How to Paint Headphones and Earbuds (Reveal!)

Do you want to paint and personalize your headphones and earbuds? Do you already have but are dissatisfied with the way it looks? As a result, customizing it is the only way to stand out in a crowd.

Have you ever done something like this before? I'll show you how to do it without damaging your gadget; you can have polka dots or spray primer. Painting headphones and earbuds is not easy, but you can accomplish it easily if you follow the instructions below.

Key takeaway

To paint headphones and earbuds, you should first disassemble the device as much as possible. Make sure you're not using your headphones or earbuds while you're painting them. Sand the plastic to prepare it for a clear coating, Then, apply a base coat of paint and let it dry completely. Finally, apply a clear coat to protect the paint job. There are also video tutorials available on YouTube that demonstrate how to paint headphones and earbuds.

How to Paint Headphones and Earbuds
How to Paint Headphones and Earbuds

What type of paint can be used on headphones and buds?

Don't worry if you've never done it before; this guidance is designed for newcomers. Before we begin, it is critical to understand which type of Paint can be used on your headphones and earbuds. Using the incorrect type of Paint can cause damage to your gadget; therefore, you must exercise extreme caution.


Get an Adhesion Promoter first. Adhesion boosters will assist your Paint adhere to the gadget by providing it a faultless appearance. This material can already be found in paints for both plastic and metal bodies.

For a fantastic look, use the proper paint. Most paints are generally safe to use on plastic and metallic headphones and earbuds. However, I recommend that you use acrylic paint rather than latex house paints or watercolours.


How Do You Paint Earbuds and Headphones?

You may believe that painting your devices is a difficult task that will result in mistakes, but once you begin, you will like the process. Bring out your inner artist and start painting to give your devices the greatest possible appearance.

To paint your headphones and earbuds without hurting them, follow the procedures below:

1. Make sure you're not using your headphones or earbuds while you're painting them. Now, disassemble the gadget as much as possible.

2. Sand the plastic to prepare it for a clear coating.

3. Because I propose light sanding, the surface is rough and ready to paint. Clean it with acetone or alcohol on a cloth.

4. For the final cleaning, an air duster might be used.

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5. If you're painting on a plastic item, don't touch it with your bare hands after sanding because it could leave oil or markings on the surface.

6. You can now use the Primer to improve the painting surface, making your paint more durable and providing an even final look.

7. Each coating applies a few layers of thin Primer as the base of the coating during a 20-30 minute interval. The time difference is essential because it allows the Primer to dry properly. You can mess things up if you don't offer a correct interval of timing, and thus your Paint can be peeled off, therefore don't do it in a rush and give it proper time.

8. After you've finished applying Primer, set it aside for the night to dry. You may also use a hairdryer for 10-15 minutes to speed up the process. Allowing enough time for the Primer to dry will allow the solvent to evaporate, leaving behind a solid and smooth layer of Paint.

9. You can now begin painting your headphones and earbuds. You must apply the Paint in the same manner as you applied the Primer to the painting surface. Always apply a thin layer of paint and keep spreading it until you achieve the desired effect.

10. Masking tapes or razor blades can be used if you like stripes, patterns, or different tones. To make Polka dots, you can also use a dotting tool, straight pin, or other instruments with round ends.

11. After painting, let the surface to dry overnight. If necessary, use a blow dryer to hasten the process.

12. Acrylic sealant can be used to cover a shiny look. The finish will be smooth as a consequence.

13. When you apply the paint and primer, use a few applications of an acrylic sealer. Use of fine sand between each layer is the only thing to avoid. Sand lightly, being careful not to sand the top layer, with fine sandpaper.

14. After completing all of these steps, you are now prepared to use your headphones and earbuds in a novel and distinctive way.

Is it okay to spray-paint my headphones and earbuds?

Spray paints are completely safe to use while painting on a plastic surface. You can introduce personalized ideas and make your headphones and earbuds seem different by using spray paints. These paints are quite simple to use, which makes the process easier and faster.

Always use spray paint for plastic on plastic surfaces and metal Adhering Paint on metal surfaces.

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You may bring a variety of headphones and earbuds painting unique ideas to life by employing spray paints. They're absolutely safe to use, especially if you're painting on plastic. They aid in speed control and make the painting process much easier. While most spray paints are suitable for headphones and earbuds, avoid using spray paint on plastic materials.

Can I paint my headphones and earphones using acrylic paint?

Acrylic paints are ideal because they dry quickly, but they are not long-lasting. They will look great for a few months, but then they may crack, and this may vary from device to device.

It may not occur in all circumstances, but it is preferable to use spray paint instead of acrylic paint because spray paint does not have these disadvantages.

Why should you only use high-quality spray paint on your headphones and earbuds?

Do you enjoy spending time on the same item over and over? Instead, why not paint just once and enjoy it for a longer period of time? Also, it would be beneficial if you did not sacrifice quality in order to get a good deal, as this would ultimately cost you more time and effort.

Purchasing low-cost spray paints for your devices is not a good idea. It's the same as buying cheap nail polish. It will first appear attractive, then begin to peel away from the surface within a few days.

These low-cost spray paints have negative impacts on gadgets and might cause damage to your headphones and earbuds.

Cheap paints can peel off within a few days or, in the worst instance, shortly after drying.

We are not asking you to spend a fortune, but at the very least, purchase a good quality spray paint, such as the “Rust-oleum” brand, which is reasonably priced.

5 Creative Ways to Personalize Headphones and Earbuds

You don't want to make a mistake on your first try, so here are some suggestions:

Marble Print

Because single tone colors are a bit monotonous, you should consider marble print for a premium look on your headphones and earbuds. It has a classic luxury look to it.

Personalized Logo

Test your customized logo on the device. It's a lot of fun to change things up in the middle.


Use different colors and patterns to give your devices a cool atmosphere. You may also use a colored dipped foam pad on your gadgets by simply tapping on it. It will pave the door for another path.

On dark surfaces, you can use bright patterns.

Abstract Images

It creates a one-of-a-kind style for wireless headphones and earbuds. It has always been popular for a long time. You may find numerous ideas and inspiration online, or you can experiment with different hues.

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Paint your favorite movie or anime characters on your devices. It can be expensive, therefore if you know how to draw your favorite character, you should do it yourself.

Movie / Anime characters

We guarantee that once you've decided to paint your earphone and earbuds, you'll never run out of ideas. Simply begin with a nice and fascinating topic that will keep you motivated for a longer period of time. Remember that inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources, so begin customizing your devices.


The sensation of wearing a personalized headset or a customized pair of earbuds in your ear is unique. We are continuously looking for the best. Maybe you have your favorite pair but don't like how it looks, then customizing it is your only option. Invoke your inner artist and embark on the adventure. You can make your headphone pads or ear pad more beautiful after you avail it just by trying different color or your creativity!

Painting headphones may appear to be a frightening task because you are afraid of making a mistake. However, once you get started, you will like the process. The idea is to always use the correct type of paint since that is what matters. We discussed personalizing your headphones and everything you need to know about it in this article. I hope you find this post to be useful. We're looking forward to seeing photos of your painted headphones or true wireless earbuds, wired headphones and earbuds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is it possible to paint Bluetooth headphones?

The good news is that you can paint earphones and headphones without hurting them, whether you want to paint polka dots or spray primer.

Can you personalize headphones?

We love vibrant colors in everything, even the smallest things, and your headphones or earbud are no different. Wrapping your headphones in colorful yarn – fluffy or regular – is another way to dress them up. Take bright beads for décor if you want a genuinely colorful accessory and are willing to spend some time.

Can you paint the AirPods?

ColorWare is now offering its aftermarket painting service for Apple's wireless earbuds, and there are a plethora of color options for the rest of us. For an additional fee, the provider can even paint the case. Painted AirPods start at $289, a $130 premium over the regular price of the headphones.

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