend time choosing earbuds that sit properly.

  1. Earbuds size

Another big reason why your earbuds have fallen off is because either they are way too big or too small to fit. This also depends on the size of your earcups.

There are different types of ears and you must be practical about choosing the right type of headphones while travelling or jumping. If cup size is too large, it will immediately fall off your ears. It’s simple- if your buds are too small or big, it won’t be a comfortable fit for you.

  1. Cartilage deficiency syndrome

This may not be common but some people lack cartilage in the ear. As a result, it becomes difficult to keep earphones plugged in while you are travelling.

Lacking this cartilage means that you will not be able to control friction of the ear buds. Thus, they will easily fall off. It’s never your problem to try using an ear bud, but taking help of accessories will surely make things better.

  1. Pressure on cable

Another common problem that most of the people obviously feel is an additional pressure on cables. This is a common problem for most wired headphones.

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Since uses of wire are limited, you can also move with headphones to a limited distance as well. If you keep your phone in pocket, the wire will always fall short. As a result, pressure on cables will certainly pull earphones out from a stipulated position.

  1. Rigorous exercise

If the headphones try to move away while you are exercising, it’s mainly because of the nature of exercise that you are doing. Rigorous exercises will always unstable earbuds.

Irrespective of whether they are wired or wireless, while doing such eventful exercises, plugs will get out from your ear. They are designed for day to day wear but completing exercises with them to a rigorous extent can never go good.

Tips to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out of Your Ears

  1. Check the right set

First thing that you need to do is to check the right set of earbuds. The one for the right ear and another one for your left ear are two different designs. Interchanging them won’t help you at all.

Infact, you need to be precise about fit. Always check the side or bottom of your earbuds to get a better reference of which ear you need to plug in. They should be written with some initials such as R which stands for your Right ear. Similarly L should stand for left ear.

  1. Never use cotton swabs

We have an old habit of bringing out dirt from our ears. Generally, people take help of a cotton swab since it is soft and does the job quite well. However, if you apply cotton swabs to clean up your ears it will be unstable.

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It’s simply because some of the cotton you are using will smooth the surface of your ear. As a result, friction here will be very low and it might get difficult for you to get buds to stay in a single space.

  1. Wrap up the cable

If your earphones are wired in general, it should not be a problem for you to wrap up extra wire. If you have excessive wires and it is being a mess around the ears, simply grab the wire and start to wrap it up all around.

This will directly reduce motion and allow your earbuds to stay stable. It is only possible if wires are available in excess. If you have a stipulated length, this will create an extra pressure for you.


  1. Use accessories

Today, getting a hold of earbuds is not a big deal. There are tons of accessories available for best open ear headphones for gaming which helps you to keep devices intact. Infact, some of them are provided with your earbuds as well.

You need to make sure that you are choosing the right accessories. For more information about them, simply refer to the manual guidebook available with these sets. Check them and apply any accessories as per your compatibility.

  1. Move the device closer

Sometimes, wired headphones can be a fuss. If there is an excessive pull, it will always be difficult to hold the wire. This will automatically drop down ear buds from designated places.

One thing that you can do is to get this device closer to your ears specially in the case of these best video editing headphones. If this is not possible all time, the only solution is to switch over to a wireless device. It will always help you to move freely with your phone even at a distance away while listening to music.

  1. Use a Cord Clamp

Probably the easiest solution will be to opt for a cord clamp. Basic uses of such cord clamps are to hold earphones in a particular position. These clamps can be easily attached to your shirt without even bringing the device close.

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It helps to keep earbuds stable and prevents it from fast movement. You can even opt for a simple cord camp from anywhere in the market today.

  1. Wearing ear warmer

Not many people can think about this as a solution, but having an ear warmer could be a great alternative to keep your earbuds stable. You need to purchase an ear warmer.

There are two positives of using one such product. It firstly holds the ear buds in a stable position and prevents it from falling off. The next advantage is that for winter season, it could give you a new style statement.





Proper Way to Insert Earbuds

  1. Check which bud is for which ear! Keep the one with R on the right side and L with the left ear to use.
  2. You will now have to look at the size of the ear buds. If you see the size is larger, simply open up the pack and stretch the ear mould.
  3. Slide the ear bud through the buds and keep the speaker side up. You can check the manual for more information on the speaker side.
  4. Allow the ear buds to get settled and now you can move along with this device. The ear buds are ready to use.

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