Honiture Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Review: A Cleaning Powerhouse?

Keeping your floors clean can be a constant battle, especially in busy households. Robot vacuums have become a popular solution, offering a convenient way to automate floor care. But what if you want a machine that can both vacuum and mop? That's where the Honiture Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo comes in. This all-in-one appliance promises to tackle dust, debris, and even light spills, leaving your floors sparkling clean.

Here's a closer look at the Honiture Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, exploring its features, performance, and potential drawbacks to help you decide if it's the right fit for your home.

Honiture Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Review
Honiture Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Review

Key Features:

  • Strong Suction: With a powerful motor generating up to 4500Pa of suction (measured in pascals, a unit of pressure), the Honiture promises to pick up dirt, pet hair, and debris effectively from carpets and hard floors.
  • Smart Navigation: Equipped with LiDAR navigation technology, the Honiture efficiently maps your home layout, ensuring thorough cleaning without missing any spots.
  • 2-in-1 Functionality: Vacuum and mop simultaneously to save time and effort. The robot features a separate dustbin and water tank, allowing you to choose vacuuming only, mopping only, or both functions together.
  • App Control: Control the robot remotely using a dedicated smartphone app. Schedule cleaning sessions, set virtual boundaries to restrict access to certain areas, and monitor cleaning progress – all from your phone.
  • Long Runtime: Enjoy up to 180 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge, suitable for cleaning even larger homes.
  • Self-Emptying Dust Bin: The HONITURE Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo features a self-emptying dust bin that reduces the need for manual cleaning after each use. This feature is particularly useful for pet owners and those with allergies who need to maintain a clean environment.
  • Laser Navigation: The device uses laser navigation to map out the cleaning area, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process. This feature also helps the device avoid obstacles and navigate around furniture
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  • Good suction power: Many reviewers find that the Honiture does a great job picking up pet hair and debris from both carpets and hard floors, especially on the highest suction setting.
  • Easy to use: Setting up the robot and using the app to control it is generally considered straightforward.
  • Mops well: Compared to other robot mops, the Honiture appears to be quite effective at cleaning hard floors.
  • Large dustbin: The dustbin is a good size and doesn't require frequent emptying.
  • App controls: The app allows you to control the robot remotely, set schedules, and adjust cleaning settings.
  • Self-emptying base (on some models): This is a convenient feature for some users, although it may not be available on all models.


  • Limited availability of replacement parts: There seems to be a concern that replacement batteries may be difficult to find.
  • App connectivity issues: Some reviewers have experienced problems with the app not working consistently.


Q6 Pro Robot Vacuum
Q6 Pro Robot Vacuum

Reviews indicate that the Honiture performs well on various surfaces, picking up pet hair, dust, and crumbs effectively. The mopping function is helpful for maintaining clean hard floors, although it may not be suitable for deep cleaning tough stains. Users appreciate the app control and ease of use.


Design and Navigation

  • The design is clean and matte plastic, with a large docking station that holds the external dustbin.
  • The robot vacuum has a large bin that is easy to remove and clean2.
  • The navigation system includes a cliff detector that prevents the robot from falling off stairs

Ideal For Large Households

Q6 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo can customize the cleaning method for different rooms, set the appropriate suction power and water volume, and arrange the room cleaning time and sequence. Maximum suction power is up to 4000 Pa. The Self Emptying Robot Vacuum can store five maps simultaneously, so you can quickly call up a map of the area to be cleaned.

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  • The product offers great value for its price, with premium features like self-emptying and a large dust collector.
  • The self-emptying feature is a unique and convenient feature that sets it apart from other robot vacuums

Potential Drawbacks

Some reviewers mention that the Honiture can be a bit noisy during operation. There are also concerns about the availability of replacement parts, particularly the battery.

HONITURE Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo,Q6 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Emptying,4000pa Max Suction Laser Navigator Robotic Vacuum with Smart Mapping,250 Mins Run-Time,App Control,Ideal for Pet Hair
294 Reviews
HONITURE Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo,Q6 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Emptying,4000pa Max Suction Laser Navigator Robotic Vacuum with Smart Mapping,250 Mins Run-Time,App Control,Ideal for Pet Hair
  • 🔹4L Auto Self Emptying Station➤The Q6 Pro Robot Vacuum comes with a 4-liter collection dock that empties automatically in 20 seconds, just need to replace the dust collection bag once every 70...
  • 🔹LDS Laser Navigation and 26 Sensors➤The Q6 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with the latest technology LDS LIDAR navigation (a key difference from other laser products) for detection and 26...
  • 🔹Vacuum & Mop & Sweep 3 in 1➤The Q6 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop is equipped with an electronically controlled water tank that adjusts the amount of water in three levels to ensure cleaner and more...


1. Can the Honiture handle thick carpets?

While the Honiture has strong suction, some users report it might struggle with very plush carpets.

2. Does the Honiture work on dark floors?

LiDAR navigation systems can struggle with dark surfaces. It's best to check with the manufacturer for specific compatibility information.

3. Is the Honiture app easy to use?

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The app is generally considered user-friendly, allowing for intuitive scheduling and control.

4. What is the maximum suction power of the HONITURE Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo?

The maximum suction power of the HONITURE Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo is 4500Pa

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